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2005 12 02

By Fredrik Palmgren |

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If a person sets out on a journey and is free to go anywhere, how far away from the place of origin can that individual get? my answer will have to be, how far do the traveller want to go?

We are all travellers but we can not completely erase our connection to the source, our point of origin, the harder we try the more we need to compensate, it's kind of magnetic and it seems that the closer we get to realising this, the harder we resist. And with the outstanding help from our so called (miss)leaders we are reaching a kind of critical mass, some"things" are about to blow.

In the classic Christian picture of hell, between the fires and under the shadow of the overlord people lay in snake pits, performing some sort of dehumanising pain induced sexual acts. It's said to be put "there"(in the bible?) to warn and scare people straight, people of an older and different mindset?
So fast forward to 2005.
If we turn on any of the TV music channels right now 99% of the content is hell on display, Hey...let's all go down to the "night club"
We humans talk about self fulfilling prophecy, and I much of the visions OF the future was someone's wishes FOR the future.

The question is, how much hell can we take? That's what every individual traveller have to figure out for them selves. We don't need to compare ourselves to others for any reason, being proud and humble about our own powers, knowing we are limitless is important. But we don't need copies.
Copies are like insects, like the "Borg" of star trek, that's the dysfunctional, destructive collective, now one might feel that...insects are doing a marvellous job of, for example pollinating our flowers and what have you, what's dysfunctional and destructive about that? My simple reply is this...I am not an insect!!! and when our (miss)leaders and their masters are trying to make insects out of humans one knows the world is upside down.

In my mind I know we are a collective, every"thing" are parts of the one which originates from the no"thing" so the true collective like any body needs diversity in organs and functions, everyone can't be a microchiped dancing reproduction organ on drugs
...we need to wake up and realise where, what and who we are...we need to let our love flow freely and whiteout fear, trough everyone and most of all send love to those who does the most damage...and to do that we need perspective, take a step out of the fire...have some fun, leave the city for a couple of days and look at the stars...

The traveller may wave goodbye to a friend through the window of a departing train, and soon the friend is long gone and out of sight but that doesn't mean that the friend has ceased to exist.

peace&happiness-:-fredrik palmgren

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