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Michael Sharp - The Lightning Path
2005 12 03

By Michael Sharp |

Ed Note: Stay tuned to for a special release of Michael Sharp's new book The Book of Light. Michael will make available, thru this site, a free e-book (pdf) version of his new book. So stay tuned and look for the Michael Sharp - The Book of Light banner on the Red Ice front page.

Author’s note: I wrote this article for two spiritual magazines as an introduction to me and my writing. I am relatively happy with this description of me and my work. If your magazine has a spiritual focus, and if you plan on using more of my articles (see below), this article may function as a good introduction. Feel free.

As I sat down to right this article this month the question that I posed to myself was a question that all authors must pose to themselves whenever they sit down to write for an audience. Its an essential question (really a group of questions) that a good writer will have to ask and answer for every article they write. The questions are simple and include like “what is my audience?”, “Who reads this magazine?”, “What are they looking for, and why?”

Questions like this become even more apropos in a magazine of this nature. With a title like Mystic Living Today, you just know that people are here for relatively specific reasons having something to do with spirituality or God or angels or something like that.

When I first pose these questions to myself, I think that it is going to be easy to typify the readers of this magazine. They (you) are all about Spirit in one form or another right?

But then I think, not so fast Michael.

As I glance over the titles of past articles I realize that people read this magazine for many reasons. They come to help themselves, they come to help others, they come out of curiosity and, perhaps with increasing frequency, they come out of desperation looking for a way to make sense of the things in their life. After a pause for thought, it is clear to me that there is a wide range of people with a wide range of interests reading these articles.

Which puts me in a bit of a quandary.

How am I to write for such a wide audience? How will I make what I have to say palatable to the “general” reader?

Of course, the answer to that is, I cannot. Unless I write so generally about the things of Spirit that my words become ungrounded and float towards meaninglessness, I can’t write for everybody. Not if I want to honor what I’m here to say anyway. The bottom line is, no one person can be all things to all people all at once.

So given this, the question becomes, what am I going to write about?

Well, I suppose the only thing I can do is to write about what I like to write about. I can write in a tone and with a flair that suits me and I can hope that my constellation of interests is interesting for readers of this magazine. That is, I can do what I’ve come to do and hope that you resonate and connect with what I say and if not, its no big deal.

What’s the worst that can happen anyway?

If nobody reads what I write, I just stop writing for the magazine.

So that is what I will do. I will write about what I came to write about and you can read it if it seems interesting to you.

Sounds fair I think.

In order to accomplish this I’ll be as straightforward and direct about my message as I can be so your choice will be clear. I will start by introducing myself to you. As you know from the article byline, my name is Michael Sharp. I am, among other things, a conscious channel and spiritual mystic. I don’t go into trances like some channels but I do connect with the spiritual realms. In my work so far (which started a little over three years ago) I have talked with a wide ranging group of spiritual entities and have taken my discussion with them and put these discussion to pen in articles and books expressing my “mission” on this earth.

I wouldn’t consider channeling my special talent. There is awesome book on the market called Opening to Channel and the authors of that book, quite appropriately, say that channeling is something anybody can do. They are right. There is nothing that prevents you from connecting to Spirit, your guides, or God. It’s a birthright and you claim the power of it when you area ready. If I had to claim any special talent I think it would be in my ability to translate. Anybody who has done channeling knows that sometimes the energies and ideas that come through are not, how shall we say, “of this century”. They are put in a grammatical and phrase structure that may have been common a hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand years ago, but that reads, in this day and age, like a foreign language. What I do when I “connect” is I translate what I get into words and phrases that make sense to the modern reader. That is that I’m good at — translation. I get rid of the fluff, tune out the negativity, and present the positive capital “T” truths about creation, God, spirit, our job on this earth, etc. in a way that people of this decade and century can understand.

That’s my job. That’s my talent. I write with clarity.

Clarity of my presentation is extremely important to me. Without it, I couldn’t complete my “mission” on this earth.

And what is my mission?

Same as yours really. Like you, my mission at this time is to help with The Ascension. The capital “T” truth is, you and I are here as lightworkers and energyworkers and it is our job to ensure that we (and by we I mean all of us on this planet) are successfully able to accomplish The Great Work (which is the work of ascension). I won’t go into the details of how we accomplish that work here, that information is contained in my books, but I will talk about my peculiar contribution to The Great Work which is to bring clarity to the process. In some of my books I like to say that I bring the Lightning Path back home to Spirit. What that really means is that I bring you a fast track path back to your Divinity. I bring you the tools and spiritual technologies that can move you from relative spiritual darkness to full-fledged enlightenment and full chakra and kundalini activation in mere months. I know it’s a big claim.

The proof is in the pudding as they say.

So how do I manage this Lightning Path?



In my writings there is no ambiguity or attempt to confuse. When I write I present you with the truth in a form that you can understand (i.e., no twelve syllable words, no “secret” knuckle pressing handshakes). Perhaps more important, I present you with a clear choice and then leave it up to you to decide what you want to do. I think its important to say here that I don’t use threats or guilt either. In my opinion, all paths lead home. What path you take and how fast you travel is a personal decision that has nothing to do with any kind of Divine morality (i.e., sin, heaven or hell, damnation, spiritual “growth”, etc.) but that has everything to do with your personal circumstances. For example, we live in families and among people we care about and when we choose not to move forward its often because we are staying behind to help others.

How can there be damnation in a decision we make out of love?

And we really do this, stay back I mean, because we want to help.

We stay because we care.

When it comes right down to it, spiritual “growth” just isn’t that hard for us. When we decide to move it really doesn’t matter how far we have sunk into the muck of this hierarchical and predatorial system, we dig out fast.

We are strong.

We are powerful.

We are capable.

We are spiritual beings first and spiritual growth and awakening is as natural to us as breathing air is to our bodies.

In fact, its almost exactly like jumping into a kayak in order to go white water rafting. Once you make the decision to get into the boat, your pretty much assured of reaching the end of the course. Of course, it may take a lot of work and struggle to avoid the rocks and boulders in the water, but that is another problem altogether.

Getting in and getting started is easy.

Getting to the end is easy.

The journey may be a little challenging, but not as challenging as you might thing. Standing there looking at the kayak and the white water in front of you, you may get a little worried. You may ask yourself, “It is easy to get started I see, but do I have the skill to accomplish this task?”

It’s a fair question. Everybody, and I do mean every “body,” asks this question just before they step into the kayak. The fear is natural but don’t let it stop you because the answer to the question is yes. The capital “T” truth is, you are an expert at awakening your body already. Even though spirit and spiritually may be relatively knew to you in this lifetime, nevertheless I guarantee you have practiced waking your body up in multiple lifetimes so that when the time came to really do it, you would be prepared. The hard part isn’t getting in to the boat. The hard part isn’t even the journey through the rocks.

The hard part is trusting that you can do it.

Once you get into the kayak, your spiritual self will remember and you’ll navigate the rocks like the expert that you are.

It’s a lot like riding a bike.

Trust me when I say you are so practiced at navigating the white waters there is no chance that you will fail.

You lose if you don’t get in.

How do I know?

Because you were chosen for this task.

You were handpicked, so to speak.

If you weren’t already an expert at this ascension thing, if Spirit (your Spirit, our Spirit, God and the hosts of heaven) were not certain that you would succeed, you would not have been allowed to incarnate into a body in this lifetime. That’s the bottom line. If you couldn’t do it, you would not be here. The stakes are simply too high. So trust me when I tell you, you have all the power and ability you need.

Which brings us back to me, my job, my mission, and what I like to write about in my articles and books. The capital “T” truth is, I’m here not to show you the way home but to point out to you that you already have everything you need to initiate and complete the process.


So don’t be afraid.

Get in the kayak.

When the waters are rising, the real danger is standing on the shore.

Michael Sharp is a conscious channel and mystic who has written several books on the ascension, chakra and kundalini activation, the tarot, and the nature of God, our Divinity, and our relation to this universe. You can find out more by visiting his web page at

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