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Education and the Computer
The Ha Qabala, Rhind Papyrus and Antikythera Computer
2005 12 07

By Robert Bruce Baird |

Figure Reconstruction of the Antikythera mechanism Augarten (1984).
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County Cork, Ireland saw the invention of binary mathematics or Boulean math of the 19th Century. It is the basis of the computer and the digital world we live in and depend so heavily upon. But there is much more to know about County Cork and why it saw this invention come about.

'Ir' means 'lost' in the language the Romans used to degrade those who they knew little about and never conquered. In many European languages of the present, you find no 'e' after 'Ir.' These languages still maintain the program of prejudice and degradation, usurping the once proud civilization, which saw its most important spiritual center at Tara Hill. In some legends, this hill is even said to be the first man-made Pyramid.

Pyramids may well start out in human history and science through the 'grains' inside our Pineal gland (Third Eye). These grains amplify energy like a crystal radio receiver, and most people who got 'high' in the 60s referred to this amplifying effect as a 'buzz.' The Pineal gland itself is shaped like a pinecone or pyramid and became the chosen shape of headgear for witches (we now call dunce caps) and Pharaohs alike.

Thalami researchers like Gazzaniga and Eddelman, or those involved in more nefarious 'black ops,' are aware of a Cosmic Thought Field. It allows many fantastic things that people like Michael Faraday and Nicola Tesla intuitively understood but were unable to prove. Quartz crystals were also used in ancient tumuli or burial-ceremonial centers like New Grange, as well as on the magic wands or scepters of adepts throughout the world. Quartz watches are very accurate timepieces, although cesium is even more attuned. The NEC labs at Princeton just produced 300X the supposed absolute speed of light in 2001, using a cesium chamber.

This article cannot go into the solid-state physics of crystal lattices that Dr. Don Robins began delving into in books like The Dragon Project and The Secret Language of Stone. Maybe you can imagine the similarity between a silica chip and quartz or the iridium and rhodium crystals in your brain. The ancient shamans who could attune with the spirit of plants and rocks may have known a thing or two about these things that most people would not dare give them credit for, according to Dr. Robins, who went on to consult for the Getty Institute after writing The Secret Language of Stone.

The Nobel Laureates in quantum physics, who were once called 'atom-mysticists' by tenured or conventional scientists, have written many books about mind and matter. Fritjof Capra or Eugene Wigner, Schrodinger and his 'cat,' or Heisenberg 'observing' - all these people and their ideas permeate our daily existence, whether or not we can understand S-Matrix math being like the Tao Te Ching. Now that the US Army let out contracts for faster than light speed information transfer in November of 2001, we are on the verge of quantum teleporting computer gates.

WARNING: Reading this article may be deleterious to your career, may cause you to think, question authority, and become savaged by your peers.

For great inventors or thinkers like Einstein, Socrates, Thomas Carlyle, Buckminster Fuller and many more, the prevailing priesthood stood foursquare against real education. The propaganda machine is not even close to being a recent invention. Maybe some readers will choose to drink hemlock while others say 'I'm mad as HELL! And I'm not going to take it anymore!' I really thought Network might create enough of a change in attitudes that we wouldn't have to worry about the Matrix.

Perhaps I am just a fool, but I still have some hope that humankind won't become redundant, as Bill Joy stated in his WIRED magazine article in March/April 2000. There is a creative potential that Bucky Fuller called 'creative realization' that could overturn the 'one pie' and 'toilet philosophy' that guides our social intercourse and systems: superfluous spiraling layers of education that force false fealty to feudal systems. For those forced to take drugs like Ritalin things are even worse.

The quantum world was very real to the spiritual people whose shamans helped them use their souls in much the same way as the Eastern mystics. Who created regimens like Kundalini or the Sutras or the Mandukya Upanishads that Eugene Wigner wrote about when he was at the Dublin Institute of Advanced Study? How could his classmate in Budapest at the age of six divide eight digit numbers in his head?

John von Neumann - History is 'Illuminized'
John von Neumann was a part of an Institute of Advanced Studies with Einstein at Princeton as Neumann began his 'black ops' metaphysical development. Neumann became part of many Projects under "Phoenix" and other code names. His name is on the space probes that carry earth genetic material into the galaxy. As the developer of the vacuum tube for computers or as the interpreter for Einstein to engineers, this man did some amazing things you might only read about in publications like Paranoia. Tesla knew a lot about vacuums and 'Free Energy' that Tom Bearden has used to prove the reality of what has been called the 'paranormal.'

The Druids, whose home was once near where Dublin's Institute of Advanced Study is now located, were banned by Roman Emperors like Claudius in 54 AD. Many of them left Europe and the misogynistic Mediterranean that was so repellent to their egalitarian society. They saw their brothers, sisters and children turned in for a bounty to the Romans. Ovason is right about a deal being struck in Ireland with some 'vascerri' or lesser Druidic sorts of the Bardic Tradition.

We can demonstrate that the Druids came to places like Central and South America long before the Ostrogoths disappeared in the 6th Century and long before Britannica says their language was created in the 4th Century. Archaeology is proving that we are being told lies about history. James Joyce is right to call it a 'nightmare,' as Joseph Campbell quotes him saying in the foreword to Marija Gimbutas' book, Language of the Goddess. There is proof that the mummified remains of the Druids near the Great Wall of China were not directly connected to any Roman influence.

These people started leaving the Tarim Basin on their own accord even before Rome and Greece became ascendant empires. They left because the desert encroached upon their civilization, which started at least 4,000 years before Christ in the Altaic mountains, where the Red Headed Genghis Khan later came from. The Russians wiped out other remnants in the 18th Century on the Aleutians; and the Spanish did their thing on Easter Island. I have made a good case for the Beothuk being of Druidic origin by more than their use of the same unique watercraft. Even Canada placed a bounty on their heads in the 19th Century. Barabudur, Indonesia and New Zealand became their new homes, as did the Upper Mississippi where, Professor Joan Price writes, they became the Sauk Indians and where the desert forced the last of them to join their 'brothers': the Iroquois/ Megwi/ Hopewell/ Adena that the Canadian Encyclopedia says originate from 4,000 BC.

There never was a time when ancient educated people or navigators thought the earth was flat or that disease came only from 'sins' and demons, as the Catholics later came to believe. These social programs kept the ignorant at home on the farm rather than fleeing their feudal lords and bishops. (Is history just 'his'-story rather than the empowerment of relationships with women and each person's potential including the soul?) Rather than 'harbingers of the Original Sin' women were feared because they intuited truth better than the war-mongering Empire builders. These 'heroes' saw a way to reward men through making women part of the spoils of war. Sometimes they sent the concubine wagons in front of their troops to keep the enemy busy.

The Gnostics knew the 'Original Sin' that separated man from God. It was ignorance! The Iroquois were still a matriarchy in the 16th Century and men moved in to the house of their bride's mother. She owned the leaseholds or improvements on land but no one owned land (nature).

The Culture of Esotericism
Einstein said he 'was satisfied with the mysteries' of life and he knew a great deal more than most give him credit for. He spent much of his life lobbying for an end to standing armies. John von Neumann and Einstein were a prodigious pair of thinkers and doers. They knew society had a lot of growing up to do before everyday people could handle the truth of what the quantum and metaphysical world is really headed to create.

The Hibernian Mysteries and Viennese schools of St. Germaine, Cagliostro and Nostradamus are part of the Kabbalistic Jewish reformation that re-introduced a female goddess called the Matronit in the Zohar. This occurred after a millennium or more of anti-Semitism. This included the Flagellants burning whole ghettoes of Jews for spreading the Plague. Is a ghetto much different from a concentration camp? Yes, it is... One of the ways it differs is by the cost of guarding the inmates.

Einstein and von Neumann were Jews just like Nostradamus and many others. It is hard to believe their parents didn't share the culture of esotericism with them. In the case of von Neumann, his father was a Jewish banker who most likely did business with the Viennese banking house of the Rothschilds. These Rothschilds brought Hitler's father and a young Adolf there to teach them. They did this because the Hitlers were of their flesh and blood.

All the details of this interesting synchronicity cannot be dealt with in one article, and you won't find it in the places you would expect should tell you about such things. I was very disturbed to see the level of avoidance demonstrated in The Mind of Adolf Hitler - The Secret Wartime Report. However, a psychiatrist of the Freudian variety wrote it and I should not expect much appreciation for the soul or metaphysics from their ilk. This was a major reason Carl Jung split with Sigmund Freud, whose soulful insecurities disturbed Jung. Jung left Vienna the same year Hitler did (1917).

Archetypes and the Human Mind
Carl Jung came to understand the archetypes and workings of the mind, which might even include the "history book" that Dr. Collins, director of the Human Genome Project, talks about. Collins has stated that the human genome contains three books including a "history book." One aspect of this current research - the neural net - might relate to the "I O Torus," which was in the Table of Destiny or the Ha Qabala. The opening and closing of firing processes in the brain are like the 'I' when closed and the 'O' when open. This is the basis of binary math and is written about in the Rhind Papyrus, copied by an Egyptian priest in 1650 BC from a more ancient source.

The early 20th Century Britannica had an entry on torture that said it was a thing of the past in 'civilized' Europe. This is around the same time the secretary or sergeant-at-arms of the Paris Academy of Science throttled the presenter of the phonograph, calling him a 'ventriloquist.' There were Patent Office officials calling for the closure of their offices 'because everything was discovered'! It was this era of ignorance that saw the scientists refer to quantum physicists by the epithet 'atom-mysticists.' Of course, there was a far worse end in store for earlier scientists or alchemists and other 'Heretics.'

The Illuminati 'Discovery' of America
Adam Weishaupt started the Illuminati on the official date of May 1, 1776. I will not explain how Russia came to celebrate May Day and the obvious importance of the founding of the U.S. Yeltsin said the enigmatic 'They' had chosen Russia rather than Africa. The Jesuit "Alumbrados" secret society is a key historical group we have never heard about in the media. We also weren't told about Columbus and the Papal friar or cosmographer who arranged the funding of his voyage.

Columbus left on the very day all Jews in Spain were to be killed if they did not become 'conversos.' There is more than enough intrigue surrounding Mr. Colon (he liked this name which is the Cathar word for 'Dove' and the symbol for their 'living love' of Jesus) who brought us the word 'colon'ization and a biological war to kill all in Paradise (North America - according to the HBO or TNT special hosted by Kevin Costner).

Cisalpine Gaul and places like Florence of the De Medici are racially connected to La Tene and Hallstatt. In fact, these Kelts from 2000 BC, whose Bavarian progeny are such prolific political and esoteric people, are of much interest along with the city called Prague (Praha = 'Pranha' ). Knowledge passes between people and not just in schools or other official venues. Weishaupt's Illuminati were disowned by the Masons, and Bavaria even outlawed them within a short time. However, their influence continued to spread through organizations like Cecil Rhodes' Round Table and the Order known as Skull & Bones. So when you find Nostradamus in Venice and St. Germaine in Vienna spreading the secret power and intrigue of the De Medici, you can remember the Veneti Kelts who gave these places their names.

The Benjaminites were thrown out of Israel and went to Arcadia in Greece with the help of their Phoenician 'brothers.' In time they became reunited with their Keltic brotherhood; as I see it, they are the Veneti. They include the Rothschild to Rockefeller complex, with its "friendly invasion of science," whose director Dr. Weaver once commented on the Rockefeller Foundation: "The Russell Foundation manages assets of many Merovingian Benjaminite foundations." This occurred in places like Yale, where Skull & Bones produces many CIA people, which produced Jose Delgado and his 'psychocivilizing' equipment and which has now grown to include computer thought-cloning.

'C' is the start of Computer & Chomsky
Thought-cloning is not suggestopaedia or a new educational use for computers. It can be sent through the ether to affect whole geographic regions of people. EMF weapons and the use of ELF bandwidths on the energy spectrum are very old. They include the Borgia 'poison' that worked at a distance without contact through the tepaphone. This device, used by Hitler's F.O.G.C. or '99' Lodge, is refined from the use of quartz and copper on magic wands and scepters of those who possessed the 'Lost Chord.' Harmonics is able to energize cosmic fields amplified and directed by psychic energy. Virtual Reality and Holography may soon be employed with Quantum Teleporting technology to allow complex systems like humans to travel beyond light speed through stargates.

Even Noam Chomsky might boggle at these thoughts. But the money behind the 'illuminized' segment of society is massive and they have had such things as the tepaphone, so why wouldn't they be working on these things? An article by Bill Joy in WIRED magazine from Mar/Apr 2000 stated that humans will be redundant and replaced by sentient robots within 35 years, but the article did not include knowledge of faster than light or quantum time effects. Joy is an expert in LAN technology as well as the developer of JAVA, so he should understand how computers can integrate massive amounts of data, including reassimilating all molecules in the human body.

The International Space Agency in Geneva is an organization using sovereign states' tax dollars to prepare for the colonization of space. We have ramjet and ion stream propulsion systems that can allow us to reach the third planet in the Alpha Centauri system in 15 years. There are other technologies that will surpass light speed. Geneva is a key site for the Rothschild 'illuminized' people, who restructured Europe after the second 'War to end all wars.'

Would it be possible for some people to colonize space and leave earth to a 'big shoot 'em up'? Who will own the assets on these planets? I suggest we need transparency and a plan that involves everyone, with ethical concern for the future of all humanity via a very different set of ownership and societal structure akin to 'Star Trek.' There is a complete history since the time of Miriam (at least), which allows the elite to advance their goals at the expense of other life forms on earth (read the Hanes Taliesin if you can find it).

We must not blame them if they choose to set humanity on a new path in another solar system. But I'd like to know the plan or the contingencies; some trusted people should be able to give us a report on what is going on. However, if we can't discuss what really transpired in history, how can we expect to deal with what our future holds in store? The worldwide web or the internet is the best chance for humanity to get up to speed and ask the right questions before it's too late. We don't need to rehash all the horrors of CIA and other alphabet soup agencies doing their work throughout a world of sovereign intrigue.

Some people (not having read Chomsky of MIT, educational psychology and linguistics pre-eminence) probably think humanity and its leaders are at some apex - zenith of greatness. Maybe someone can answer some questions for me. I would like to know if there is any criminal element more 'organized' than a bureaucracy deemed inhumane by The Economist in their millennium issue. The Economist wrote that Napoleon (a Merovingian by marriage) gave us standing armies that fostered bureaucratic expansion.

Noam Chomsky shows how the secret army and foreign affairs keep people under the thumb of a global Empire. I hope Chomsky would agree that the computer is central to the educational future of humanity. Much of my origins in Ogham or anthro-paleo-linguistics or other esoteric symbology would no doubt be similar to his expertise in linguistics. I hope he would also agree that the use of neuro-psycho-linguistics in the hands of the DIA and inhumane medical practitioners is the antithesis of ethical education.

There Never Could Have Been Ancient Technology?
In Alexandria, Egypt, the 3rd Century BC saw the kind of technology that allows present day engineers to presume that anything we could make in the middle of the 20th Century was within their ability to create! That sounds like one heck of a claim.

The Antikythera. Image from:

There are many academics who would argue against it, even after geared mechanisms such as the calendrical computer, known as the Antikythera, had been found by archaeologists. According to historical records, the Antikythera is a calendrical computer of the early 1st millenium BC that operated a solar system astrolabe. The extent of attunement arts in the alchemic processes is substantial, but the need for secrecy is even greater. This is very evident when one considers how the vitrified rocks came about, for which science has no explanation.

Centuries before the 1st millenium BC, Thales is known to have used a small steam engine. Two electrical devices by the Roman inventor, Numa, are in the British Museum. Electroplating is known to have used galvanic batteries around the end of the second millennium BC. All these things were probably taken from other cultures. The Baghdad Museum may well have a printed circuit from this era that archaeologists thought was embroidery. I am convinced there is a great deal more we can learn from the ancients.

The author of The History of Technology, who taught my assistant Peter Lye in his Honours B.A. program on classical history at the University of Toronto, traced many technological inventions to the Altaic region. Here we find that Red Headed people spoke a language unlike any surrounding them; linguists agree the Tarim Basin people near the present day Great Wall of China spoke a language most like that of northwestern Europeans of Ireland and Lyoness.

In Ancient Inventions, authors Thorpe and James make the very claim highlighted above. They give many examples, including slot machines, tri-level ocean liners, automatic sliding doors, and port or harbour engineering. There is reason to suspect that very ancient peoples had lighting systems with conduits and light bulbs, as suggested by drawings on the walls of caves. In some cases, there is no evidence of candle or oil residue. These detailed drawings took a long time to draw, but no logical explanation exists for how they saw well enough to draw on ceilings of dark caves. I once heard a teacher of the blind dispute an academic's claim that maybe blind people were used as the artists. She said the balance problems alone would make it unlikely.

The Pavlita generators include the Egyptian 'ankh' symbol and the 'Mark of Qayin (or Cain)', which became the 'aten' symbol for the one god concept. This symbol hid the 'O' of the Torus by putting a dot in its center. That dot is the representation of the infinite smallness of which light is composed in its wave-like nature. It would take Noam Chomsky to describe the import of these symbols in less than one book. But he's too busy fighting 'global politics' to worry about his original love in education, it seems. Please do not assume our ancient forbears were stupid, as some academics would have you believe.

None of these items or inventions is as important as the Pyramid itself. The details of harmonics and mathematics about this masterful accomplishment is covered in books like Neolithic Libraries. The Bardic Institute web site has the following quote from Albert Einstein highlighted on the heading of their home page. The quote represents the essence of what our society almost abjures from parenthood through school and into all areas of endeavour. We must learn the spiritual side in order to keep the intellect and ego in check. The Mayans say, "Do not put your self in front of your Self." Here is what Einstein observed:

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

Robert Baird lives in Toronto but spent most of his adult life in the U.S. He has been successful at various business pursuits and now spends his time writing books and articles. His unpublished manuscripts are being refined and include: Hitler vs. Frabato & The Charm of Making, The Prehistoric Worldwide Import of the GREAT LAKES, Diverse Druids: The Origin of All Religions, The Kelts: Children of the Don, The Bards and the 'Bees', A positive encyclopedia - P.E.A.K. P.E.O.P.L.E. - 2 of 4 volumes complete with 2000 pages, The Penis and The Pocketbook - a trilogy on History and the Phoenicians, People on the PATH - my Meetings with Remarkable Men (and women). Robert Bruce Baird can be reached at

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