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Awakening Souls Around the World
2006 01 03

By Chris Moors |

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Join me in the stratosphere for a few breaths of fresh air. Unpolluted by incorrect thinking, the subtleties are not lost. In fact they are enhanced by the brilliance of newness that is deep inside all of life. Pristine like a spring rain, the fountain of youth is really the expression of God’s Love. Drink deeply and rejuvenate your spirit. The journey is long and there are many obstacles along the way. With fortitude, friends, and faith, the chances of arriving at your goal are greatly enhanced.

There is a soul hanging around the body and in between can be much confusion. When focusing on the “I” of the body, the noise is in control. When focusing on the “IAM” of the Soul, you are in the freedom of space and can harmonize the noise into a symphony of creation. The Soul has a direct link to Source and when contacted can flow to you the truth of life and the meaning behind your own incarnation. Reading good books can enable you to more readily perceive the nuances of this Universal language.

To foster the release of the Soul seedling’s potential, give it room to grow. When you hear the voice of intuition, remove the doubt that crushes it. Reality is far-fetched. You must allow your mind to wander to intricacies outside of your frame-of-reference. After all, you are trying to put the ocean into a glass. Luckily we don’t have to put a lid on it, so the water can just pour all over the place. Allow yourself to giggle at the absurdity you suddenly realize was the case all along.

In one way, every day is like any other; in another, each is as different as the leaves on a tree. Creation is a composition called “Infinite Variations on a Theme of Life”. If you listen closely enough, you will get to know the composer. If you open up to the energy and allow it to move you, it is very likely that you will add your own variations to the universal repertoire. In fact, we each play an irreplaceable role in this collective work of art. Even if you say you don’t want to participate, at some point you made a choice to be a character in the play.

Embrace your role and dive into the performance. If acted in totality, all roles will be transcended and the grace beyond individuality will descend into your heart. Here you will see that you are all of the actors in all places. You’ve been so busy entertaining yourself in all your forms, that you’ve never stopped the drama to take a break. Just like a teenager with a new video game who stays up all night to get to the next level, you have been obsessed with seeing what happens next. It’s alright, we’ll all find out soon enough.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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