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Ocean of Liberation
2006 03 16

By Chris Moors |

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Questions are many and answers are too. Just when you thought you knew what to do, the ground shifts and your whole reality is shaken to the core. Again and again this happens, relentlessly pounding you day after day. Down deep in a hole and flying high up to the sun, sometimes you are many, and sometimes you are One. Avoid trying to get a fix on anybody and just let go of everything out of your control, which is everything. Luckily there is an order and intelligence behind it all, and luckily it doesnít give too much power to our prayers. Yes we can manifest anything with focus, but most peopleís prayers dance on emotion and reaction, with a disproportionate amount taken for personal gain. There is nothing wrong in it to ask when there is a need. The point is that usually it is considered from the point of view of the personality. Very few pray every moment for every person in need, and this is not how it should be. Life lived fully becomes our happy prayer for everyone. When many of us start spilling Joy into the middle, we can surf on the waves to the ocean of liberation.

Worldly problems exist in a lower plane than all of our potential. If we could all lift higher, then many matters would evaporate. Our clumsiness trying to juggle attachments gets in the way. It is an inherent beauty that there is no need to strain trying to remember this or anything else. All is available always. There is nothing lost and new things are continuously introduced, so we continue to grow. God is flying through Space propelled by Imagination and Love. I am a man like any other who has through time and talent discovered that I am an early arrival of humanityís own potential. I have had many clues as to where I come from, and what has happened so far, and even why these things had to be so. Never think you know me, because I am always getting to know myself and from what I can see He always changes. Nothing is ever lost; the immensity of the increased magnification involved with the advancing of dimensions through higher and higher frequency exchanges exponentially compounds upon itself until every moment reality itself is shattering, showering, and coming back into a zillion magnificent new poses amidst a backdrop of eternity.

Be ye old or be ye young, that is little bearing on the wisdom contained within oneís soul. The ages of the body rise and fall quickly. We should all agree that time itself gives no one right to stake any particular claim on anything. Anybody can exist, but the brave few dare to dive into Life and make the most of every moment. Beware the trap of learning a little bit, parking it, and declaring yourself to know more than everybody who doesnít know what you were lucky enough to encounter. There is no finite boundary of knowledge. We learn more and more and it is a fulfillment for us to share. That is why we do it! Sure you are helping your fellow human, but more so you are helping yourself. You begin to learn that your old angry impatient ways were an attack on yourself. Karma bounces back, but even more instantaneous is the Supra-Karma of how you feel about yourself in committing the act of transgression (be it commission or omission) against your fellow traveler.

Rising beyond even the brightest star, there is literally no limit for any of us. If I could drive it home better, deeper, farther, harder, more intensely just so everybody could see the OBVIOUS and LITERAL nature of ZENís indications I would most gladly do so. The best method outside of being with someone that I have found is to pour all of your energies into finding the highest caliber of word and attempt to create a flow where something is able to be slipped in that in some way activates the DNA of the reader, or in other words, AWAKENS THEIR SOUL POTENTIAL. There is nothing to hide anymore. Donít get stuck on ghosts or gods, or even your own marvelous dreams of how things might be. Slip up and out of the madness, into the Universe that is already waiting for you. 2012 will be an adjustment to the general consciousnessís state of life on Earth. 3D is much like sailing an Enormous Ship on endlessly choppy waters. Once a certain amount of momentum is built up, to offer a new heading takes patience and perseverance. This again is absolutely as it should be and is simply part of the phenomenon that you bought into when you dove into that portal at the threshold of incarnation.

~C. Moors

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