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Cyborg Superman, Transhumanism and the Nephilim
2006 02 23

By Henrik Palmgren |

Is there a connection between project Superman and the "new man" of the technotronic era? Is it really possible to "create" new personalities (different individuals) with the help of trauma based mind control? Can one with help of occult rituals, incantations or the very same trauma based mind control have spirits incarnate into the body of a person? Can one really become possessed? How does this all connect with cyborgs?

There are a number of interesting topics that seems to come together in one single encompassing concept - and it's all about creating a "New Man", a new soldier! The interesting question is: who is it that needs these soldiers?

As many others before me have pointed out, there seems to be a few that almost in madness are racing towards certain technological advancements without stopping. Millions and billions are being spent on research and "stuff" that perhaps to the everyday Joe seem cool… but it is a bit strange when one considers that millions of people are starving on our planet. Why? Why are these people spending their precious dollars, euros and yuan's on creating robots, cyborgs, cloning and mapping the human genome? What is the reason for this? And why the rush?

There seems to be an attack on all fronts right now and we indeed seem to come closer and closer to a "singularity". It could either be a biogenetic related thing or a AI technological issue.

Even our food is being genetically modified. The question again is why? What's wrong with it? Have not our food on this planet been sufficient for us so far? Why does it need to be changed, and who is changing it? Can modified food modify us? The food can work as an agent to get inside our body and then be designed to change the DNA of those who consume it. In an article from 2002 entitled "Can GM food make your body immune to Antibiotics?" it says that "eating GM food can change the genetic make-up of your digestive system". Can it change other parts of us also?

There are other ways to get nanosized particulates, or even nanobots, into your body. All you need to do is breath. There is something called "smart dust" that can be dropped from any altitude over any location, a city etc. that then finds its way to you and into your body without you even knowing about it. This makes food as an agent seem a bit "clumsy". But as I said, there seem to be a onslaught on every front on the "research battlefield".

This reminds me of a discussion that Whitley Strieber and William Henry had on the internet radio show Dreamland a while back, that was about the "MIThril project". A next-generation of wearable computers, a combination between nanotechnology and cloaking technology that connects to the concept of the creation of a "cyborg superhuman" or a "super soldier" ("Mighty Man" or M-I-T man). I have a short audio excerpt from this interview and a more in depth article about it here.

Superman (Kal-El) Returns in 2006 and resistance is futile, right?

Steve Quale & Tom Horn on Psychotronic Warfare, Superman & The Nephilim
A number of interesting questions (and answers) was brought up in a recent interview I heard with Tom Horn and Stephen Quayle. A few pieces of the "grand puzzle" fell into place (at least for me) while listening to these interviews.

Stephen Quayle began an interview series with Tom Horn on the subject of psychotronic warfare, mind control and weapons technology. The discussion continued into topics such as cyborgs, mythology, prophecies and the book of revelation, they made a few very interesting suggestions that seems to connect the "Sons of God" and the Nephilim (the Giants or the Titans) to it all. And that is a topic that I have been fascinated by for some time now. It keeps coming up again and again.

This is still available online and I highly recommend that you download this interview series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4.

These are mp3 files, about 7 MB each. They are linked from, one of Tom Horns websites. There is some interesting information in this that you don't want to miss. Take what you can and leave the rest!

I don't know if it's necessary to point out but I can mention that this information is not directed to those of you who are asking "IF" there is conspiracy or "IF" mind altering technologies are possible to achieve. These things are happening! Scoffers can search elsewhere for information and "proof" that satisfy their preconceived ideas that supports their world view. But wait, on the other hand, IF you have those beliefs then you need to hear this probably more than anyone else! The problem concerning getting this kind of information out to others has always been that people who mostly need to hear it never visit "these kinds of whacky sites" and they seem to do everything they can to stay away from those topics altogether. This is a problem. You support what you want to hear, and keep listening to the stuff you like to hear (I have the same problem, but I try to stay open).

So what are my own thoughts on what is going on in the underground research labs? I guess that it's far beyond what we can imagine. If "they" ever would present some of the very latest top secret research, it probably would seem like magic to us... or maybe "science of the gods". But I guess they are saving that for the "fake alien invasion".

Further back on the research scale, but certainly not less sophisticated, there are probably already implemented technological and psychological manipulation techniques, psy-ops and different scenarios running on us 24/7. It's probably far worse and far more common than many of the most paranoid of us think.

Now, to create some diversity in this concept and to suggest something more beyond the discussion between Tom and Steve. There is a lecture made by Michael Tsarion that I want to recommend. It's called "The Origins of Evil", it was done at the Conspiracy Conference in 2005. It's free to watch thru Michaels website

If you already have watched it, WATCH IT AGAIN! You'll pick up new stuff and discover gems even the the fourth and the fifth time you watch it because the lecture is jam packed with good stuff… and it's almost impossible to process everything the first time you see it.

If you watch this lecture and then connect it to the information that Stephen Quayle and Tom Horn discussed, I say that a very interesting picture starts to emerge. I think it's vital that we start to ask the right questions: who are we really dealing with? Who is it at the top of the pyramid? Who is the "unseen" that Guiseppe Mazzini mentioned?

Many researchers are doing an excellent job at exposing the conspiracy of the New World Order and the One World Government, and it indeed needs to be done! But I also think that there are still too few who really plunge into the deep of this matter and try to find out who it really is behind the curtain, pulling the strings. I think it's about time we start to find out.

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