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Wisdom is Everywhere
2005 12 15

By C. Moors |

With absolutely everything at your disposal, it is important not to be overwhelmed, but to start somewhere and wander around. Slowly you begin to realize what is happening and that although you have spent most of your life in a daze, when illumination is applied, everything falls into place. Give the process time and be patient with your own development. The problem is often in perspective, not in willingness to apply effort.

Your energy begins as a singularity, and then bi-fercates as it enters into this dualistic land. Symmetry is beautiful because it means you’ve fully materialized. Some people may appear unique and wonderful, while others may show the karma of past lives in their inability to sustain a healthy form. Some need to hugged so hard their insides crack and the dark prison finally lets in the sunlight that they forgot they loved.

Read on as if you know not what I am referring to, but we all have to carry the burden until kneeling to the creative force. Somehow feeling ourselves responsible for the natural way of things, we over-blow our required duties and undermine our ability to soar unencumbered. Then we reinforce this foolishness in each other until someone sees for themselves the reality and awakens a friend.

A map is necessary. Nothing more; nothing less. One would be foolish to turn down assistance, and they would also be unwise to abdicate personal responsibility. Keeping balance above all things, a spirit warrior is free to dance as they please. It is okay to indulge and delight. These things teach you the deeper joys of non-attachment.

The wisdom you seek is everywhere. There is urgency as your body will die, but there is eternity for the soul to find salvation. The question is whether the ‘one you are’ will maintain continuity or not. If you cultivate consciousness and conquer fear you might have a chance. If you deny truth, then the pain of death will shock you into oblivion. Some of you will find ways to survive, but you will never be who you are now.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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