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Ian Xel Lungold has passed
2005 11 17

By Henrik Palmgren |

In Loving Memory - Ian Xel Lungold

November 16, 2005
12-Star (Lamat)

At 2:35 AM, Ian Xel Lungold passed from his physical body into the waiting hands of God.
I held him to my chest while he took his last slow, comforting breaths. His work will continue on, with the love that he's spread through the world. I'm honored to have been by his side, to love and comfort him through his transformation.

I love you Ian and everyone you've touched loves you.
Matty ~ Ian

A great teacher has just passed away my friends!

It feels like it has been a very long process with many painful ups and downs with Ian's health condition.

To be honest I thought that he was going to get thru this
....but now Ian Lungold has passed from this realm.

I think it was sometime early in 2003 when I began listening to radio interviews with Ian and following his writings and journal reports. I had first become frenetically interested in the Mayan Calendar after hearing about it's end date: 21 December 2012 and it was when I was searching for information on the calendar that I came across the work of Ian Xel Lungold thru his friend and Swedish "counterpart" Carl Johan Calleman. It was also then that I first heard about the calendar end date controversy. Callemans work points towards an earlier date: 28th October 2011.

The following is something that I mentioned about a year ago in a short introduction article to Ian Lungold and Carl Johan Calleman:

After many sleepless nights and a lot of research and intuitive curiousness to find the truth, origin and different theories about the Mayan Calendar I find the work of Ian Lungold and Carl Johan Calleman most intriguing. These two gentlemen bring something to the Mayan Calendar "mystery" that very few other can bring: facts based on open minded scientific research and an evolving and persistent message about what the Mayan Calendar represent. This is information that have and will continue to change the perception of the world we live in.

Indeed it will Ian! I believe as time progress and events occur (increase) and the last cycle comes to a close, the information that Ian helped bring forward and implement so brilliantly in our lives will only become more and more important.

Now, in a moment of contemplation and meditation upon what the gift and loss of Ian Lungold means I realize that I have so much to thank Ian for. My search for truth and driving urge to understand the mysteries of our lives have been propelled and jumpstarted by many profound statements that I've heard and read from Ian. On one level I understand that I have come nowhere in this search, but what has helped me is the understanding that there is a blueprint to the evolution of consciousness and creation and that I'm also a part of that evolution, including my own awareness (Our awareness!). Ian Lungold has helped me open my eyes to those truths. Without that knowledge I would never realize how little I know and how much more there is to know. The journey is only beginning.

The foundation of everything that I currently love doing, including running this website, has in some way a profound connection to those almost "high moments" I experienced while listening to a few of the interviews with Ian on Earth Changes TV with Mitch Battros. Spiritual truths for the first time linked with current events with a background of that cosmic blueprint that Ian and Calleman so brilliantly explain by analyzing the Mayan Calendar.

Ian talked about nothing less than the driving force of creation itself. How does one easily understand the cosmic blueprint? The answer is you don't! You take it piece by piece, you lay the puzzle and an image slowly comes into view.

Ian was a link in a long chain that stretched all the way thru time from the ancient Maya people to a western world at the brink of the last cycle before the start of the World of the Fifth Sun. I believe that the Mayans and their understanding of the cosmos came from a highly divine source (maybe thru Itzamna). I think that Carl Johan Calleman managed to explain that process in a scientific way and I think that what Ian Lungold did so amazingly was to apply that knowledge to our lives and to current events, as the reality of creation is/was unfolding before our eyes.

My pledge is: let us not break this chain, let us not break or end the understanding that Ian brought to us. Let's try to help Ian continue his work, even if he is not here physically. Let us help Ian to continue bring understanding about the message in the Mayan Calendar in the years ahead and beyond as Carl Johan Calleman and others continue to work in this dense world to bring forth a new calendar.

In one of Ian's last messages about a month ago he wrote:

Whether this is the end of my life or not I have a request that each of you pick up what information I have brought concerning the Mayan calendar and with renewed vigor pass this information to as many people as possible.

It is my personal belief that we each have a sacred duty to find what works in the world in what ever arena we are familiar and then pass that information as straight as we can for the benefit of others.

Earlier in March '05 in one of his journal entries he wrote:

I have now done what I wanted to do in the outer world. I have gotten this message of the Evolution of Consciousness planted in the consciousness of the planet. It would go on growing with out me if needed. This satisfies the challenges that I set up about being a worthwhile human being this life time. I know that I have made a good contribution.

Yes you have!

Ian helped me see the divine plan and the divine purpose of conscious creation taking place in the seemingly "chaotic world" around us. Ian helped me see that I was living in a perfect and beautifully timed "clock work" of purpose. Ian helped me notice the evolution of consciousness and the expression and manifestation of that in my own life. Ian has helped me see that the process of evolution does not exclude a conscious creator but the opposite.

Ian, your message will be carried forward and your knowledge will be further explorer as these last few years towards the end of the Mayan Calendar unfolds. Together we will try to understand the mysteries of this universe and with your help we have gotten to the core of the blueprint of creation and understanding of the evolution of consciousness.

Thank you Ian! It's been a privilege to be among those who encountered you in this life time and to be able to share the beginning years of the last cycle together with you.

Thank you Mike for your excellent work as webmaster at

Thank you Matty, my Prayers and Love to you. Thank you for all that you have done for us!

Thank you Ian. See you soon!

Henrik Palmgren

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