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Secret Societies, Satanic Sects, The Prieure du Sion, The Knights Templars and Freemasons
What's Their Purpose and Are They At Core of New World Order?
2005 12 28

By Greg Szymanski |

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Secret societies like Prieure du Sion have tried to unravel Christianity, saying Jesus survived the Crucifixion and raised a family with Mary Magdalena. Are the documents proving this hypothesis real, as revealed in the 1982 book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Although many condemned the book, it spawned a whole new cult of readers still looking for answers and now tying these secret societies to the NWO. Also, why does the symbolism of skull and crossbones keep popping up throughout history?

The subject of secret societies and satanic sects is usually left for parlor talk or after midnight bull sessions and drinking parties.

But as a young free lance reporter working in Rome near the Vatican, I became familiar with a group called Prieure du Sion, a secret society still in existence and supposedly dating back to 1090 when a conclave of Calabrian monks left from the Belgium Abbey of Orval to help secure the election of Godfroi de Bouillion as de facto king of Jerusalem during the First Crusade.

The secret sect came to my attention while having a double espresso and after noticing an article in the back pages of the Il Paese Sera, an Italian newspaper, mentioning the name of Sion’s alleged Grand Master, Pierre Plantard.

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Plantard, professing to be related to Jesus, said he was going to prove his point with the release of sensitive documents, proving Jesus survived the Crucifixion and that he was, in fact, one of his direct descendants.

The story struck me as odd, but I kept a copy of it since the controversial and highly acclaimed 1982 book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail had recently hit bookstands as a bestseller, striking my interest with the same hypothesis that Jesus together with Mary Magdalena founded a new bloodline.

The book's central hypothesis was that this bloodline later became the Merovingians in France, protected by the Knights Templar with the Sion and later by the Freemasons, in what amounted to a stunning religious re-write of Western Biblical history.

Banned in many Catholic-stronghold countries including the Phillipines, the book nevertheless spawned a new cult of readers who subsequently studied the scholarly work of Robert Eisenman, Barbara Thiering and the Dead Sea Scrolls researchers, revealing the suppression of early schisms within Christianity.

For example, as written by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln in the Grail as well as a subsequent book called The Messianic Legacy, the authors present documentation showing how in 1885 Abbe Berenger Sauniere discovered a collection of parchments beneath a church in Rennes-le-Chateau, revealing the new bloodline of Christ.

And one of the complex ciphers and codes in the document supposedly read: 'To Dagobert II King And To Sion Belongs This Treasure And He Is There Dead.'

After the find, Sauniere is said to have quickly become a part of the Parisian esoteric underground, making a fortune from the Church, which subsequently spent inordinate amounts of money on unusual interior designs that prominently featured dark interpretations of Christ's crucifixion, revealing how Satanic influences were deeply rooted within factions of the Church.

Alex Burns, who in 2000 wrote a belated review of the Holy Grail, has this to say about the religiously explosive Sauniere find:

“The solutions to this enigma involve a twilight world where modern intelligence agencies and…a secret society (the Prieure du Notre Dame du Sion) and the royal family claims of the House of David.

“Historical analysis covers Pythagorean and Egyptian sacred geometry and mathematics (symptomatic of post-industrial society hyper-specialization); the hidden cultural legacies of the Cathars and the Knights Templar; mythopoeic themes in Nicolas Poussin's painting 'Et In Arcadia Ego' and anything from Satanic Bloodlines and Richard Hoagland's 'Face On Mars' to Chaos Theory and DNA phylogenetic memories.

“Embarking on the 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' mystery means exploring where Pop Culture and the Sacred intersect in an infinite regressing nest of quantum combinations. The original book spawned several television documentaries and brought contemporary occult subcultures into the mainstream (even influencing conspiracy theorists like Robert Anton Wilson), foreshadowing the impact of the 'X-Files' television series with a combination of foreboding and wonder that entranced audiences worldwide.

“If many early conspiriologists feel that armchair conspiracy theorizing has become too popular and too mainstream, then the 'Holy Blood, Holy Grail' phenomena may be seen in retrospect as the critical turning point where a Culture exploded beyond previous thresholds and began to devour itself.”

After the Holy Grail created a huge controversy among theologians over its assertions that Christ had children and didn’t die on the cross, the trio of authors embarked on the sequel, called the Messianic Legacy, further detailing early Christian heresy about the true life of Christ.

Steven Mizrach, a researcher into the Prieure du Sion mystery, had this to say about the second book:

“This book goes into further detail about early Christian heresy, and suggests that the true ‘heretics’ (that is, those who deviated from the original message or mission) may have actually been the ‘orthodox’ and ‘catholic’ Church Fathers like Iraneus, whereas the people who held the actual truth of Christ’s life were the persecuted Gnostics, Ebionites, and ‘Desposyni’.

“In the second section, it examines the Messianic ideal throughout history, and some of its negative and positive impacts, especially in European history. The third section examines some of the PoS’ curious entanglements with modern crypto-political forces, such as the Knights of Malta, P2 Masonic lodge, Kreisau Circle, Swiss Grand Loge Alpina, and various advocates of Pan-European Union.”

In fact, much of what has been written and researched about the Ordre de Sion, or Prieure du Sion, its relationship with the Knights Templars and Sauniere 1885 discovery has been scattered hearsay, but according to another esteemed researcher of the sect, only two things are for sure after 1000 years of its supposed existence:

“It has been seven years since I wrote my first article on the Priory of Sion/Rennes-les-Chateau mystery. At the time, I was heavily under the influence of the books Holy Blood, Holy Grail and Lionel Fanthorpe's work. Since then, there have been a number of books released, some better, some worse, than these original influences. I have revised some of my theories, challenged some of my own assumptions, learned some new things, and encountered a great deal of contrary data.

“Now, I am no longer sure that the hypothesis presented at the end of Holy Blood, Holy Grail is the best for explaining the data, nor am I sure that a Priory of Sion with the characteristics ascribed to it (an 800-year uninterrupted history, 9000 members internationally today) really exists. I also am not sure that what is presented as "orthodox" with regard to the Sauniere saga can really be trusted. Still, although I have encountered the work of the debunkers, I am sure of two and only two things:

“First, the Sauniere saga cannot be explained away simply by a mass-trafficking pyramid scheme and a bad taste in (Church) décor and;

“Second, something called the Order de Sion existed in the Middle Ages up until, at the latest, the 17th Century; something called the Prieure du Sion existed from at least 1956 to 1984; whether these two things have any actual relationship to each other, I am still trying to figure out.”

Although many scholarly articles and books have been written about the idea of some type of mysterious bloodline of Christ with genes from G-d/aliens/angels /Nephilim /Merovech, as well as lost artifacts like the Shroud of Turin, the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and the head of John the Baptist, I will limit what I learned about the Prieure du Sion to the simple facts I uncovered when I visited the sect’s Paris office.

Even though this short jaunt into the ancient order’s secret world is rather anti-climatic, it does prove it existed in some form or another as late as 1984, but for what purpose or eventual end remains a guarded mystery.

Besides the group’s Paris existence, while researching the subject at various Rome libraries, religious bookstores and Italian newspaper archives, the most interesting topics surrounding the mystery of the Prieure du Sion included the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, the origins of early Christianity, the involvement of Satanic groups, the question of whether order of Sion had a New World or branch operating in the U.S., the exact location of the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.

However, throughout my research which continues as time permits even today, one mysterious piece of symbolism that has somehow survived for centuries is the notorious skull and crossbones.

Mizrack also concurs about the mysterious survival of the skull and crossbones symbolism, saying this about its origins and usage today:

“The skull and crossbones seems to have been used as an emblem first and foremost by esoteric and heretical groups as a symbol of rebirth. It later became the battle flag of the Knights Templar (and a nasty rumor about the Templars claimed they chose it because of a horrific necromantic ritual) and, in the 17th century, the "Jolly Roger" flag of British and French pirates.

“Most mysteriously, it is the emblem of the secret society Scull N’ Bones at Yale, which George Bush and so many other members of the American elite have been initiated into. (Yale’s graduating classes, according to some authors, seem to have provided the rich white young men of distinction which formed the early OSS and, later, the CIA.)

“What are the connections here? Did some of the post-dissolution Templars eventually turn their naval skills toward the service of pirate fleets? (We know many in Portugal eventually joined the Knights of Christ who, with Prince Henry the Navigator, circumnavigated the world’s oceans.)

“Why does the secret society S & B use a skull in its ceremonies which supposedly belongs to, of all people, the Native American Geronimo? Is it to commemorate, in some sinister ritualistic way, the "piracy" and plunder of Native lands in the U.S.? Is there a link between Scull N’ Bones and the (less secretive) academic honor society Phi Beta Kappa?”

The Prieure du Sion Paris Office

Although my contribution to the sect’s purpose and origins is minimal, it’s worth mentioning since I located its purported Paris office location. After traveling from Rome to Paris by train, with the intent to interview Plantard, the group’s leader at the time, I remember pinpointing the office and spending at least five days knocking on its door without any answer.

I also remember calling the phone number listed, receiving no answer. But as fortune would have it, on my last and final day in Paris, the door mysteriously opened with a rather attractive lady with glasses standing in the doorway blocking any quick entrance.

After getting confirmation the group existed as a “religious research organization,” I asked to speak with Plantard. At first, I received a blank stare and no answer. But when I begin asking again, she interrupted, saying: “I now no one by that name, sir, thank you.”

The door closed before I could think of something quick in French and that was the last I ever saw of the Prieure du Sion. Although the story ended in a dead end after repeated calls to the office went unanswered, to this day I always wondered what was behind that door and why the lady denied knowing Plantard when earlier he publicly connected himself with the same group.

Although many of these mysterious questions may never be answered, I will continue to search out the truth while Mizrack points out some helpful directions for future researchers to take regarding the mysteries surrounding the Prieure du Sion:

“For people interested in pursuing further leads on the Prieure du Sion/ Rennes-le-Chateau mystery, I think there are several directions that could use more research. There seems to have been a veritable explosion of neo-Templar organizations within the last decade — one of the most famous may have been the Order of the Solar Temple, whose members committed mass suicide shortly before the Heaven’s Gate sect did (promptly attracting far more media attention.) As one list member put it, Templar organizations are "popping up out of the woodwork." While there have been chivalric societies claiming (however falsely) Templar pedigrees in the past 500 years, they seem to be sprouting up like mushrooms now. One of the notions that is alluded to in Messianic Legacy is that there may some sort of conflict between the Priory of Sion and the Knights of Malta — a conflict thought to originate from the original rivalry between the Hospitallers and the Templars during the Crusades. Conspiracy watchers will note that the Knights have a number of interesting honorary American members, such as Alexander Haig.

“Another interesting question is whether or not the Templars and/or Sion and/or the Sinclair family of Rosslyn may have established some sort of presence in the New World prior to Columbus. Does Sion’s grasp extend to the New World? Bradley thinks they may have sequestered the Grail — or something else of value — in the famous "Money Pit" of Oak Island near Nova Scotia… whereas Fanthorpe thinks there is some sort of mysterious link between the Cajuns of Louisiana and "Arcadia" (as opposed to Accadia). (There is a curious Cajun folk song about Good King Dagobert… sort of an unusual ballad.) ‘Fastcat’ thinks that some of Mormon doctrine (although, he suggested, the majority is erroneous) arose out of ‘Templar Masonry’. And of course there are the curious hints of Masonic influence in both the creation of the American government as well as even the layout of the streets of its Capitol. Is it possible the more "left wing" of Sion may have committed itself to republicanism (as opposed to the monarchist goals of the other wing) and sought to realize it through the American experiment?

“There is the curious question as to whether Chris Carter’s mysterious Millennium Group from his TV show Millennium is based on the Priory of Sion. In one episode, it was revealed that the group controlled (or protected) a ‘bloodline’ which according to ‘DNA schematics’ was ‘proven’ to be the offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. There seems to be some hints that if Sion has some sort of ‘plan’ for European unification under Merovingian rulership, that it is about to pass one of its major milestones around the turn of the millennium. There are hints that one or more republican countries in Europe may be restoring their monarchies soon (although only for ceremonial purposes, as Spain did with King Juan Carlos I) — with ‘Merovingians’ at the throne? Of course, the riddle of Sion already had Christian eschatologists going apeshit, since they see the whole scenario as coming straight out of the Book of Revelations (although others think it more closely follows the prophecies of Nostradamus, who may have been a Priory agent.) If the group exists, and it has connections to the existing power structure in the French government, some of the things going on in connection with France’s Millennial plans (which include highlighting the Paris Meridian, something Lincoln and Byrne find highly significant) may need to be examined more closely.

“If the Prieure du Sion is a hoax, it is one of the best orchestrated ones of all time. If it really exists, it may be one of the most powerful secret societies of all time. Sion’s goals may include a reunification of the world’s major monotheistic faiths and/or a unification of all of Europe. On the other hand, this all-powerful secret society — according to its own documents — never once managed, through the course of several centuries, to topple a single French king and put one of their ‘bloodline’ on the throne. So we should be cautious. "Members" of Sion such as Pierre Plantard and the Marquis de Cherisey have already admitted that they rely on disinformation to accomplish their objectives. Any strategy of that kind always tries first and foremost to make a group appear more all-powerful than it really is. Also, there is the possibility that the PoS is a fraud exploiting a nonetheless genuine mystery at Rennes-le-Chateau. Whichever the case may be, the mystery deserves closer scrutiny by people of a Fortean persuasion, for as far as I can see, it remains "case not closed.”

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