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Armageddon of the Mind
2006 01 18

By Chris Moors |

Though we may see Armageddon in the outer world, the inner condition which brought it on is far more intense. The cosmic tug of war between light and dark is fought inside the mind of humanity and is merely reflected externally. The images on TV of this occurrence may strike fear into our heart, but is it not merely showing us what lurks in our own subconscious?

Angels of Truth have sounded and Demons of Darkness are struggling hard to hold their deceptive ground. Some humans consciously choose to ascend in light, while others grasp tightly to their Denials and shout, “I want it my way!” Heavenly friends may hurt for those who harm themselves, but they should not let it stop them from walking on inspired by Love from/for their Creator.

The winding ‘this and that’ path becomes straight and paved with gold when you realize that the destination is each step and the glow on the horizon is there so you know you are not alone. Flowing through invisible bonds between your Soul, the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon, the Aum melts away barriers, releasing enough starlight to fill the entire Universe. A living constellation, you can write your own mythology.

Old ideas fall away and the implications of a crumbling edifice may take a few moments to settle. Pain of loss is fostered by emotional attachment to stagnation. For awhile we were allowed to believe that things had stopped, but borrowing from our own future, it was intrinsic to the situation that the explosion of pent up energy would inevitably seek its freedom.

Suffering is necessary and for awhile it had to be so. When the edges have cut you deeply enough to crack the mental prison and let the long awaited morning arrive, shadows flee, and the frozen places begin to melt, shedding tears to release the frustration. Deep breaths and inner hugs transform the ache to ecstasy and the joy of life becomes awakened, never to be lost again.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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