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At Last Scientist Are Discovering The Soul
2006 01 13

By Deepak Chopra |

Think of a sunsetÖ As soon as you see this image there is a binary code of photons coding for that experience in your brain. Think of a dark room with the flame of a candle.

Now if I were able to look inside your brain, there would be no candle there - just a binary code of photons flickering on and off. The question is, where was that image before I asked you to think of it? The point I am trying to make is that when I ask you to envisage a sunset or a candle flame, before you remember it that information is not in your brain. The information shows up in your brain as soon as you have the intention to remember. So where was it before that? It existed as potential in consciousness but it wasnít in your brain.

My memories therefore are not in my brain. This is a very important point because the reductionist model says our memories are in our brains. Why does it say that? Because when the brain is damaged people have damaged memories - whether through Alzheimerís disease, or a comatose state, or through drunkenness.

But the argument is fallacious: itís the same thing as saying my radio set is damaged and no music is coming out, therefore the music must be manufactured by my radio. The radio doesnít manufacture the music; it only actualises the music. My television set doesnít manufacture all those people that I see inside the box; it only actualises them from somewhere else. So, too, your brain is not the source of your thoughts.

Your brain is a quantum instrument that causes the collapse of wave functions that exist as possibilities before you actualise them as space-time events. So your brain takes possibilities and actualises them into space-time events. Itís a quantum instrument that converts possibility into actuality. It takes the unmanifest and makes it manifest, both in imagination and also as sensory experience.

What is a space-time event? It is a frozen moment of intention
All perception is the collapse of wave functions in a sea of possibilities constantly transforming and moving, and my perception freezes that external reality, but even by the time I have perceived it it has moved on. Itís just a moving phenomenon in the sea of possibilities.

So what is in this world of discontinuity?
All things exist as a sea of infinite possibilities and all exist as pure potential. Potential has no beginning and no ending. It exists as potential.

Science says, first there is matter, then there is energy and then there is information. What is information? Information is a sea of possibilities waiting to be asked questions. Thatís what information is. Is the universe wave-like? Is the universe particle-like? Well, it depends on your question. If you do an experiment that is wave-like then itís wave-like. If you do an experiment that is particle-like then itís particle-like, and itís never both simultaneously. Thatís the essence of Heisenbergís uncertainty principle.

Whether it is particle-like or wave-like depends on the question. Before you ask the question - what is it like, particle-like or wave-like? - it exists as both potentially.

It is your question that compels the universe to make a choice. Before you ask the question the universe hasnít made a choice. As soon as you make the choice the universe is compelled to respond. So at the most fundamental levels of nature, the universe is a sea of infinite possibilities that are compelled to make choices for space-time events once you ask the question. The universe is a big question mark before it becomes actual.

An interesting phenomenon that scientists are now totally comfortable with is a phenomenon called Ďnon-local correlationí. Non-local correlation was something that was accidentally described by Einstein in his attempt to actually invalidate quantum physics.

Einstein was very uncomfortable with certain aspects of quantum physics. One of them was non-local correlation. Another was Heisenbergís uncertainty principle. In fact, when Heisenberg went to explain the uncertainty principle to Einstein, he made that famous comment, "God doesnít play dice with the universe," because our mechanistic laws say if we know enough about the universe we will be able to predict everything.

In a nutshell, non-local correlation works like this:
if you have two sub-atomic particles, A and B, and they collide, they exchange a little energy and information, so A becomes A1 and B becomes B1: they are slightly changed, just like when you and I collide we are slightly changed, we exchange information and energy also, so you are not the same person quite and I am not the same person quite. At the most fundamental levels, when sub-atomic particles collide they exchange energy and information; then letís say A1 starts to move to one end of the universe and B1 moves to the other end of the universe, but for all of eternity they remain instantly correlated.

Instantly correlated means that if I know what A1 is doing I will be able to tell you what B1 is doing. If I know where A1 is I will be able to tell you where B1 is. That knowing a quality of behaviour of A1 I will be able to tell you a quality of behaviour of B1.

Now where Einstein differed was that he said it is just a mathematical correlation and that there is no mystery to this. Furthermore, the correlation is unmediated, which means there is no mediation of energy from here to here that tells me that by knowing one I can know what the other is doing. So, it is unmediated and it is unmitigated - unmitigated means that there is no diminution of the robustness of the correlation - with distance in space.

Normally, when you employ energy signals or electromagnetic signals the Law of Inverse Proportions comes into play - so the further you have two objects that are correlated with each other (like gravity for example), the weaker the signal gets, and it gets weaker in inverse proportion to the square root of the distance. But unmitigated means there is no diminution in the robustness of the correlation. It remains the same no matter how far you go.

Distance in Space is also Distance in Time
When I look at the night sky I might be seeing a star that is fifteen million light years away, which means that I am looking at something that existed fifteen million years ago. If it blew itself out five million years ago I wonít know that for another five million years because when I am looking at the night sky I am looking at the past. Distance in space is also distance in time; but unmitigated means the robustness of the correlation moves outside the boundaries of space-time: it is instant. So the third property of the correlation is that it is instantaneous.

Einstein believed this was only a mathematical concept, but then John Bell came along and proved it beyond doubt. It is now an established fact that there is a fundamental level in nature where everything is instantly correlated with everything else. This gives us mathematical and experimental proof of what we could call omniscience or omnipresence or omnipotence - where everything is correlated, everything is organised, everything is connected instantly with everything else.

Iíll tell you why Einstein was uncomfortable with this: it was because he was thinking in terms of all phenomena existing in space-time, but what this is describing is a domain that is beyond space-time and causality, outside the domains of space-time. Now scientists totally acknowledge that you cannot explain biology without invoking non-local correlation. How does the human body think thoughts, play a piano, kill germs, remove toxins and gestate a baby all at the same time? And whilst itís doing all that it correlates every activity with every other activity, all instantaneously without mediating the activity of your liver cell with your kidney cell, with the manufacture of the new baby.

Not only that, but your body is tracking the movement of stars whilst itís doing this because the biological rhythms that you call your body are actually the rhythms of the ecosystem and the universe. Everything is correlated with everything else, and itís not only correlated with everything else: itís instantly correlated. There is no time, thereís no energy involved because energy is in space-time.

Itís without the use of time signals or energy signals: itís instantaneous. It is the basis of what we call synchronicity. Non-local correlations are the most impressive and most dominant aspect of natureís activity. It is totally understood mathematically; it is totally understood in terms of quantum physics - it is totally understood experimentally.

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