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Worlds' Fusion
Earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, glacier melting, corruption, drugs, increasing craziness and militarism... What is occurring? What has been announced again and again...
2005 12 01

By Giuliana Conforto |

Article recieved from Light Eye

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The strength of the earthquake that shook Pakistan and parts of North India is equivalent to the energy released by forty hydrogen bombs, claimed geo-physicists. "Though the earthquake-hit area was a quake-sensitive area, a temblor of such high intensity could not have ever been predicted by scientists. It emerged 10 km below the earth's surface," a few said. "Had it not occurred this deep under earth, it could have turned out to be the worst earthquake of the recent times", some opined. A massive earthquake had already rocked India's Andaman-Nicobar islands on July 23, 2005 and recorded as 7.0 in Richter scale. Tsunami of December 26, 2004 has changed the planet's shape - enough to shorten the day by fractions of a second and to shift the North Pole by an inch; it has sped up Earth's rotation. Hundreds of earthquakes continue in the islands and neighboring ocean and a strange pause separates the earthquakes. The sailors have reported that the area has become unstable and the ocean creates strange sound from beneath all of a sudden. During the earthquake, some strange intense sounds were heard which is new.

According some local residents specially the tribal folks, there are tectonic experiments and under ocean activities going on. According official Indian sources, there is no evidence of any under water experimentation or construction. But the strange sounds, ocean currents, periodic small and large earthquakes, strange underwater and sometime land volcanic eruptions - all point towards some strange activities under the ocean perhaps under the tectonic plates. Some speak about "extra-terrestrials"... but the quakes come from the Earth's inner shells. What are these made of? Scientists don't actually know; drills only dug up to 0.2 per cent of the Earth's entire radius (about 6.000 km) and never reached the Moho discontinuity between the crust and the mantle. This is at an average depth of about 60 km below the Earth's surface. Therefore scientists have never observed the Earth's inner shells directly, but they believe that the Earth's various shells are all composed of the same kind of matter that composes the crust. Many of them still speak about the Earth's metallic core despite no experimental can test it is actually metallic.

If you listen to the sounds of seismic you will notice a set of coherent notes that could let you perceive something new to you. My sensation was that some people were knocking at the door. Applying the method of Organic Physics most of us could realize that the strange sounds from beneath are not just sailors' fantasies.

"Luminous" ordinary matter, that composes the Earth's crust, i.e. our everyday world, is not the only existing kind of matter.

Physicists have discovered various kinds of matter and even produced invisible, dark states of ordinary matter in laboratory. Despite their same discoveries, most scientists don't suspect an obvious possibility. Dark kinds of matter, maybe the ELEMENTS, and/or the dark states of ordinary matter can compose invisible, real worlds any planet. The Earth's inner shells are intelligent worlds, each composed of a peculiar ELEMENT. So the sounds, sailors heard, could be the echo of the wondrous process we are all passing through. It is the worlds' fusion that mirrors itself experimentally in the so called cold fusion.

"Luminous" ordinary matter is our collective illusion, mainly due to our human sight and corroborated by both sciences and religions. The former ones believe and make people believe that the sun in the sky drives the Earth's temperature and climate. The latter ones have painted "God" and "His" celestial realms above on the sky and not below the Earth's crust. The true Sun is the Earth's core. No scientific test can deny such a thesis although people usually consider it as impossible. They do believe so, because they all ignore the existence of the ELEMENTS, ancient scientists have proposed and modern physicists have revealed in laboratory. The Earth is an organ of the One Eternal, Organic Universe and Life is the intelligent Message, the Force that conducts Its evolution. It is the same force physicists call "weak".

The weak force can propel cold fusion and not only that. It can also propel the fusion of the Earth's worlds or shells. Life is unpredictable as any living being is. Events like earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons are all signs of the end of times that is the beginning of eternity. Many people indicate human industrial activities as responsible for global warming. This is only partially true. Global warming has also been observed on Mars and even on Pluto that has gone farther from the sun. Scientists are now looking for an outer "source of heat", pretending to ignore the inner "weak" one they should already know. Most scientists, even the open minded ones, "ignore" the role of the "weak force", although they perfectly know its existence. How is this possible? The answer, my friends, is dramatic and comic at the same time.

- The weak force is what we humans can feel as love and emotions. You cannot measure love. The more you love the more love grows. Since scientists cannot measure the weak force, i.e. love, they avoid concerning about it. So, as a paradox, it is the same scientific method that prevents scientists from understanding phenomena such as cold fusion.

- The weak force is the only force that links our everyday, natural world to the Earth's underworlds, which are "supernatural" in the sense that they have different physical laws, if they are composed of the various ELEMENTS as I propose. It is therefore the religious belief that "supernatural" is separated from natural that prevents humans from using the weak force and, as a consequence, achieving direct cognition.

- The weak force penetrates every human body; nobody can buy, sell, or exploit it. It can provide infinite energy, abundance and prosperity to all the people. It means the end of any kind of power. Therefore any kind of power, that wants to survive, hates and combat the weak force.

Most men fear changes, look for certainties and so still vote for a political system that cultivates wars in order to hide its own collapse. Its main basis, the official "knowledge" that ignores the meaning of life, is collapsing anyway. The improperly called weak nuclear force is the intelligent force a few humans feel as inner truth. These few might be now available to give their own power up, so much as to help all humanity that is passing through quite hard times.

"Temperatures are rising. Glaciers are melting. Droughts and floods are increasing. Hazardous and dramatic weather events have become more frequent" environmentalists say, pretending that they can do something to combat global warming, ignoring what is actually occurring and mainly ignoring that there in only one true enemy. It is humans' fear. We are just assisting to the sunset of the Empire that is neither a man nor a group of men. The Empire is a software. It is dualism that has dominated most human brains and pretended to ignore the intelligent, moving "weak" force that makes all of us one. The "weak" force is the true Light all great poets and sages have sung praises to. It is love, consciousness and awareness that no enemies exist. Environmentalists want to save the Earth. The Earth is already saved. Men have just to save themselves from their fears. No limits exist. Energy and time(s) are limitless for all the ones who feel and use the force so much as to realize that we are all immortal.

Whatever enemy is only useful for allowing the Empire to survive. Fear and control are its main means, compose the fundamentals of the ones who look for priviledes and behave as its servants and/or promoters; these are all the sciences and religions that have public resonance. Political bipolarism also mirrors the false dualism between good and evil. Whoever is able to use and respect the force is now able to see what is occurring. The Earth's inner shells are all intelligent worlds; they are much happier than the Earth's surface, where we live. Inner worlds' people are all aware of the process our planet is now undergoing. You yourselves can recognize it too, if you are able to use the force, i.e. activate your inner knowing.

The cause of the earthquakes and the interior of our own planet remain a mysterious and largely unexplored frontier by sciences. Among the many questions is the source of terrestrial heat. The total amount of heat given off by the earth at any given moment has most recently been estimated at about 31 terawatts (TW). A terawatt is equivalent to one trillion watts. For comparison, the average energy consumption of the United States at any given moment is 0.3 trillion watts. Much of this heat is re-radiated energy from the sun, but nearly half is produced from the Earth's interior. If scientists finally considered the weak force too, all their models would be overwhelmed. Global warming is due to the nuclear "weak" heat that is increasing within all the "hearts", i.e. the atomic nuclei that compose our human bodies too.

Whoever uses the weak nuclear force knows that we are living the return to the Golden Age, a new state of the nuclear matter that composes any physical body; a slightly warmer nuclear state makes the "terrestrial garden" reflourish. And the "terrestrial garden" also involves its true observers, humans who are self-conscious, i.e. able to activate their own inner knowing.

"Because of population growth and density in the Himalayas, hundreds of thousands may be at risk—particularly in India, where the government and the United Nations Development Programme have identified 38 cities with more than half a million people located in the most seismically active regions. A way has to be found to reduce the deadliness of quakes in the most vulnerable areas. Yet earthquakes cannot be predicted accurately enough to know when people should be evacuated. It is all the harder in the Himalayan region, with hidden underground faults that are poorly monitored by seismic instruments. That leaves two options, other than fatalism: to put up better buildings, and to improve planning for responding to disasters" say some earth scientists. It's an easy prophecy that governments will do nothing as they are too much worried about their own survival... However seismic instruments will not suffice. Only one "instrument" is able to use and recognize the extremely intelligent and moving "weak" force that is Life. It is our human brain that has infinite latent potentials and is able to feel emotions and love, i.e. use the weak force. The human brain can also foresee events and any human being can so decide whether to stay in this world or to go to another of the infinite existing ones in the same planet Earth.

At present, even orthodox scientists suspect that the "weak" force could be important for our planet too. For instance a submarine seismic sensor was recently set in place at 2400 m depth, off Toulon. The instrument was attached to a neutrino telescope developed by the international scientific program Antares - a joint research venture between 14 European laboratories. So scientists are finally looking for neutrinos that emerge from the Earth's inner core. Strange as it may seem, the tiny neutrinos and its interactions influence the physical world, linking the very large and the very small. They interact with other particles only by exchange of the heavy bosons W+, W- and Z°, the messengers of the "weak" force. As I repeatedly wrote in my books, these messengers are what our human bodies can feel as love and emotions... Can scientific instruments feel emotions? Obviously not. Yet neutrinos could show the existence of LENR. When? I don't know when, but I do know that all the scientific models, which don't involve the proromtpuous actions of the weak nuclear force, will be overwhelmed much earlier than the predictions they make.

We are going to assist to a new phase of the system-quake that is overwhelming all the pillars of this belief-system. Sciences, religions, politics, finances, all allies supporting the system, are collapsing. All these miss the "weak" force that links each of us to eternity. I'm sorry to say that most "spiritual" people miss the weak force too, are mostly dependent on a "master" and haven't developed their own brain potentials at all.

The FORCE is Life. And Life is not "democratic" elections, is not dependence and is not spirituality. Life is freedom.


You can select yourself. You can be among the ones who are not interested in having the scanty privileges given by the system to its servants and slaves. Just trust yourself, act respecting your same sensations, traces of the most powerful Force, Life. Life is now propelling the EVENT we have been expecting for millennia. It is the birth of the new Earth and the new human beings, able to love Life, use the roce or else know directly.

The EVENT means the fusion of two worlds, the Earth's surface and the Earth's upper mantle.

The former is the world of the so-called "living" and the latter is that of the so-called "dead"...

We are going to re-meet each other... Words are not enough to express the joy of the EVENT.

It is the dawn of the Earth's Inner Sun and also humans' liberation from the yoke of a slavery that has lasted millennia. It is humans' fear of death that has made the declining system a huge and monstrous death business. Fear is a state of mind you can change if you want to. Death doesn't actually exist.

Just use the weak side of the Force, feel and respect your same emotions...

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