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The White Light of Star People
2006 03 28

By Chris Moors |

Where does it all come from? These words emerge out of nothingness even as every blade of grass springs forth from but a code intrinsic to the seed. Appearing and disappearing in time, all things are fleeting. I beg you to reconsider your conclusions. Behind every known is but another unknown. Pain comes from giving too much credence to temporary manifestations. Your being lives outside of these limited phenomenon. Your godlike nature transcends everything you can consider.

I’d love to rumble you from your toes and shake off the flaking paint from your personality wall’s woes. Perhaps if I shimmy up to your ear and shriek a piercing pitch in a very disconcerting slightly wobbly tone, suddenly stop, look you straight in the eyeballs and whisper, “NOW THIS…” you will have a moment truly in the present. So many things that you haven’t considered for so long lead you to falsely believe they are a permanent part of you. What does a new born baby see? Does it yet know the colors red, green, yellow, or does it differentiate between this and that? Does it even know that everything it sees is separate from itself?

Mind tends to embrace pattern, and after a pattern has been witnessed a number of times, it gets filed into the known category. This then dulls the perception of the new now when it is taken for granted that what is being seen has already been experienced. If you have been in the same room 1000 times, can you still see the magic and mystery bursting just below the surface? Looking in the mirror, do you smile about the fact that you are even here and how absolutely preposterous the whole notion is to begin with? If you asked even some of these questions and then went out into the world, no one would be able to transgress against you, because there would be no-one specific there to transgress against. You would see that you are a part of a flux that is in and all around you.

A few sources of information cross reference until they become a focal point for self-consciousness, but they never lose their connection to the heartbeat of existence. Even as you read this, wonderful things are happening. You are one whacky creature human! Walking around in your body, running things through your mind….what luxury you grant yourself! Patiently the Soul waits to recollect all the experiences of every incarnation. Then you can give yourself the 3rd birth into Christ Consciousness. You are born again in the process of awakening, then when the mission is complete, you get born a third time. This is reuniting with the originator of the whole plotline. Here you will be free of all condensing concepts, floating in space and happy to remember what the whole thing was about.

I am so glad to reach eyes, ears, and hearts that care about such things. One by one star people are emerging and together we are turning the cacophony of suffering into a symphony of joy. Welcome to Earth my friends. It has taken awhile to go through the whole transformation, and I know it is perilous beyond compare. Thrill seekers who do the fantastic, are just playing around with the great thrill we all dared to take call Life. I honor you for your decision and strength. Every one of us here is already powerful. A little Black Magic has turned the easily influenced into sleeping dreamers, but a little White Light easily clears that up.

~C. Moors

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