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Courage of the Lion Hearted
2006 02 11

By Chris Moors |

When the roar which rumbles mountains finally makes false perceptions tumble and long held illusions crumble, the echo will last throughout eternity. Many bodies are born but few Souls emerge with self-consciousness. Fewer yet are they who put together lifetimes of knowledge and go past all associations, remembering their true place amongst the stars. Living their own myth, new adventures are created moment to moment. As poet and pen, soul and body write new tales for all of us to enjoy and share.

A body with 5 senses is a super suit for cruising around the Earth. We can perceive outwardly, but this should not distract us from perceiving inwardly as well. Humanity has many hidden talents that are just starting to emerge. This message (like many others) is to confirm to you that more is possible. Many of you suspect that it is so, but are not yet strong enough to stand up to those who collectively shun the truth. You do not need to wait any longer. Be brave and rise up from your slumber.

Light is bursting from within our forms. Soon there will be no stopping it. Chakras are awakening to the music of the Source. Life is blossoming in its wake. The old had to fall and so it did on its own sword. The scourge of being a bearer of lies is enough punishment for the transgressors. Shamed throughout history, they will never again be put in a position of leadership. Many lifetimes of service will eventually teach them the hard earned lessons of humility.

When you accept death, there will no longer be any being in any realm able to control you. Conquering fear with Courage, the noble spirit adheres to inner conviction beyond any turn of the outer tide. If anyone knocks upon the door they can be greeted as a friend. If they come in darkness, transcendent eyes will not be able to see them. Outer roles have long ago been shed.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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