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Brave New World of Tesla Technology
2005 11 07

By Sara Summers & Vic Taylor |

[In our October 2005 issue of AFV, we brought our readers startling news about weather manipulation. Now, by popular demand, our writers have complied a “how it is done” article. Please keep in mind that while the authors are not scientists, they have worked hard to bring you the information currently available.]

A "new" kind of electromagnetic (EM) wave began development and testing over 30 years ago (originally discovered by Nikola Tesla) in the empty vacuum of space which, when engineered, can be an inexhaustible supply of energy in great magnitude at any place in the universe. Tesla called it "radiant energy." Because Tesla proposed developing this into free energy for the entire world, his funding was terminated and Tesla’s great inventions, which would have prevented any energy crisis, were never known by the common man. However, both the U.S. and Russia were quick to confiscate his many patents and secretly financed development into areas more advantageous to the controlling elites’ way of thinking.

Brave New World
We live in a 3-dimensional world, which physics calls "3-space." But there is also spacetime, or 4-space, or the "4th dimension." This amazing “new” knowledge is that time itself is actually compressed energy and is compressed by exactly the same factor by which matter is considered compressed energy: the speed-of-light-squared! So the famous E=mc2 now has a no-longer-secret sister: E=tc2 (where t is actually "delta-t," or change in time).

Lt. Col. (retired) Thomas E. Bearden, a systems analyst and wargames specialist says, “Time-as-energy eventually becomes engineerable, as easily as is spatial energy now. We are always dealing with spacetime and with spacetime curvature." He further stated, “For our very survival, it is absolutely imperative that informed citizens be aware of this dramatic change, which is just now starting. The powerful new science and engineering must be controlled and used for humanity's benefit, not its detriment. Else it will eventually be let loose unrestrainedly, to destroy all life on earth - as possibility indicated by Nikita Khrushchev in 1960.”

"We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak, which is so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth. It is a fantastic weapon." Khrushchev, to the Presidium, Jan. 1960

U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen warns about eco-terrorism using scalar electromagnetic weapons, in his 1997 statement: "Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counter terrorism] efforts."

Two scalar antennae together along with the computers to control them, make up a scalar interferometer, and according to Col. Bearden the Russians have hundreds of such installations already. These interferometers are called "Tesla Howitzers." They can deliver a giant blast of energy to the distant target site, true "action-at-a-distance".

Tesla Howitzers in Weather mode
The two howitzer modes that deal with weather control are called the "exothermic" mode of operation, because immense EM energy blasts outward at the target site, and the "endothermic" mode, sucks energy out of the target area, essentially creating a blast of cold at the distant target. By using both of these heat (exothermic) and cold (endothermic) modes together the weather can be altered anywhere. Warm the air over here, cool it down over there, put a curl in the jet stream, dissipate clouds, create clouds, whip up a tornado.

How to Make Weather
Here's how it’s done using several interferometers; scalar interferometry (production of EM fields and potentials at a distance).

"First, the interferometers can deliberately make "high pressure areas" (cool the air so it shrinks and its "footprint" pressure on the ground increases because its density increases) and "low pressure areas" (heat the air so that expands and its "footprint" pressure on the ground decreases because its density decreases). Well, if one makes the highs and lows where one wishes them, and judiciously and somewhat slowly moves them along a given path, these highs and lows will entrain the jet streams and thus "steer" the weather.

"So if you wish a very cold snap or attack, go up into Canada and start these actions to steer down some streams that bring some very frigid air. Establish other highs and lows judiciously to "block" or "slow" other jet streams and flows as desired. In this way, one can pull the "large cold air masses coming down from Canada" deep into the southern U.S. at will. They do it regularly. If you wish an ice storm, add an additional current of warm moist air you bring up (steer up by using artificial highs and lows) from the ocean. Where they meet, you will get freezing rain, then sleet, then severe icing accumulating. This type of attack does rather large damage to the struck area."

The only work required is for the switching and control; very inexpensive, almost free. This is rigorously ASYMMETRIC regauging of the potential energy of the storm. Therefore it is easily possible – using scalar interferometry already possessed by more than 10 nations and groups – to dramatically enlarge storms and their energy (and therefore the magnitude of a hurricane), and also to use that free asymmetric regauging energy to then do real physical work (including ENORMOUS physical work) to steer, divert, and propel the storm. Speed up and slow down is also readily done.

At the same time the scalar interferometer operators also will use similar techniques to divert, change, and steer the jet streams and winds in the path or area, so that the exact steering direction desired is easily achieved.

This weapons platform has been operational since 1963 with Russia’s woodpecker grid (so called for sounding like the hammering of a woodpecker) running since Bicentennial weekend July 4th 1976 and has remained turned on since that time! (Listeners can hear the wood pecker chirping on shortwave radios in the 3 to 30 Mhz range.)

When did the United States bring on line its weather altering technology? High-frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP) based in Gokoma, Alaska --jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy-- as part of the ("Star Wars") Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) is the public test bed for this technology. Operated by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate, HAARP constitutes a system of powerful antennas capable of creating "controlled local modifications of the ionosphere". Scientist Dr. Nicholas Begich --actively involved in the public campaign against HAARP—describes it as "[a] super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere [upper layer of the atmosphere] by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything -- living and dead."

Recent scientific evidence suggests that HAARP is fully operational and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes. From a military standpoint, HAARP is a weapon of mass destruction. The big guns likely remain well hidden underground and have certainly come online without a press release.

Hurricanes Jeanne, Katrina and Rita
Global weather manipulation was likely demonstrated with Hurricane Jeanne in Sept. 2004, which made landfall at eastern Florida, turned in a northerly direction and continued inland then headed northeast, reached the Atlantic and turned south then back west to hit Florida a second time. Katrina’s devastating blow to the gulf cities followed by Rita in 2005 also showed signs of manipulation, according to scientific experts. Was Rita intended to finish Katrina’s job? September 22, 2005, Physicist James M. McCanney stated on his web site (, “There is no doubt that hurricane Rita has been manipulated to increase strength and turn it in the past 12 hours to move towards Houston (its path just a few hours ago was to Port Lavaca far to the south of Houston) ... it made a hard right turn overnight when the visible satellites could not track its deflection ... the oil futures are projecting $5.00 + per gallon by morning ... your country is being trashed folks and this is just the beginning ... aren't you happy you have an oil president?”

Unlike other scientists, McCanney (perhaps like Tesla) has followed a different path to weather modification. With an impressively extensive background in archeology, astronomy of the ancients, physics, and geology as well as having access to both the Library of Congress and NASA data repository at Cornell University that coincided with the daily arrival of new data from the Voyager and other space craft, McCanney has the rare ability to speak in terms that the general public can understand. Called “the last of the independent scientists”, when his works were being ignored by NASA, he found acceptance in Russian in the mid 1990s where high level scientists translated his papers and taught his understanding of electro-dynamic effects around Earth and in the solar system at the university level as the leading edge of research in this field. McCanney since coined the term “THE ELECTRIC UNIVERSE”, which today is substantiated by returning date from space-probes.

Author of several books including Principia Meteorologia, The Physics of Sun Earth Weather, McCanney states, “It has become apparent that one can direct the paths of hurricanes by a number of methods. The primary method would be to direct an energy beam through the edge of the hurricane eye, which would increase the ionization and therefore the current path along one edge of the eye. This would cause the hurricane to move in the direction of increased current flow. It is this characteristic elongation of the eye that we have been seeing lately in some of the hurricanes and typhoons and it appears that there may be storm manipulation occurring…”

Rather than scalar weather control, McCanney points to a satellite laser as the tool being used for manipulating weather and stated that it is “ the same technique that the russian scientists and myself offered to the U S air force in the mid 90's to prevent hurricanes from making land fall ... now the US mil satellites are using it to attack our own country for the new world order bunch.” Might this explain why, with the approaching of Hurricane Rita, Houston’s NASA shut down and went to Moscow?

Whether scalar technology or satellite ion beams, the method being used against the common man is irrelevant. (Realize that both methods refer to Tesla technology.) As Americans, it is not politically correct to take seriously the evidence supporting weather manipulation, yet no amount of denial makes the reality any less true.

The controlled press will continue to blame all increasingly unusual weather phenomena on the global warming theory, the Gulf's loop current, El Nino and La Nina, and eventually the continuing weakening/failure of the North Atlantic thermo cline/ Gulf Stream current. Aside from the brave few in our scientific community, those who value their paychecks more than the truth will hold firm to historical lies while being honored among their peers, and the Lorentz beat goes on.

The evidence that our weather has been stolen from us is in our skies every day. How long since you’ve looked up? The patterns and odd geometric shapes are there for anyone who has eyes to see. The perfect weapon has always been the secret weapon and is being controlled by those whose designs for humanity are rarely in alignment with that of the common man.

Remember this vital quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt: "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happened, you can bet it was planned that way."

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