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Source, Soul and Body Glow
2006 01 10

From Chris Moors |

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Powerful and true like the night of the full moon, the luminescence of creation invigorates both animate and inanimate objects. Everything everywhere is moving. If you focus your inner hearing to a point which pierces the veil you will hear the humming that always surrounds you. If you merge with this hum, it will overtake you and start playing your heart like a musical instrument. The pain of many lifetimes will be lifted and you will see your true purpose. If you can carry the memory back with you, you can strive to reach this full actualization in your every day life.

To reveal deeper truth in words one must either wax eloquent or twist in a way that is just unexpected enough to suddenly make room for something new. Once a person has been exposed to the greater reality, they never forget. Some sad souls choose to stuff the memory and trudge on in their mundane affairs as if their smile actually means something instead of taking the sometimes difficult steps of asserting their individual independence. Chit chatting about nothing with friends of the same ilk, the ache of their suffering sounds like a room of weeping widows.

Vibration shoots through the sun to the soul and into the body. You walk around glowing your secrets to anybody with the Eye to see. We can work our way backwards to the source even as the salmon swims upstream. As our muscles get stronger and our Will is emboldened by success, each moment of the journey forward compounds the intensity of the spirit to arrive at full expansion. Soon we are giving off our own hum as a result of the splendidly skillful manifestation of the implications of truth. Reflecting on the lessons of experience, each opportunity leads to a better one. Instead of a spiral down, our path begins to wind its way back up.

Interpretation is not necessary. Leave these words where they are because the devil in this case is not in the details. The harmonic resonance of the pace and encoded geomancies lies beyond the reduction of meaning into the common lexicon. New pathways must be forged in order for transcendent potentialities to be revealed. Letís start with wherever we are in this moment.

Hopeful to be helpful, with the inescapable desire to reach the brightest star, a soul with the courage to make the mission their own will never fail if they never falter in their faith. It is not difficult to pour water through an empty tube, nor is it hard to get a bird to sing in the morning. For emerging heroes born to guard the truth, to be one with life and creation is as natural as it is for a baby to seek the warmth of a motherís embrace.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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