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Angel Buddha Christopher: Heaven on Earth
2005 12 12

By C. Moors |

Cast your eyes away from images of horror. Your life is shaped by what you spend time focusing your attention on. It is entirely possible to create a pocket of Heaven even in the depths of Hell. If you are lucky enough to become a syntropic force, you will find that the cracked dirt of Hell just needed a little water. There will always be places out of reach, and they are needed for the deep grounding of 3D incarnation. There will always be reds and violets to hold the oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and indigos of the world.

The children of indigo are simply children born with their third eye open. Anyone can gain the ability to read the history of the Universe directly from the Source itself as these enchanted ones do. There are no exclusive clubs and scattered dispersion of psychic abilities. With practice, we all have so many talents that we will be more than fulfilled through the expression of our creative love/life force. Focus your attention in the middle of your forehead anytime you wish to retrieve information.

Deeper and deeper into your forehead… Your 6th chakra will give you a completely new and brilliant view of your place in existence. The falling star is falling for you. The frog king reigns over the pond so that you might sit by the side of it and listen to the frog people’s songs. All animals are representatives of a whole kingdom. Ambassadors to the human race, they willingly take slaughter just to have the opportunity to interact with you. They care about you and the human species could communicate with all of them so much better.

No human has a right or a need to bend any other to his/her Will. Wills can align and a strong Will can lift the undeveloped Will of one who resonates with the frequency that reveals their own potential. A true leader leaves you feeling empowered and more confident to carry out your own life of possibilities. The living master, aligned with the Universe becomes a gateway through which you can see/feel the mystery firsthand. This is a rare occasion not to be taken for granted. One who hears the ringing of the bell should jump up and take action now! There may not be a chance like this for many lifetimes. You are alive. You are here and recognize truth.

Dive into the possibilities. When Jesus said, “Come and I will make you fishers of men,” the receptive brothers dropped their nets and walked in the present to a whole new future. No longer simple people in a limited role mini-series, they became witnesses of the beyond. Resonating with light, they too moved into the world. In years, the contagious wave spread across the globe. This has happened many times in many ways. Even as each holy message flows, it also has to ebb one day. There will be a new version of the truth made available by spirit conduits to meet the needs of any given time.

Do not think that free play is without its own type of order. Too many linear thinkers have already done too much damage. Consider these words like raindrops bouncing off your DNA. Playing the codes like a keyboard, some of you will light up like a Christmas tree. Suddenly knowledge will reveal itself to you and you will get your mission. Read it clearly and do not hesitate or you might miss the sacred train.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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