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Wizard of Words
2006 03 21

By Chris Moors |

Artwork by Chris Moors. See more prints
Once again you decided to step into the whacky domain of the wizard of words. What is it that draws you in again and again to hear the dew drops falling from the lotus? What is it within you that yearns to know the mysteries of Existence? Somewhere in your heart you will find your Home and realize that it is everywhere and that you have always been here. How relaxing to be welcomed by every blade of grass and every glint of starlight!

Who else but the wizard of words could wave his wand of wisdom and erase years of propaganda in a single stroke? Slice the Ego off, and all the pain which blocks the energy flow goes with it. Self-interest immediately limits you by associating you with limited time/place events, and very small-minded goals. One may attain their goal, but if it is at the expense of others, the miser has earned nothing more than a way to isolate their soul from others who might bring Love and Joy.

Focusing the third eye as high into the stream as possible, the wizard of words uses his fluid mind to paint pictures that bring you to a place that has always existed within. It is easy to do when you get to the point within yourself that is the same as the point within every body else. I am you and you are me. In your world, these words just happen to be appearing before your eyes. There are no coincidences, so for some reason this must mean something to you. It doesn’t have to be a rigid concept. It could evoke a vague reminiscence.

Sometimes the Universe plays the wizard of words like an instrument through chakras resonating in harmony with the Aum. In the present moment unencumbered by interpretation, the perceptions which you-the-being receive through you-the-body suddenly pop to a whole new level. All the small petty concerns disappear because they never had any significance. Walk with grace and regard for Life, aware of each footstep and ye shall never fall, fail, or falter.

Each day the wizard of words discovers something fresh. Never will he allow patterns to set it, because the exhilaration of change suits his phoenix-like disposition. There is nothing left to do, but serve your natural purpose. Take the risk to allow the false imprisonments to be left behind. Forget fear by seeing that faith is a science of God. It is not simply a hope, but a guarantee when intent is met with the will to follow things through. Being productive every day brings happiness when it is an expression of your being. I’ll tell you the truth, that if this is not how your life is, your soul is enslaved to circumstance, one of the most awful places to be. Waking in the morning to your imposed fate, the life juice drip drip drips away until the smile on your face is like pressing a button.

It is necessary to take on illusions directly and that is part of why the wizard of words came to this Solar System in the first place. Where he comes from, angels are by his side, and imagination instantly becomes reality. Hanging in space as a constellation with full mythological honors, sacred principles are stored in his experience. Millions of years old, he took an incarnation much as one might take a recreational drug. Once on the trip, you have to ride it out. The tricky thing about being here is that you get addicted and keep cycling through lives, perpetuating the phenomenon. The drama, the love affairs, the anger, the personal karmas….. Once you distance yourself from this, the Sun will fill you in on the next part. Some of you might not make it, but you can never say that you weren’t exposed to some of the information that might have made your own salvation possible.

~C. Moors

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