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A "mysterious" force is baffling scientists and making biological species evolve
2005 12 02

By Giuliana Conforto |

Article recieved from Light Eye

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"Only one Force, Love, links and makes infinite worlds alive" Giordano Bruno (1548-1600)

The Pioneer 10 and 11, launched more than 30 years ago, appear to be in the grip of a mysterious force that is holding them back as they sweep out of the solar system The strange behaviour of the Pioneers had been tracked using the giant dishes of Nasa's Deep Space Network. By the time the two spaceships had swept beyond Pluto, scientists noted there were persistent anomalies in their trajectories. Every time they looked the Pioneers were in the wrong place. The effect was not large, but it was significant. Pioneer 10 took the first close-up pictures of Jupiter before leaving our solar system in 1983 and is being pulled back to the Sun by an unknown force. The effect shows no sign of getting weaker as the spacecrafts travel deeper into space and scientists are considering the possibility the probe has revealed a "new force of nature". The team says no current theories explain why the force stays constant...

The Pioneers are just some of the the many, increasing clues that an unknown, "new force" exists and can be the most compelling news of our time. Here just a few examples and/or terms that indicate the force whose effects may light up the Universe as well as our homes.

  • Zero point energy field is not only likely to providing "free energy" in the relatively near future, but it is changing our whole cosmology, our worldview, our understanding and experience of existence.
  • Casimir Force. It manifests itself as attraction between two surfaces in a vacuum, first predicted by Hendrik Casimir over 50 years ago and now dubbed as the Casimir force. It affects everything from micromachines to unified theories of nature; it is the most famous mechanical effect of vacuum fluctuations, showing that the vacuum is a wonderland of magical effects; force fields emerge from nowhere.
  • Dark energy is t he force that is accelerating the expansion of the universe; it would constitute seventy per cent of the universe and is gravitationally repulsive rather than attractive.
  • Global warming or else the force that is provoking glaciers' melting the earth's climate changes, etc.
  • Coldusion or rather the force that propels it.
  • Sonoluminescence and its extraordinary heat produced in.
  • According to many people, "the world is on the brink of disaster... Global warming will have real consequences for the world; it will also come additional sea-level rise that will gradually inundate coastal areas, changes in precipitation patterns, increased risk of droughts and floods, threats to biodiversity, and a number of potential challenges for public health...". These are the opinions of 1300 leading scientists who published a detailed assessment of the state of the world Did they include the "new" force to reach their conclusions? They didn't, as they don't know its meaning. Their models are only based on the already known forces.

    A further news might interest you. The "new" force, which is heating the earth, might be linked to the genetic evolution of the biological species. For the first time ever, a University of Alberta researcher has discovered that an animal species has changed its genetic make-up to cope with global warming. Red squirrels are rapidly evolving in response to global warming - they are the first mammals in which such genetic changes have been seen, they say.

    Can we humans evolve too? Of course we can, mainly if we realize that we have only used 5 per cent our brain functions up to now. There is a very dark nature to man. It is his desire for religious comfort, scientific tests and/or financial resources. More and more people are realizing they don't actually need them.

    Direct cognition is one of the many signs that the genetic evolution of the human brain is in actual progress. Evolving humans feel the "mysterious" force within, as inner knowing. They are becoming aware that the "mysterious" force is intelligent so much as to organising the entire biological life and now proposing its global genetic evolution.

    This means freedom from a culture that cultivates presumed "enemies", as it is based on a science that uses particle collisions as means for knowing them. Bombarding a "target" is physicists' usual attitude thathas neglected so far the force that is not mysterious at all. This is the force they have called "weak" and is actually the most powerful force of the entire universe. As it is obvious, the force has always existed. Many sages have already spoken about it, even if mainstream scientists have just realized its existence at present. It is the evidence of scientists' huge misunderstanding, from the atom up to the universe. The neutral weak current can change the spin of the nuclear matter that composes any visible body, including the human one. It is alchemy most scientists pretend to ignore. Christian religions cultivate the belief that is a miracle what they call the resurrection of the body.

    Sciences and religions compose the cultural trap that has prevented humans from organizing themselves in an organic society up to now.

    As I wrote in my latest book (Organic Universe) the Intelligent Force is making a new human species is arising from the ashes of the old one. This hears the truth within and no longer gives credit to a scientific knowledge that pretends to call "weak" the force that is provoking our individual and collective evolution.

    Pioneers' anomalies show that Pluto's orbit is a limit of validity for the Newton's gravity law. The "secret" is that the solar system, scientists have observed and described so far, is just one of its infinite levels.

    Scientists teach us that the atom is like a small solar system. They also show that the atom can have infinite energy levels and only the lowest one is like the observed solar system (see the level 1s in the upper picture). Is the solar system like a giant Atom? If it is so, all the "mysteries" are no longer such. The "mysterious" weak force links all the solar levels, worlds for us humans... The weak force links them all. Increasing its strength the so called weak force is unveiling itself even to scientists who have pretended to ignore it...

    To mark the 125th anniversary of Science, its editors have compiled 125 “big questions”. Many of the questions involve genetics. It was originally thought that human beings have about 100,000 genes, but the mapping of the human genome has shown this estimate to be four times too high. Our 25,000 genes are fewer than both the puffer fish and a tiny plant called Arabidopsis thaliana. Why are the human genes so few? The answer, my friends is blowing in the same "wind", the "mysterious" force that is baffling scientists as they pretend to ignore the most powerful force of all nature, so much as to call it "weak" and neglect it. The "weak force" is now increasing its own intensity and so upgrading the nuclear matter, which composes any visible body. Thus we humans can feel and use the force more easily than before. We can each receive all our own 100,000 genes if we respect and listen to the force, each one's inner truth, our urgent need for a new world.

    The force explains our human immortality and free all humans from the fear of the end and the false idea that limits exist. The force is consciousness, the key for an organic society, which conjugates individual freedom and collective harmony. This is what more and more people want all over the world. The organic society depends on us all who feel the force. We are no longer so few and can help all the other ones who cannot feel it yet, but want a right and sane world anyway. We have just to feel the force and self-organize ourselves, as well as living organisms usually do.

    Not only can we beat poverty, but also erase its cause: the ignorance of the "mysterious" force that is not a mystery at all; it is the infinite inner resource that lets us achieve freedom from want (Organic Universe)

    The mysterious force is not only baffling scientists, but also politicians who pretend to fight against terrorism and do not recognize they themselves have greatly contributed to it. Whoever listens to the force within knows that the usual game of the opposites is just a show...

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