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Light Invasion will break the 4th Reich
2006 02 27

By Chris Moors |

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As even the most oblivious observer is being forced to admit, the Darkness that has befallen the once Land of the Free is real and by nature seeks to perpetuate itself. Becoming increasingly flagrant, the Shadows continue to Lie and attempt to consolidate power in the hands of the few. This is not on behalf of America. It is on behalf of corporate profiteers with ugly insides who knoweth not the full extent of what they do. Perhaps we can forgive them, but we must not allow the discrepancy to stand.

My eyes recently fell on an article mentioning how there will be no Normandy style invasion to save us, because there is no honorable nation left to do so. Interesting point, but applicable only if you accept the current paradigm of politics and have a fixed belief in the simple little 3rd dimension. Thankfully the Universe itself has a way of setting things right and restoring divine order when cultivated chaos has broken one too many hearts. There is a bit of consolation in understanding that all the injustice in the world is designed to teach us how to be Just within ourselves.

For those in despair that the 4th Reich will once and for all crush all that is Good, know that the salvation wheels have been turning for some time. Their viciousness and constant double talk has provided the compression in which Souls Awaken. We are not allowed the luxury of complacency and self-absorption. They have catalyzed the process by coming for all of us! A crazy person could thank them with gratitude when they have taken up their own destiny and finally figured out for themselves what has gone on throughout history. In every situation, there is an opportunity for transformation.

The rescue invasion has in fact been occurring simultaneously to the crimes committed by the Cabal without Conscience. The influx of energies from the higher dimensions has been lifting many people in America and across the world. No longer a part of the prison mentality, no longer crippled by fear and self-doubt, and no longer enslaved by centuries old belief systems, we stand as God on the Ground. Going from scenario to scenario, the sleepy person adapts their behavior to each restrictive circumstance. When doing the same, the Transcendent being brings change, the signature of Life, to every situation.

The momentum is growing and like all darkness it will disappear in the light of the new day. The flame of truth is the finger of the sun and if we live by self-evident reality we have the Source behind us. Trying to superimpose a false reality upon the glory of the Garden, the deceivers will exhaust themselves trying to keep the charade intact. As one Lie falls, they desperately try to patch it up with another; as one catastrophe occurs, a lesser one is fabricated as a distraction. If left to do their will, they would destroy themselves and everybody else. We cannot and will not let this happen.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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