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Tipping the Sacred Cows
2005 12 06

By C. Moors |

Let them have their Christmas Trees. Oh Tannenbaum, help guide us to see that whether it be a tree, a ribbon, or a bow, the greatest gifts come from the heart every day. Building desire to a frenzy, there will be many ups and downs on the typical day of designated present opening. Some will be high over getting what they want and some will be low with disappointment. Some will be joyous, sharing with family and friends, and some will be lonely, wiping an extra sad tear from their eye. What they all share is that they are excited and control not their own destiny.

Each year the gramophone of society grinds out the same tunes. Somehow they can squeeze in just a little more commercialization each time. Neither Santa nor Jesus would want it this way. Much like the hits of the ‘60s, the same recycled trifles are pulled off the shelf and once again we are suddenly submerged. Welcome to living theatre folks. Somebody fire the producer for lack of creativity. 20 days left to give money to Chinese slave labor through the Wal-Mart front corporation so we can share things which will distract us from the brilliant living reality we so desperately avoid.

It is but one more brick in the edifice of the old. Endless repetition of anything becomes a hell to be escaped from. It takes so much energy…Happy New Year everybody (purchase accessories), Happy Valentine’s Day (purchase accessories), Happy Easter (every single person believe), etc… A monk who would choose to be at rest and love life everyday will have a hard time as the Holiday Monster tries to relentlessly reach out and pull him in. Rather than live life once removed, see that every day the Sun/Son rises.

The “Greatest Generation” is not considered so for their philosophical prowess. In fact their simplistic construction of life after 1945 was shaped largely by the war propaganda of their earlier years. Now that ‘Evil’ was defeated everyone could/must live the “American Dream” – reference appliance commercials from the ‘50s. Look also at most of the TV shows of the time. We in America tend to think of it as an earlier time of psychological development, but this is a huge misconception. One must only peruse some Neitsche of the 19th century, or listen to any of the classic composers of the 18th, or spot check Rome, Greece, Egypt etc., to realize that there were spiritual thinkers throughout the past who knew much more of the truth than your typical American could even begin to consider.

The ‘60s for the most part was a reaction against the imprisonment of these simplistic ideas. A balanced level of mature societal thinking was never attained. Perhaps JFK, or RFK would have facilitated this, but alas… Through money and the trap that many Baby Boomers find themselves in, budding Love was crushed and it was back to the status quo. Must live American Dream…Must live American Dream…Must live American Dream….repeat…repeat…Must live American Dream.

Oooopsss…. Once again the ZERO in a field of ONES raises his independent head. Will and Courage build and soon ZEROS are popping up all over the place. There are better stories to be told. There is a much deeper history to be learned. Psychology is the beginning not the ending. Put all the pieces together while resting in a witnessing consciousness. Know the details but do not be fixated by them. Keep your Eyes on the Prize – the treasure within.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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