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Letís Lift the Veil Together
2006 03 02

By Chris Moors |

Never was it in my mind upon embarking on this path that I would find myself in the very interesting and rewarding position of speaking to an audience of thousands. Having surrendered to the Tao, the river carries me where it will. Plants and creations blossom on the shore. The Source of Life expresses its art through me. Serving this I can reveal as close as possible the intent of Nature and tell a tale about Existence in higher vibrations.

Each next word shows up at exactly the right time to be encoded. Very little preconception is necessary when you allow the mind to work its Magic. Most keep too much tension in their head so no lucidity is possible. Seeing everything as having to do with you is the fastest way to use up all of your energy. Action on behalf of the Universe gives you an endless supply of vitality and imagination.

When you are awakened, lies evaporate in your presence, wounds become healed, and you uplift those around you. This is a blessing for those with an open heart, but it seems a curse to those locked into darkness. This is so because of the particular way in which mental diseases manifest. The sick live in a mirror image of Life, rather than Life itself. Still absorbed in their 5 senses, they believe in everything they touch, taste, see, hear, and feel. It is data; no more, no less.

The few people crushing the good folks of America for nothing more than profit and lust for power are sadly misguided. I donít oppose them, I oppose their agenda. I donít oppose their agenda because I want to, but because it is anti-Life. There is no choice involved for the Living when the Dead still walk the Earth but to be vigilant and keep the flame of truth alive. This is not our possession, but the Promethian Dream that has been guarded by Heart after Heart down through the ages.

Letís lift and lift and lift the veil together. Even the coldest of hearts (Cheney) can not hide from the light forever. Letís lift and lift and lift the veil together. Even the weakest of minds (Bush) will one day recognize rational thought. Letís lift and lift and lift the veil together. Even the saddest depressions (Condi) reach the dawn of a new day. Letís lift and lift and lift the veil together. Even the biggest S.O.B.ís (Rummy) will one day realize all the people they have hurt, and lay down their weapons. Letís lift and lift and lift the veil together.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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