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A New Era of Friendship and Prosperity
2006 01 09

From Chris Moors |

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Welcome to an awakening world and enjoy your stay here. There has been a long time where the flowers have struggled to break the surface of the dirt, but now that they have, there is nothing that can stop them from stretching to the sun. The sun has never been happier, for the seedlings are beginning to uncover their potential and the beauty of their full manifestation is coming closer every day. Of many colors and fragrances, soon this potpourri of creation will fill the void left by wanton destruction.

It is so and has always been so, that the birth of higher energies causes a strain to those stuck in the old way. To leave the old body behind and assume your rightful place in light, one must become aware that the subtler sensibilities encompass the coarse as well as providing revelations that weren’t previously available. Then there is no feeling of loss, and it is understood that everything of true value remains. In fact the glory of actuality supercedes even the wildest dreams of the Earth bound terrestrial.

Turning the other cheek, if the second one is struck, there are none left to offer. Knowing that everything that can be done has been done, it is acceptable to find those who support the work and nourish each other. Those left in the old ways will be purified by another route. The spirit fragments residing in those bodies will have to be lifted up and fused directly by the Governor of this realm outside of the usual parameters of space/time. Naturally the desire to populate the Earth will slightly ebb as there will be fewer whole souls to replace the many pieces.

As harmony is restored and Gaia returns to her natural ways, peace will descend across the land. If a human sees a friend in need, they do not have to be a Good Samaritan, only another human to recognize this and share in whatever ways can be of assistance. Then when we need a hand, someone will be there. Soon a new feeling of comradery is born and we learn to trust each other. This trust makes possible a deeper Love and through this we commune with Existence, realizing every moment the interconnectedness of all of Life.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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