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Universal Principles - Redux
2005 11 18

Recieved from Light Eye

Regarding: Universal Principles

"Starformation" by Elizabeth Zaikowski

1. All Energy is Love
Everything in the Universe is composed of energy, and this energy is love. All that we see and feel is an _expression of love. Because love is indivisible, we can love everything and everyone equally. Whenever we give love to anyone, we give love to everyone, including ourselves.

2. Infinite Intelligence
Within love is contained infinite intelligence. Love, the source of all creative _expression, is the essential power in the Universe.

3. Oneness
Since the core or essence of everything is love, in the truest sense, we are One. When we feel our connection to Oneness, we feel the power of who we really are.

4. Perfection
Our Oneness is perfect and expresses this perfection in infinite ways. As human beings, we are created and function perfectly just the way we are. When we see someone or something as perfect, we know our vision is broad. Our vision expands as our hearts open. When our hearts are open wide, we see and feel perfection everywhere.

5. Relationship with Source
The way we view Oneness is precisely the way we experience life. When we perceive Oneness as perfect, unconditionally loving and supportive at all times, we experience absolute peace of mind and a life of total joy.

6. Cause and Effect
We attract circumstances in our lives. The all-knowing part of us, the part that is connected with Infinite Intelligence, attracts every circumstance in our lives. It does this so that we can feel the feelings these circumstances arouse. When we open our hearts to these feelings, we access our true power, which is the power of Oneness.

7. Free Will
Infinite Intelligence allows each of us the freedom to choose, but only for ourselves. We have the choice to listen and follow our Internal Guidance. We always have the choice in each moment to align with our Inner Being.

8. Mirror Principle
Everything that we see and feel is a reflection of the present state of our consciousness. This reflection is a gift, for it allows us to be aware of the power of our focus.

9. Alignment with Purpose
Everything and everyone in the Universe has a purpose. We become aware of our purpose when we open our hearts and feel our Oneness. When we allow the inspiration of our life's purpose to fill our being, we find that our lives unfold in inspired, fulfilling ways.

10. Reading Body Signals
Our human bodies are magnificent instruments that tell us just how aligned we are with our Inner Being. Comfort in our bodies is a signal that we are giving love. The greater the comfort, the more we know we are giving and receiving the natural flow of love. As soon as we notice our feelings we can support ourselves by focusing our awareness on them, feeling them fully, feeling love for them and ourselves. When we allow love to flow freely our bodies reflect this flow of positive energy.

11. Expressing Who we Really Are
Each of us has talents we love to express. When we are fully and freely expressing who we really are, we feel joyful and supported. Whatever we are doing, we can always remember to come to peace with our feelings just as they are. Peaceful acceptance of one activity opens the energy to begin another.

12. Giving and Receiving
Generously giving and receiving is both natural and fun. A gift given out of true love and generously creates joy for both the giver and receiver.

13. Abundance
Abundance is the free flow of love, which is all around us and in infinite supply. The more we give and receive love and support, the more open we are to all that represents love and support. The more we feel gratitude for all that we have, the more open we are to receive.

14. Mutual Support
The Universe is a mutual support system. Every person and circumstance in our lives is here to support us by reflecting back at us the present state of our consciousness. When we love ourselves, we attract the loving support of others. Connecting regularly with people who are willing to support one another in unconditional love is empowering to all. As our ability to unconditionally love and support each other expands, so does our trust in the unconditional love and support of the Universe.

15. Being Aware
Our energy flow creates our circumstances. Our feelings tell us how we are flowing energy. The first step is being aware of our feelings and releasing any judgment we have. Then we can deliberately choose to flow our energy toward what we want and experience joy and love.

16. What we Focus on Expands
The more we see everyone and everything as the perfect _expression of love, the more peace and joy we experience. When we focus on our positive feelings we connect to our power, the source of our creativity.

17. Nonjudgment
Nonjudgment of everyone and everything allows love to flow. Opening our hearts allows unconditional love.

18. Means ands Ends
Means and ends are identical. The action and outcome are one. We create peace by being peaceful. Inner harmony results in harmonious relationships. We experience abundance by generously sharing our love.

19. Leading with our Hearts
Our intellect focuses our attention on the future rather than the present, which is the only time there is. It is through our hearts and feelings that we access our Inner Being, which guides us perfectly at all times.

20. Feelings and Power
Our power resides in our feelings. The more willing we are to feel our feelings, the more we connect with the power in them. The true power in the Universe is a totally peaceful power. It is love fully, freely and joyfully felt.

Article from Light Eye

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