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The Black Invocation
2005 11 14

By Michael Sharp |

"The Four Horsemen" by Uwe Jarling. [Contrast added]

In a previous article I talked about climatological changes and suggested that in addition to global warming one of the primary causes of all this “weather” we have been having is you. Because this earth is ascending in vibration, and because we are, as a result, becoming increasingly powerful co-creators of this reality, our consciousness is beginning to manifest in the 3D world around us with increasing efficiency. We have always been powerful co-creators. It is just that now we are beginning to come into our full potential.

I have a phrase that I like to use to highlight our role in creation. It is:

As Above in Consciousness,
So Below in Matter

The phrase emphasizes the fact that what is in your consciousness manifests in the world around you. It is an inevitable process. We create the world we live in as sure as the sun warms this planet. The problem for us during this end-times unfolding is that there are a lot of people on this earth with a lot of anger, hatred, and chaos in their brains and it is these people who are beginning to alter the world around us in ways that reflect the contents of their consciousness. Are we so surprised to see such a dramatic increase in flooding, hurricanes, and even violent protests around the world?

In this article I wanted to expand on this theme and talk about the Book of Revelations and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. You know who the Four Horsemen are; they are death, plague, famine, and war). Those of you familiar with Christian theology will recognize these terrible horsemen from The Book of Revelations. According to that book (the last book in the bible), when the end of the world is nigh, the Horseman will manifest and bring chaos and destruction to this earth. By some accounts, the horsemen are the punishing wrath of God. They are sent to this earth to “cleanse” the world prior to the second coming of Christ and the emergence of a new paradise on this earth for the chosen few.

If you look around the world right now I think you can plainly see these four riders horsing around. It doesn’t look pretty. We have expanding death and an emerging global war. All we need now is famine (on a more global scale) and plague. Not to worry though, those horsemen are on the way. If you believe the government leaders and the media of this world plague, in the form of the bird flu, is just around the corner.

Scary times we live in!

According to theologians of the more fundamental sort, the Book of Revelations is all about God’s plan for this earth during the end-times but if this is true, it doesn’t appear to be a great plan at all. Too many innocents would die. Indeed, looking around this earth now, any sane person is going to wonder what the heck God was thinking about when this plan was set in motion.

I mean, is the expanding chaos on this earth really all about judgment for the many and heaven for the few?

Are we now seeing the unfolding of God’s wrath on the wicked of this earth (however you happen to define wicked)?

Will the wicked (or the weak if you prefer Darwin) be punished and cast into the fires with the rest of the genetic chaff?

Well, no.

God just isn’t like. So when you stop and think about it, that makes “that kind” of thinking, well, ungodly.

Truth is, what is happening on this earth now has nothing to do with God. The plan that you see unfolding at this moment, the plan that involves the Four Horsemen, the plan as set out in the Book of Revelation, is, in fact, a plan devised by human beings on this earth several centuries ago with a specific purpose in mind.

And what is the purpose of the plan, you ask?

Good question!

To make a long story short, the plan as set out in The Book of Revelations is set down in an attempt to prevent The Ascension and the return of full spiritual power to the people of this earth during attempts to ascend this planet. It is a very ancient plan and it is set in motion by the Powers That Be (PTB) whenever they feel themselves threatened by the growing power of the people.

The bottom line is, the plan is designed to ensure that wealth, status, and privilege remains in the hands of the “chosen few”.

It has nothing to do with God.

GOD IS LOVE and LOVE simply cannot manifest the sorts of things outlined in that book.

If you are a parent, you can get a sense of just how outrageous the idea that The Book of Revelations is a plan of God (or Christ, or whatever) if you consider how you would feel if one of your children died. It would be a devastating experience for any parent. Yet here we certain people pushing the idea that God could actually be behind the horrors of The Book of Revelation, the selection of the “worthy”, or other such spiritual silliness.

Truly, when you remember that God is love, that line of thinking is inconceivable.

God/LOVE is about forgiveness and not punishment.

God/LOVE is about freedom and not subservience.

God/LOVE is about peace and not war.

God/LOVE does not let children starve in a famine.

God/LOVE does not send people off to die in a war.

God/LOVE does not destroy.

God/LOVE creates.

And let us be clear about this. This is not a trick question.

Love is easy to identify and there is a simple test you can apply to any individual, book, world leader, priest, or guru. As soon as that person or book starts talking about death as if it’s a good thing, you know, the love is missing.

Ask yourself, what is The Book of Revelations really about?

Would God really send death and destruction?

Would God really murder innocent children?

Is it really God talking?

The correct answer is no.

Check your stock portfolios. Only the very rich benefit from war, plague, death, and destruction.

So, if the plan in the Book of Revelations is all about keeping power and privilege in the hands of the few, how does it work?

It is simple really.

When the PTB sense that the people are becoming too powerful, they get together and kill them in one big global sacrifice.

They feed us hatred and paranoia and they send us to war.

They scare us and then visit disease on us.

They sacrifice us for the energy we release and then they use this energy to further oppress us.

It is black magic pure an simple and it works like this.

First of all, fire the people up up.

You get them generating lots of emotional energy and the more negative the better. As I outline in my books, your body is an powerful energy transmitting device and emotion is a great energy enhancer. Getting people worked up gets that energy device of yours generating lots of energy. Get people passionate enough and its like blasting flames into a small space. The energy that can be generated is amazing.

Second, spin the energy.

Really not just any emotion will do. In the global spell now being cast, you want lots of negative energy. As I explain in The Book of Life and The Dossier, the energy that you release from your body has valence. That is, the energy that you release when you are experiencing powerful emotions has color or spin.

Spin (or color) is important for two reasons. First, once an energy is spinning in a certain way it tends to hold that energy. The spin on energy sticks until someone comes along and re-spins it. Second, once an energy has a certain spin, the energy can be used only for certain types of creation. Like energy attracts like and if you manifest really negative energy, that energy is going to be most useful for creating really negative things. Think of a child who is experiencing a lot of anger and frustration. The energy that this child is generating is going to prevent the child from doing anything positive. In fact, the child will, in all likelihood, take that energy and have a temper tantrum perhaps throwing things around or stomping on toys. And the energy the child is generating doesn’t just effect the child. The parents will also be hit with that energy and unless they are strong parents, they can be effected in a negative way as well. As any parent knows, its very hard to stay calm when a couple of children are blasting powerful emotionally charged energies all over the room.

It is the same on the global scene.

It is the reason behind the planned hysteria in the media.

It is why certain world leaders will lie just to get people to go to war.

This principle of “like attracts like” is a powerful magical principle and it is the foundation upon which the spell is based.

What spell?

The spell (as outlined in The Book of Revelations) that is being cast on the people of this earth right now.

We all know this spell. We’ve been through it several times.

The first part of ‘the spell’ is cast by the media which literally slobbers over each new world disaster. Instead of focusing on positive changes and/or holding governments accountable for their failure (the ostensible purpose of media in a democracy) to respond, they forgive, forget, and then get back to the negative. The media frenzy around 911 is a perfect example. They managed to get a whole nation to be afraid of a handful of terrorists and look what they were able to do with that energy? They started a war in and found unique and creative ways to remove your freedoms at home.

And that’s just the start. It is a cyclical spell, like a tornado. It starts off small at the bottom but grows and grows. As more energy is tainted, as more energy is released, the power of the tornado grows.

And its not just the fearful, paranoid, and hateful expression of the living that is important. As is clearly outlined in The Book of Revelations, it is also about human sacrifice. As Aleister Crowley pointed out in one of his books, a blood sacrifice releases even more energy. The dark truth is, if a black magician draw blood or kills a living thing, chi (energy) is released – and a lot of it! What is more, since the donor has now vacated the 3D world, the energy is now free for us.

I know its disturbing but don’t take my word for it. Doesn’t it appear to you like the leaders of our world are willingly sacrificing the young and strong among us?

Now in this context, the state of the “donor” is extremely important. Remember that energy can have spin. A sacrifice that is terrified and full of hate releases an energy that it imprinted with their fear and hatred and that energy can then be used to fuel a certain type of energetic tornado. If your goal is to create negative, fearful, or hateful things in the world, then the more negative, fearful, or hateful the “donor”, the better. Heck, if you can fill people with enough rage that they’ll actually blow themselves up in anger and frustration, even better.

The blacker the death, the better.

And remember, it is a cyclic process.

It starts small and then, if we let it, gradually expands into a howling monster of a storm.

It has happened twice in this century already.

We are counting.

We call the first attempt World War I, the second attempt World War II, and the third attempt (the current attempt) World War III.

Now don’t be scared. Don’t get all “icky” on me and go off paranoid about global conspiracies and reptiles and the like. There is nothing to be scared of. This isn’t something that is being done to you. This is something you are doing to yourself and you can stop it at any time.

The truth is, the PTB cannot pull this off by themselves. They are old, weak, and feeble and even if they weren’t, it takes the combined intent and energy of millions of people to re-bind the billions on this planet.

They just cannot do it alone.

So don’t let them.

Stop playing their game.

Don’t let the parasitical corporate media convince you to help them invoke the Four Horsemen.

Unplug from the spell and cast a different one.

Take the current ascending crescendo of panic in the mainstream media over the bird flu virus as an example of all this.

If you believe the media, the bird flu is the next big pandemic. It will require martial law, the quarantine of airspace, forced vaccination, and a whole host of similar draconian (read oppressive) measures to control. If you believe the media (and this includes the alternative media because has collected over 345 very scary articles on the bird flu!), its going to be horrible.

The funny thing is though. The Bird Flu is not at the level of pandemic yet. I’m no epidemiologist but it doesn’t even seem close. To date, only a handful of people have been infected and even less have died from it. It is barely a blip on the epidemiological screen. Like the SARS virus a couple years ago, it seems hardly worth talking about. The sad truth is that millions more people die from the common flu every year than have yet to even get sick with the Bird Flu. According to the CDC (, 36,000 people die from influenza every year in America alone! Add Canada, Latin America, and the rest of the world and I bet the numbers are in the millions.

Compare: Millions of people dying from the flew every year versus less than a hundred so far dying from The Bird Flu.

It kinda makes you wonder, why all the panic over HN51?

The answer that I want to offer for your consideration is the magical one.

The media, which is highly concentrated and controlled by only a handful of very rich people, are participating in a something that I call The Black Invocation.

In essence, they are helping to cast a spell.

They are engaged in the “summoning of demons”.

They are calling the Horsemen.

They are invoking Armageddon.

They are drawing your energy, focusing your fear, and using your energy and intent (energy follows intent) to gradually manifest a global and deadly pandemic. The more people they frighten, and the more people they sacrifice, the more energy they’ll have to direct towards manifesting the global pandemic. It’s a cyclical thing and every iteration (SARS, HN51, etc.) helps. If we aren’t careful, pretty soon we will have a raging black tornado on our hands.

Now, I’m not telling you this because I’m trying to scare you. I’m not scared of the Bird Flu. I survived a horrible five day flu last year that knocked my entire family on its ass. It hit us all at the same time and because I had three sick dependent children and one sick wife, I couldn’t even rest in bed. My wife and I dragged ourselves around the house like a pair of corpses for a week tending to everyone else’s needs, but we survived and you can to. Just don’t be afraid. Don’t contribute your energy to the spell and most importantly, don’t draw that reality to yourself.

And besides, its just a flu.

If you get sick, recover.

If I want you to feel anything about this its not fear, its anger.

Get pissed off.

What other emotion is there when you realize that a few powerful people with control of the world’s communication channels are trying to sacrifice you just so they can retain their wealth and status.

They want a world for the “chosen” few, but let’s say enough is enough.

Let’s beat them at their own game!

Cast our own spell.

Here’s how.

Sit down.

Cross your legs.

Meditate with The Great Invocation (, think NO NEGATIVE THOUGHTS (because that only helps them with their spell) and repeat me after me.

“Our world leaders (political, business, and military) are irresponsible.”

“Our world leaders are childish.”

“Everybody can see it now.”

“Everybody can see the truth.”

“Our leaders are children.”

“It is time our world leaders were taken gently by the hand and timed out until such time as they can learn to share and play nice.”

Repeat this spell, or some non-violent variation of it, whenever you can think about it.

It’s a peaceful solution to the problem of the spoilt child.

It may sound stupid to some of you but what have you got to lose?

It just takes a minute a day. The worst that will happen is you’ll get some much needed breathing space from the hyperactive media machine. The best that will happen is you’ll help prevent the story in The Book of Revelations from manifesting yet one more time.

I for one choose a Divine World Order.

In La’kech

Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp is a spiritual writer and mystic who has written several books on the ascension, chakra and kundalini activation, the tarot, and the nature of God, our Divinity, and our relation to his universe. You can find out more by visiting his web page at

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