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America’s Ego
2005 11 16

By C. Moors |

As an individual gets lost in a false personality internalized from the external’s actions/reactions, a whole nation can become bound by misconception. The STATE becomes the macro’s version of the micro EGO. Then collectively the believers are bound to the Karmic Errors which follow the always mentally justified transgressions against their fellow humans.

Every time ‘9-11’ is called out to provide cover and you allow it to arrest critical thinking, realize that you are as controlled as if you were sitting in a hypnotist’s chair staring at a light. It is a trigger to override independence. Since that date there have been many world events which have seen greater death and tragedy. They are not perceived as being equally significant because the suffering is not under the auspices of America’s macro “I”.

If it was so wrong for others to kill Americans in the name of philosophy, how is it to follow that the reciprocal is acceptable? Psychologically it is portrayed as different and it is possible only because individuals have given up their personal power. If you see the world from outside its influences, there is no difference between one philosophy and another because they all fall short of the Universe as it is.

This is the long-standing block in the road for human development which is finally being addressed on a grand scale. No set of rules can apply to a world full of unique individuals. It is a wrong approach. When we internally discover the infinite link, a peaceful order is found through the harmony of interconnectedness. This luxury can be embarked upon only when the basic needs of the world’s peoples can be met so attention can be directed higher than merely survival.

In short, it is PRIDE that is precipitating America’s fall: the classic psychological error that is so difficult because it provides a reason for every attack. Lashing out in rage there is a voice that says the enemy deserves it for hurting you. This is a very immature surrendering to a basic force that is being misdirected. It is also the absence of Love.

Proclaiming to believe in Jesus, most American’s don’t even understand His most basic ideas. Turn the other cheek has again been subverted by an eye for an eye. What we must realize is that the NEW TESTAMENT is a fundamental break from the OLD. The western world followed one path and then climbed the step to another. The OLD has never stopped using its provocations to lure us back. It is our collective past, so somewhere in our subconscious there is a part of us that still responds to its baser message.

If you say you can’t Love someone who wants to kill you, you have a logical argument. But Love isn’t logic. As Love is the natural state of Life on Earth, there is something in the way of those who haven’t discovered it yet. Many think they have, but are demonstrating simply emotional attachment. If you only Love your family and friends but nobody else, you have much to learn.

Cause and effect is unavoidable. America can not claim to be completely blameless any more than a killer who kills a man who killed his wife. Did it make the situation better? Is it a lasting, long term solution? No. More lives were destroyed and healing moves farther and farther away. Deep in the belly of the beast, there is a conscious universal concept child being born.

The schizophrenic contradictions only crystallize the ascension of the soul in the most intelligent and aware of those on the ground. Their ability to articulate truth revelations on an unprecedented scale is shining a light first for their countrymen in darkness and then as a beacon for the whole Earth. Many of the world’s peoples will respond because they want us to lead the way to salvation for all. They are so upset now, because we were the hope of the world and if that hope is lost in an orgy of capitalistic greed and materialistic posturing by a few selfish bastards, a tragedy with centuries of repercussions has occurred.

C. Moors, Transcendence World Movement

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