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Harmony, the Golden Prize
2006 03 11

By Chris Moors |

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To pull the Chi up from my toes and explode it out of my head only requires a mind that is free of distraction, a heart that is open and flowing, and an energy system resonating chakras in harmony with one another. Then while connected to the Earth and through her to the Sun, and beyond this to a space of Christ Consciousness unbounded, I can rain the truth down to the drought stricken dust of impoverished souls. Drink deeply; this will make room for many more and greater revelations.

A key to being receptive no matter who you are is to not allow the outer circumstances to cause you to justify acting as if faith is not enough to make all things possible. The journey may become trepidatious and fraught with unforeseen challenges. This spurs the hero on to greater triumphs while it disheartens the weak and those not self-loving enough to feel worthy of their rightful place in the house of the Father. Hold on to the image of what you want to Create and make sure every step is in that direction. If you are wandering all over the path, there is nothing wrong in it, but the consequences must be accepted as your own. The Universal laws are all right out in the open for anybody brave and quiet enough to take a look.

Ideas are wonderful and kindness towards friends is even better. Do people smile when they see you coming? What happens on their face when they think of you? This reflection when viewed honestly can become your best teacher. Learning the lessons of life is an ongoing process. Class is never over and the day will not come when there will be no more knowledge to acquire. The growth of expansion is the essence of who we are as beings of Light. The circumstances we encounter are the triggers that give us the opportunity to activate this essential truth. What fulfillment at overcoming doubts and hesitation! Being aware of who you are, coming to terms with reality is not far behind.

Shed tears and be done with the past. Shed fears and be done with the future. Sink in as deeply as possible to this moment. Even these words become nothing more than a link for you to be here and now. Come into your home; feel what it is like to illuminate the body with the soul. Encourage the vibration to increase and let your attention ride the wave to new heights. Seeing all around you at once with full insight into the whole of existence, you are deadly silent and powerful in your brilliant presence. This is the greater reality that awaits all who are ready. There is nothing off limits to one who is ready to risk their burden for the golden prize.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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