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The Riddle of Anti-Semitism (Part II)
2006 01 15

By Henry Makow Ph.D. |

I am routinely called an anti-Semite yet I am also the target of anti-Semitism. Thus, I imagine that I can see both sides of this divisive issue.

My father disowned me because of my writing. Yet in my view, I am true to the spirit of the ancient prophets who condemned Jewish mistakes.

I do more to temper anti-Semitism than most. For example, when Brian from Jacksonville FL accused me of being a "shill for the Illuminati, a liar and a deceiver," I asked him: "What exactly did I write that makes you say these things?"

Brian: "You're a Jew right? Answer my questions. Prove me wrong."

HM: "I am a Jew by birth but I do not subscribe to what has become the Jewish religion. Jews like Christians, are not all alike. Read my latest article "Christmas is Crucified Again" and tell me what you disagree with."

Brian replied: "Sir I have reread your article. I think it is a wonderful and very truthful article. Your knowledge of Skull and Bones has changed my mind about you. You may be a Jew, but so is Kirk Douglas one of my favourite actors and many other movie stars. Sorry to have offended you."

I don't blame Brian for being prejudiced. Prejudices are based on experience and are a necessary early warning. But we need to evaluate people as individuals to see if they fit the profile.

Jews in the Crossfire

If you mention the "Jewish Banker Conspiracy," you'll be as popular as a skunk at a garden party. Tolerant and sophisticated people treat this as a hateful tired cliche. They believe "anti-Semites" should be slandered, lose their livelihood and even go to jail.

But what if there actually were a "Jewish Banker Conspiracy?" Then these sophisticates would have egg all over their face, wouldn't they? They'd be exposed as rubes, victims of a sterotypical Jewish deception performed by media coincidentally owned by the very same bankers.

The "Jewish Banker Conspiracy" is not a chimera. It is the plan of Rothschild-controlled central bankers to create a totalitarian system to protect their illegal private monopoly of the world's credit. They print government currency for the price of the paper and then lend it to the government at billions in interest.

In the words of Bill Clinton's mentor, Georgetown University professor Carol Quigley, who was an insider, the plan is "nothing less than to establish a world system... able to dominate the political system of each country." They plan to control the whole system in "a feudalistic manner by the central banks of the world working in concert (and) by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences." (Tragedy and Hope, p. 324)

The central banking families and their allies used their unfair advantage to gain a monopoly on the world's wealth and a stranglehold on culture and politics. To make us accept their "New World Order," (a.k.a. globalization) they need to degrade and divide humanity by destroying the four pillars of our personal identity and social cohesion (nation, race, religion and family.) They sponsor Communism, Zionism, Socialism, Neo Conservatism, Liberalism, Feminism, Multi-culturalism and "Diversity" to achieve this purpose. (Socialism substitutes government for family.) They sponsor all the terrorism (incl. 9-11), revolutions, wars and depressions and may be planning another world war.

Anti-Semitism is caused because self-serving Jewish dupes play a prominent role in all of the above movements, especially Communism. Anti-Semitism will inevitably increase as the New World Order becomes more onerous. Jews need to acknowledge this rather than pretend "anti-Semites" are hallucinating. On the other hand, "anti-Semites" need to stop generalizing. Jews are very far from being cohesive.

Jews are fleeing Jewish organizations in droves. According to a 2001 survey, 25% of the roughly 5 million American Jews identify with another faith community. One half of all Jews intermarry and three-quarters of them raise their children in another religion.

The majority of Jews probably would oppose the banker agenda, if they understood it. I was heartened to hear Texe Marrs say recently that only 5% of Jews are aware of the big picture. Yet the other 95% may suffer if they continue to be indifferent to what is happening.

The Big Picture

Many "anti-Semites" like Texe Marrs and Des Griffin believe that the Jewish Pharisees accepted the offer from Satan that Jesus rejected: "I will give you the World (money, power) if you will obey me." They believe Talmudic Judaism is dedicated to enthroning Lucifer and has always conspired to destroy Christianity. The recent treatment of Christmas is proof that they are not hallucinating.

I am just beginning this immense study and shouldn't be mistaken for an expert. My present hypothesis is that enthroning Satan/Lucifer means enthroning man in the role of God. This is called Illuminism (Hence the "Enlightenment.")

God is rejected. (God represents the natural development of mankind through adherence to spiritual absolutes like morality, justice and truth.)

A strong element in Talmudic Judaism restricts the definition of "man" to Jews. Thus, the course of human history can be seen as the replacement of God with man, and ultimately man with Jews (or man becomes Jewish.) Everything we call "modern" speaks to the banishment of God from the universe and the attempt to fill the void with the utterances of men/Jews/illuminists. That's why so much modern culture is a fraud.

Israel Shamir has suggested that the Jewish Holocaust is part of a subtle deification of Jews. The holocaust replaces the crucifixion as a sacred symbol of God-sacrifice.

Those Jews who welcome this scenario might be in for a rude awakening. The definition of Jewish is blurred. As I have suggested elsewhere, the central bankers have forged alliances based on money, marriage and cabalistic Freemasonry with the leading families of Europe and America.

When gold is God, the extremely rich are the "Chosen People." This myth, together with the Talmudic and Cabalistic traditions are a perfect vehicle for elite totalitarian control.

"Zionism is but an incident of a far reaching plan," said leading American Zionist Louis Marshall, counsel for bankers Kuhn Loeb in 1917. "It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon."

In other words, the whole Jewish enterprise, Judaism etc. may be a "powerful weapon" to enthrone a rule of the super rich, who are "Jewish" mainly by virtue of wealth.

For example, the British royal family sees itself as descending from the House of David. A Jewish Mohel circumcised Prince Charles. Are the Windsors Jewish? (Douglas Reed, Somewhere South of Suez, p.356.)

Henry Kissinger once said, "a people who have been persecuted for 2000 years must be doing something wrong." His unsympathetic attitude may reflect that of his employers, the Illuminati bankers.

What could Jews be doing wrong? The answer is trusting their "leaders."


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