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The Permanent Revolution, Conspiracy Theories, Carroll Quigley's Tragedy & Hope & Patriot Cognitive Dissonance
2006 03 02

By Terry Hayfield |

It was Pontius Pilot who verbalized when trying to determine if he had the whole truth about Jesus, "What is truth?" A steadily growing percentage of Americans realize some form of threat does exist that actually challenges the continued existence of this Republic.

However, they are not able to put their finger on the whole truth. Like the 20th Century, the 21st Century is operating for the most part on a growing wave of Conspiracy Theories.

These Conspiracy Theories break down into four basic categories:

(1) anti-Illuminati

(2) anti-Freemason

(3) anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist and

(4) anti-Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateral Commission. Scattered throughout these is an abundance of Anti-Marx/Socialist/Communist dogma Conspiracy Theories.

Carroll Quigley
Of the four types of Conspiracy Theories, the most widely held have to do with the Council on Foreign Relations-CFR/Tri-Lateral Commission-TLC. Was Dr. Carroll Quigley a friend or foe of truth? Most patriotic-loving Americans are pretty sure that they have the whole truth based on Quigley's Tragedy and Hope. However, they only refer to page 950 of his book and not page 949, for example [Conspiracy, How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and Where it Comes From, Daniel Pipes, 1997, pgs. 21-33].

The simple whole truth is that all these Conspiracy Theories are false! They are false for one very simple and most important reason. These Conspiracy Theories do not include the actual reality and continued existence of the Permanent Revolution. The Permanent Revolution is the continuous economic evolution for a Socialistic form of control through the eventual establishment of Capitalism (American/British) as the sole means of production for the Global Society [See The Permanent Revolution, for a more complete definition of the Permanent Revolution].

Unfortunately Americans were not educated adequately enough to understand what true Socialism is. We are unable to identify it even if it hit us in the face! For that reason, many of the "most popular" conspiracy theories are very convincing. They contain "just enough truth" to be persuasive. This reality is described by Daniel Pipes (member of the CFR/TLC) in pages 32 through 33 of his 1997 book Conspiracy. Pipes observed the most effective means of gaining "public acceptance" for a Conspiracy Theory is when,

"those in the know sometimes endorse conspiracy theories, thereby muddying the waters.

Perhaps most revealing was the confession by a member of the American elite, Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University:

There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates to some extent, the way the Radical Right believes the Communist act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it and to many of its instruments[in] general, my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known."

Daniel Pipes
Daniel Pipes "gives" the appearance he is quoting the "entire" first paragraph of page 950 of Tragedy and Hope, which most assume is the "John 3:16" for the patriotic Radical Right "Save the Republic" community). However, Pipes has not given you the whole truth. He did not quote the entire first paragraph of page 950. Daniel Pipes commits the same historical transgression as Dr. Quigleypurposely muddying the waters of history to mislead people from understanding the whole truth. Why is it that both Quigley and Pipes, along with the entire Patriot community continue to miss the same thing? Mr. Pipes completely "eliminates" the first sentence of the first paragraph of page 950. It is a simple declarative sentence,

"This myth, like all fables, does in fact have a modicum of truth."

Now, add this sentence to the above quote from page 950. Notice how this changes the entire "meaning" of that paragraph. Quigley was writing about Conspiracy Theories ("all fables") and in particular one precise "theory" ("This myth"). To understand precisely the "one particular theory" Quigley referred to one only has to turn to page 949 of Tragedy and Hope and read the following,

"This radical Right fairy tale, which is now an accepted folk myth in many groups in America, pictured the recent history of the United States , in regard to domestic reform and foreign affairs, as a well-organized plot by extreme Left-wing elements,, operating form the White House itself controlling all chief avenues of publicity in the United States, to destroy the American way of life

This plot, if we are to believe the myth, worked through such avenues of publicity as The New York Times and the Herald Tribune,, the Christian Science Monitor and the Washington Post, the Atlantic Monthly and Harper's Magazine and had at its core the wild-eyed and bushy-haired theotricians of Socialist Harvard and the London School of Economics."

The list of possible members of this "mythological fairy tale" is a very short list comprised of Harvard Socialists and graduates of the London School of Economics. These people all had one commonalitythey were either members of the Fabian Society (bushy-haired Harvard students) or were under the influence of Fabian economic ideology (associates of the London School of Economic founded by the Fabian Society). These were flesh and blood people that really existed; Walter Lippman, George Bernard Shaw, John Maynard Keynes, John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles, Harold Laski, Joseph Schumpeter, Frederiech Von Hayek, Bertrand Russell, Mandell House, Woodrow Wilson, Louis Brandeis and a long list of "fellow travelers" from both sides of the Atlantic.

Not to worry America, the above-mentioned people were only characters in a fairy tale accepted by a wide variety of "Right-wing extremists." There has never been a group of Left-wing conspirators in control of the White Houseso said Dr. Carroll Quigleyand so has said many, many present-day patriotic writers and authors speaking in the name of "Saving the Republic." The majority of these patriots accept Quigley's page 950 as bedrock truth of "Biblical proportions." These patriots have totally ignored the existence of the Fabian Society for the last 40 years. There are a few patriot writers that have given passing recognition to the existence of the Fabian Societybut only as support material demonstrating the possibility of the existence of a hidden elite/secret society seeking to rule the world.

So, why all the fuss? Truth is at stake--The Whole Truth!

A steadily growing percentage of Americans realize some form of threat does exist that actually challenges the continued existence of this Republic. These Americans want to know "What is that threat?" Many patriot writers believe they are providing those millions of Americans the answer to that question. And that answer can always be traced back to Quigley's page 950a fraudulent conspiracy theorya false analysis of historya false premise backed up by a whole bunch of facts.

One hundred years ago a small group of Russian revolutionary conspirators (Bolsheviks) were debating how Socialism was to come about in Russia. The central and collective focal point of this debate centered on "their" accuracy of the reading/interpretation of history in respect to the (then) present reality. The reasoning was "If you can not correctly read history one therefore can not correctly plan strategy for future success." [The Second International and the Great War, Fainsod, 1972]

This same reality of Political Science still applies today. A false reading of history renders a false perception of the present reality. In case the reader is interestedthe last one hundred years of history has demonstrated Trotsky won the debate on how Socialism was to come aboutthrough the process of Permanent Revolution. Trotsky understood any analysis of history or the present reality that did not include the Permanent Revolution in that analysisthen that analysis is automatically false. ["Introduction," (by Camejo), The Permanent Revolution, Trotsky, 1931 (1978, Sixth printing, Third Addition, 1969)]

Today's patriot literary elite is victim of accepting a false analysis of history as a correct reading of historypage 950 of Quigley's Tragedy and Hope. Basic logic dictates, no matter how correct and how many facts are presented to support any basic ideological premiseif that premise is a false premisethe resulting analysis will be false. Many, many patriot writers could be listed as textbook examples of this reality. No matter how sincere these writers are in "their" patriotism, "their" analysis of American history and the present reality is false.

How is this possible?

Any false analysis of history is known as "propaganda." It is the function of the "propagandist" to get the "unsuspecting subject" to accept the message of that "propaganda." In order to accomplish this political feat, the "propagandist" must get the "unsuspecting subject" to accept two distinct and opposing concepts or ideas at the same time. This is known as Cognitive Dissonance. The concept of Cognitive Dissonance is correctly described and defined on page 195 of B. K. Eakman's book Cloning of the American Mind, where Eakman observed an individual,

"could actually be modified to the point where he hated a life he once cherished and espoused ideals he once would have not tolerated."

This is the present reality for this Republic. The Republic is a continuous victim of a Fabian Society generated propaganda barrage designed to induce a "general state of Cognitive Dissonance" on the populace. The unsuspecting and well-meaning and very sincere patriot literary elite has greatly aided this process.

An example is in order.

One of the most recent best selling books involving the "Conspiracy Theory of History" is G. Edward Griffin's The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve." Quotes used for this essay come from the Twelfth printing, Third edition, July 2001. The purpose of this book was to clearly identify those individuals (elites from some secret society) seeking to destroy the American Republic through deception and deceitin short "Who They are"an enemy that "we all know really does exist." On page 270 Mr. Griffin quotes Quigley,

"This network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communist or any other groups, and frequently does so."

Sure enough, you have already read the above sentence. It comes from page 950 of Quigley's Tragedy and Hope. The enemy of this Republic is the Round Table Groups.

If you continue reading pages 271 through 273 you'll read Griffin's description of how the Round Table Groups developed their influence in American politics resulting in the following important historical event,

"At the end of the war of 1914, it became clear that the organization of this system had to be greatly extended. Once again the task was assigned to Lionel Curtis who established in England and each dominion, a front organization to the existing Round Table Group[I]n New York it was known as the Council on Foreign Relations."

The American patriotic Right wing actually believes the above statement as an historic reality. The CFR they greatly fear was a creation of the Round Table Groups, Quigley says so on Page 950. Of course any ordinary individual from the political center would consider this opinion as nothing more than one of many Conspiracy Theories put out by the political fringe extremes. In anticipation of this political obstruction Mr. Griffin turns to pages 174 and 175 of Rose L. Martin's 1966 epic The Fabian Freeway, High Road to Socialism in America for support material that demonstrates secret elites really do exist. On page 273 Griffin continues his "argument,"

"Colonel House was the only one man, where a multitude was needed. He had set the pattern and outlined the goals for the future, and he still had a scheme or two in mind. In particular, he foresaw it would be necessary for the Fabians to develop a top level Anglo-American planning group in the field of foreign relations which could secretly influence policy on the one hand and gradually educate public opinion with the other

To the ambitious young Fabians, British and American, who had flocked to the peace conference (Versailles) as economists and junior officials, it soon became evident that a New World Order was not about to be produced in Paris as a result two potent and closely related opinion making bodies were formedThe English branch was called the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The American branchwas the Council on Foreign Relations."

Do you see the problem?

Of course you don't. Why? Well, you have just become a victim of Cognitive Dissonance which is when a person has been induced into accepting two opposite concepts at the same time.

In 1966 Carroll Quigley branded a single and very precise conspiracy theory a myth. Quigley described this myth on page 949 of Tragedy and Hope. This "myth" was the actual political and very influential existence of the Fabian Society. On page 950 Quigley describes how the Round Table Groups created the CFR. In 1966 Rose L. Martin described how the Fabian Society set up the CFR. In 1994 G. Edward Griffin combined Quigley's page 949 "myth" and Quigley's page 950 "reality." Logic dictates both opposing scenarios can't be correct at the same. Welcome to the general state of Cognitive Dissonance (accepting two incongruous concepts at the same time). Logic also dictates a false premise can be nothing more than a false premise regardless of the multitude of "true facts" presented in support.

This enigma of Cognitive Dissonance can be simply dissolved. All that is necessary is to recognize the reality and existence of the Permanent Revolution (the continuous economic process of the global proliferation of American/British Capitalism destined to evolve into some form of Socialism through the Radical Capitalist concept of Creative Destruction). This can be accomplished by

(1) understanding the Fabian Society is not a mythological organization,

(2) understanding Quigley's Tragedy and Hope is based on a false premise (page 950),

(3) understanding the reality Socialism (or any other "ism") is impossible without Capitalism as the sole means of production, and

(4) The Fabian Society has had complete control of the Permanent Revolution for the last 100 years.

Tragedy and Hope was written to divert a well-meaning, sincere and dedicated 1960s patriot movement that was gradually zeroing in on the Fabian Society as the puppet master for the occupants of the White House. Had Tragedy and Hope not been published, that growing patriot movement (highlighted by the 1964 Barry Goldwater presidential campaign) would have eventually stumbled onto the reality of the Permanent Revolutionand that would have resulted in the complete exposure of the Fabian conspiracy.

Yes, the Round Table Groups were actual organizations that existed in England and America. Rose Martin's book does recognize this reality rather than ignore the Round Table Groups as Quigley ignored the reality of the Fabian Society, quoting from pages 358 and 359,

"How many American Rhodes Scholars have been enrolled in the London Fabian Society over the years, it would be difficult to say. No statistics on the subject have been released. The identity of such recruits has been closely guarded, apparently to avoid embarrassing those who hold or hope to hold positions of influence in their native land

Obviously, he never intended that his fortune amassed in the gold fields and diamond mines of South Africa be used to train young Americans in Fabian Socialism, or to promote peaceful social revolution"

Cecil Rhodes
It is no secret Cecil Rhodes provided his fortune to operate his Rhodes scholarship program. Early Rhodies became members of the Round Table Groups. But there is one important fact that Quigley ignored (and Rose Martin missed). William T. Stead, a Fabian, organized the Round Table Groups for Rhodes. [The Tax-Exempt Foundations, Mcllhany,II, 1980, page 18.]

It is imperative for the future existence of this Republic that the "defenders" of American patriotism rebuke the lie of Tragedy and Hope and recognize the reality of the Permanent Revolution. It is time to recognize American/British Capitalism (under the guidance of the Fabian Society) is the true enemy of this Republic. Patriots, release yourselves from the bondage of Cognitive Dissonanceaccept and include the reality of the Permanent Revolution in your analyses of American history and the present reality

That isif you really want to be victorious over a real flesh and blood enemy that threatens to dissolve our Republic.

[Writer's note: Griffin's Creature From Jekyll Island was used as an example in this essay for three very basic reasons;

(1) this book is a text-book example demonstrating Cognitive Dissonance is a very real Social condition,

(2) this State of Cognitive Dissonance is (unfortunately) an accepted condition by well-meaning Patriots and

(3) this State of Cognitive Dissonance actually obscures the truth and distorts present perceptions. This writer has personally attempted to alert many of the well-meaning Patriot elite to the falsity of Quigley's Page 950Mr. Griffin was one of the many. This writer also understands the import of "recognizing" Page 950 as a very fraudulent conspiracy theorythis absurd falsity is the cornerstone of faith for the "anti-government position" of the so-called American Patriotic Saving the Republic Community that lives in total fear of some future evil New World Order. I apologize for any ruffled feathers. But, no matter how ruffled your feathers, doesn't make Capitalism's Permanent Revolution any less real.]

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