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2005 - "7" Year Forecast

As we rapidly approach the new year, be prepared for many awakenings on a deep, spiritual level. If you've been searching for a more meaningful existence, this is your year to discover and manifest your true heart's desires. You may feel drawn to simplify your life, doing less yet achieving more. Downsizing and eliminating "stuff" can also accomplish this. Just like the "7 year itch", you'll have clarity as to people and things that are no longer for your higher good.

As you redefine what is right for you be careful not to impose your beliefs on others, thus alienating and isolating yourself. Intolerance and judgment can get you in trouble. Misunderstandings are typical for a "7" year.

Sensitivities regarding your living habits and mother earth will appear. We can no longer put garbage into our bodies or mother earth and get away with it. Instant karma comes to mind. If you are old enough to have lived the 70's, much will be repeated, minus the drugs. :-)

Since a "7" year represents the mind, be careful to remember your heart. Kindness and tolerance is so much more advantageous than getting caught up in righteous thinking. The "Power Of Now" by Eckhardt Tolle is a great read to understand heart versus head.

You can also use this mind knowledge to go back to school or read books of interest. With all your new insights you may decide to switch to a more heartfelt, meaningful career that requires learning a new skill. Just listen to your heart and inner guidance and you won't go wrong. Businesses that will flourish will be any that provides insights, knowledge and wisdom. So look to be either the teacher or the student, as learning occurs in both. Because truths will be revealed, businesses, etc., that do not use integrity as their foundation will be exposed and eliminated.

There are many confirming beliefs on this, as well as additional information. The Mayan Calendar's 4th Day, beginning December 4th is worth checking out.

I hope this provides both confirmation and insights on the potential and possibilities of 2005.

Victoria Helm

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