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What's the Rush?
2005 12 14

By Chief Joseph | Recieved from Light Eye

Your modern world and most -- but not all -- your cultures are obsessed with time. How often have you heard someone say "I donít have enough time."? Or perhaps youíve said it yourself.

Itís that old human bugaboo about there never being enough -- enough time, enough money, enough opportunity, enough . . . well, you name it.

And so you rush about your daily life, never or rarely taking time to, as you say, "smell the roses."

You have your schedules, your deadlines, and all the pressures and stresses that go with schedules and deadlines.

Now, we are not saying itís valueless to plan your day, your week, etc. But we are saying you often put too much emphasis on DO-ing, and not enough on BE-ing.

Time is a flexible commodity, if you will. Itís neither fixed nor inflexible. But you often find yourself acting as if there is never enough of it.

And so, to repeat ourselves here, you find yourself rushing about your life. Stressing yourself over what you may have to leave undone.

Youíre not living in the moment, savoring all the pleasures life has to offer you. You often even rush through your love-making which ought to be one of your lifeís supreme pleasures -- but you just want to get it done.

Even if youíre doing something you must get done, youíre often more focused on getting it done -- and not enjoying the doing of it.

It all comes down to this, friends -- youíre focusing far too much on the destination and far too little on the journey.

The real joy is in the journey, not the destination. For once youíve reached the destination -- as gratifying and fulfilling as that is -- what usually happens?

You start focusing on another destination, another goal. And then youíre rushing off on another joyless journey.

Whatís the rush?
Youíre missing most of the joy, pleasure, and passion of life in the physical. Youíre missing the whole reason you -- your higher self -- chose to come into this incarnation.

Your higher selfís reason for incarnating is simple -- you came here to be a joyful creator. You are not being punished by some angry god whoís condemned you to hell on earth.

We emphasize the word "joyful" -- for thatís the important part. The "creator" part, while important, is not the most important part. For you cannot help but be a creator -- either deliberately or by default.

If youíre rushing about, focused only on the destination, and not on taking joy in the journey, youíre probably doing a lot of creating by default.

But if you savor the journey, and smell the roses along the way, you will be a joyful creator. And you will create more of what you want, and less of what you do not want.

When youíre focused on joy, your life will become easy and effortless.

Find the joy in all your lifeís experiences, even the challenging ones. The joy is always there, waiting for you to find it.

From your higher selfís perspective, there are no schedules, no deadlines, no destinations. Youíll never get it all done, either in the physical or nonphysical world. You are on an eternal journey of growth.

The journey is the destination. So enjoy it. Whatís the rush?

Copyright © 2005 Great Western Publishing

Article recieved from Light Eye

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