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Perplexities of a 7 Colored Human
2005 12 28

By Chris Moors |

The Human creature longs to express themselves in some way. To be noticed by another with even a bit of appreciation for what has come forth builds love relationships that echo throughout Eternity. Cultivating situations where other people can experience this and be fulfilled is the conscious work of one who slides on the edges yet goes to the heart of society. Giving is wonderful, surpassed perhaps only by the ability to graciously receive.

In a world where perfection may rise in a fleeting moment to be replaced by the usual “almost-perfect” to “utter-chaos” denominations almost as soon as it appears, we must relentlessly try and try yet again, not to be dissuaded by only slightly missing the mark. Every second of every day we may fall short of the maximum, but that is simply the character of life. We strive to do what we can, and what is left undone is as it had to be or it wouldn’t be that way.

Acceptance of our situation is a multifaceted phenomenon. If it were as easy as saying yes, we would simply do so and all would be solved. Often we may find that to really say yes, we have to say no. (Although many times a yes will work just nicely.)

Some yes’s are met on a path by some no’s. Some yes’s say yes to no confirming no to no. Other yes’s say no to no and are confused when no starts yelling that yes shouldn’t say no. The first yes’s feel that yes’s should say yes to no, but to other yes’s, saying no in some cases is saying yes to something else.

Saying yes to yes and the right of those who say yes to not have to say yes to no (or be told they are saying no when they are in fact saying yes), yes’s gathered around and looked deeper into the nature of yes. The powerful words that collectively appeared in their open minds at once were revealed, “A yes can be a no and a no can be a yes.” Scratching their heads harder, they joined back up and one of the yes’s saw that saying yes to no was like saying no to yes. They all fell onto the ground laughing when they made that discovery. Even a couple of no’s had to smile and for a moment God was looking through all of their eyes.

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