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A Miraculous Year in the Information Age
2005 12 20

By Chris Moors |

Friends, it has been a miraculous year. What can you say when your cup goes from half full to overflowing? All over the world the truth of humanity’s greater destiny is being heard. So many webmasters, radio hosts, and one blessed producer in particular have devoted their lives to serving universal understanding. As reader/listener Edmund expressed to me just today on the Soul Vibe board, “Oh my God, we are coming ALIVE, we are coming ALIVE, at last! I cried.... and do now, thinking about it.”

The power of Love has lifted the old concepts of emotional attachment to a healing place where freedom and sharing is facilitated. Rather than searching for concrete answers that aren’t there, we cultivate intelligence and awareness so we can make the lucid decision required by the ever changing moment. Living is much better than thinking about living.

The masters of the past have done so much to keep the truth alive through humanity’s struggles. You get the idea that they took the torch from our ‘more aware of galactic reality’ pre-history ancestors and found ways to transmit it to receptive hearts even in the darkest of times. They have carried the fires of wisdom to us across the density threshold, and today we are sharing it with the world. The raising frequency many perceive is the cumulative effect of human awakening.

Considering history as a spirit bird circling the landscape, you can see the 6000 year period from 4000BC-2000AD as a very small and limited phenomenon. A few cities, a few wars, a few works of art, a bunch of monuments, some tunes, some books, some love affairs, and some decent advances in technology. Events largely happened within closed systems of reasoning full of superstition, naivety, and violence.

What we are now assimilating in the INFORMATION AGE is full awareness of all that ever happened, the imagination of the immensely creative souls incarnate here at this time, and messages which are more easily flowing from the astral plane from gods, angels, aliens, planets, and any manner of higher frequency beings. Regardless of age, we are all evenly accessing this body of information and this must be recognized when dealing with the youth. We can not reinforce the old childish stereotypes and punish kids who do not conform. This is a barbarous travesty that must be set straight as soon as possible. Modern media should pervade the classroom with a positive message. A more comfortable environment with a number of rotating teachers will keep bad habit patterns from settling in.

Realize that things have changed and if you are living in the old way, you are like a ghost. You do not have to be dead to be but an echo of life. Over here, over there, you are basically the same entity. That is why it is foolish to attempt to escape your problems in denial. They will follow you into the grave and manifest with you in your new body. Soon the same old circumstances will form and the only thing left to find out is whether you will get the message this time, or if you will have to do it all over again.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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