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On the Path to the Christos
2006 01 31

By Chris Moors |

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Standing at the threshold of incarnation, our Spirit gets ready to make the leap into the Time Portal with full Consciousness of what we are doing, and prepared to live out the life we have planned for ourselves with the assistance of guides and angels. Once in the Vortex to the 3rd dimension we start feeling the compression and for many this sparks an intense dread/memory of the forgetfulness they barely remember from their last attempt at embodiment. Soon this no longer matters as attention gets drawn to the body we are to inhabit. Finding ourselves in a womb, there is nothing to do but to breathe, and wait.

After a long steady period of growth and relaxation (that is if the mother doesnít smoke, drink, or eat rotten food), a rumbling announces that the next phase is about to begin. Suddenly we are being pushed towards a hint of light that has appeared from nowhere. Resistance serves no purpose and in short order we have emerged into the starkness of Life on Earth. The Love of a motherís smile instinctually relieves the baby of the initial terror and the road ahead begins.

The progressing child learns the ways of humanity and adopts the mind-set of the culture. Constantly reinforced in this by those around them, they truly believe they are a person in a body for a bit of Time. They develop their mind and become more and more certain that they are who they think they are. But what is this feeling inside underneath it all? Simultaneous to the surface activity, there has been a dim but constant echo. Something inside feels that they come from God and that their own Existence means so much more than they yet know.

Reaching the limits of Mind, the aging aspirant draws to them a facilitator. With a hug of Love, the master blasts open the mental prison and for the first time the human discovers that they are alive! The heart bursts forth in song; gratitude and tears of Joy reveal that Life will never be the same. Making up for past transgressions, everything that is touched, now turns to Gold. The alchemy of inner transformation has begun.

Day after day upon awakening the newly found faithful friend to nature is happy to discover that they remember the world is a magical place. Assimilating the 4th dimensional astral plane, they are frequently transported to other realms to have experiences unlike any they have ever had before. Angels and ghosts, Eye beings and dragons, ancestors and famous artists you love, various gods and all the creatures of the elemental kingdoms will begin visiting from time to time. Door after door will open and all of your dreams are revealed as visions of a higher reality.

During this process of ascension the progressing disciple comes to know their Soul and through recovering it piece by piece will remember past lives and regain the experience of each one. Becoming integrated, new talents present themselves and through allowing them expression, they paint the road ahead. Experiencing, reflecting, and creating, the Heart opens wide and begins to stream in a never ending expansion of Love.

Lifting off of Earth consciousness which up to this point had been the Holy Spirit which had set things into motion, the Soul now realizes the Power of Wholeness, and consciously returns to the Path with full Awareness of all that has come before. Tuning into the Sun, the 5th dimension is attained and for a time you will be the representative of the Sun on Earth; or put another way, the Son/Daughter of God. Everything you encounter, you will shine your light on and lift to this level of perceptive capability. Free of the Mind and wrapping the Heart in Awareness, there is nothing in this place which can touch you. Settled in your inner aloneness, aware that all is One and that we are seeing but various slices of spectrums here and there, the Super Individual is ready to see even the known universe disappear and still be steady on their feet.

The secret history of the solar system is them revealed by the Sun itself. If you have found favor, the Sun will introduce you to other stars and through them you will communicate with beings on other worlds. Soon the whole of Space is your playground and Thy Will be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Sharing the Creative Force with the Great Creator, you become Ambassadors of Change, the Wellspring of Life. Ideas are toys/joys that you share as your fulfillment cannot but shower intricacies/delicacies all around. Eternity is just long enough to enjoy the potentials which can be explored.

After awhile the Archangels who have become your best friends start flying in a whirling circular motion over the top of your head. Suddenly, you have been lifted up and out by the vortex they have created. No longer bound to the Soul or this Solar System, you realize the full scope of who you are and always have been. The Christos is awakened. Your heart feels so juicy that it is oozing Love, and your mind is completely quiet. There is a Cosmic Holiness to the Universal Truth that is now your own Understanding. The messianic visions of youth were but a harbinger of the Second Coming of Christ which comes again and again in those few who truly go for the deepest meaning of Jesusí teaching. Gaining enough momentum to escape the gravity of this place, more friends and new experiences are waiting in many other parts of the Galaxy. You are free to go.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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