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Stop the Madness
2005 10 16

By Michael Sharp | Recieved from Mike Sosteric

Cassandra as in the "Cassandra Syndrome". Painting by Evelyn De Morgan
If there is one thing that really annoys me these days its the way so many media people (and here I also include alternative media like push ďthe dark agendaĒ. Do you ever step back and look at these sites? All they do is mark up stories about how the elite are in control, how the world is being destroyed, how the weather will wipe us all out, and on and on an on. You have to wonder, who controls these sights. Are these people like you and me who want to reduce death and destruction by finding positive alternatives or are these people really just shills for the elite helping them put stuff into our consciousness that will inevitably (because ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT manifest if they can get enough people to believe it?

I mean, how would you interpret an event like the Katrina after reading a site like rense? Youíd see a dark elite government bent on destroying its own citizens putting in place marshal law and probably using technology (i.e., H.A.R.P) to encourage geological destruction. The image painted by these sites is of a dark, powerful, and unstoppable global conspiracy or powerful and destructive Gaia with poor little you and me out of the loop and out of control. Other messages, i.e., that we are in control and we can have a powerful impact, are actively suppressed.

Interesting choice of realities here isnít it?

The masses as powerless or the masses as in control.

I donít have to spell out which reality the elites want to manifest.

Ironically, by focusing only on a certain type of message and ignoring others, these sites are HELPING A CERTAIN REALITY MANIFEST. There is no other way to put it and frankly, Iím a little annoyed.

Now there is an alternative way of looking at whatís happening and that is that the elites are out of their depth. They know the people of this earth are taking their power back and they know they are losing control. They are struggling with an increasingly obvious desperation to create a reality but WE WILL NOT LET THEM MANIFEST IT. You can see it happening right now at the grass roots where peon after peon is brought up on charges and thrown in jail. You can see it when we respond to disaster by opening our hearts and praying that nothing more happens instead of praying that something more will happen because someone, somewhere said that the end times was all about death and destruction (you know, the four horseman and all that).

But listen to me now. It all up in the air. There needs to be no death and no destruction to complete this process of ascension. The Four Horseman are sent by the elites to prevent ascension and are manifested with a global magic so black that it would make my two young children scream for days. And the thing is, for their magic to work, YOU HAVE TO PARTICIPATE in it. There is no other way. The high spiritual truth is, they donít have power over you. They canít do anything on this earth unless they get allot of help from the masses and people like you. They know they need your power and intent even if you donít realize it.

So if you donítí want to be responsible for manifesting the Four Horseman, STOP giving them your energy. Stop leading others in that direction.

Stop hanging on every little natural disaster.

Stop being so worried, scared, and paranoid about what ďtheyĒ might be doing and realize, they canít do anything unless you let them.

So STOP STOP STOP because if you donít, all the really bad prophecies WILL HAPPEN and YOU will be responsible. It wonít stop the ascension. Unfortunately for those in power, thatís a done deal. But it will ensure that a lot less children will be around to enjoy it and this would be a real crime in my book.

So for Christ sake, pay attention to the message you are sending to people. Ask yourself, are you giving energy to the old world by participating in the black magic of its manifestation or you are actually doing something constructive by taking energy away and helping to manifest a new, light filled, world. Its an important question and Iíd recommend you answer it honestly because there will be consequences not only for the children of this world who will suffer because of you but because YOU will have to live in the world YOU CHOOSE to create.

Let me be perfectly clear here, you wonít get to manifest the old world and live in the new world with the rest of us. Youíll have to clean up the mess you created.

Mark my words.


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