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Angel Buddha Christopher: Love of Earth's Vibration
2005 12 01

By C. Moors |

If I could leap inside your mind and explode into a billion light beams I would do so this instant. In lieu of such a dangerously invasive maneuver, I will do my best to explain as many intricate details of the astral tapestry as possible. Expressing in ways that if you go along will turn into realms in the imagination, I open the floodgates and become a portal for the universe to flow through. Gently but firmly I lift you.

Fear not loved ones as you all indeed are and always will be a part of the Father. Always and forever will the Cosmic Mother be available to nurture you in the ways she did through the women you have known in your life. Your brothers and sisters the stars, reflect light back and forth to reveal an invisible but perceivable web that tells the hidden history of your journey. Very few of you are native Earthians. Perhaps 1 in 10 grew up from Gaiaís mud. The rest of you have origins from all areas of Heaven and the Universe.

That is what the blue-green planet, 3rd body out from the center of your solar system is currently committed to seeing through. Offering herself as a resting place for weary souls, the tough Love of Earthís vibrations will either burn the impurities or finish you once and for all. Although no thing disappears in this existence, forms can change and fragment to such a point to where they are unrecognizable. Either you unify and disperse consciously into the Universe or entropy scatters you until you are no more.

If you are seeing this right now, there is no need of concern as you are meant to learn the truth. The only question is whether or not you will do your part. If your mind is gibbering about channeling doubts and hesitations due to your current reality you only need consider what happens of its own accord. What does it matter where a message is from if it stirs your heart? Why hesitate when there is nothing to lose? One must dive into life and swim the churning seas boldly to arrive at the destination that always changes.

So many collect bits and pieces of knowledge and then parade around as if they know the final answer. This betrays their unknowing because there is no conclusion that suddenly lifts the seeker from seeking to bliss. This is what Buddha discovered under the bodhi tree. It isnít until youíve looked under every stone that you know for yourself that this is the case. Perhaps trust could save you time, but it cannot be false. The autobahn to heaven is driven by those who resist not. Opening the hollow bamboo, Truth itself takes root from the inside and becomes your personal chauffeur.

It is a joy to be here with you. I am with you even as you read this.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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