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Light Beings Lift Darkness so Birds Fly Free
2005 10 10

By C. Moors |

One thing about darkness is that it seeks all the most vulnerable spots within the human psyche. Even those who fear very little may have one blind spot that lurks deep inside, and if so, it is almost guaranteed that evil will find it. It can provoke any number of responses, some which cause pain, and some which bring the matter forward so we can heal.

If you wonder why and how things have gotten so out of hand in the good old U. S. of A., consider that this is our opportunity to transcend. We can have the happy ending we always wanted. We can learn the lessons of this time and change our behavior to reflect realities that we never knew were there. Sharing this information with each other and our children, we heal the hurt and establish new territory in the higher realms.

When Jesus said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” he was demonstrating something any good parent knows. If a two year old gets into trouble just wandering around, we don’t hold them personally accountable. They had to make the mistakes so they could learn and the parent could provide proper guidance. This same phenomenon occurs from the adult human – to ascended light being. It is a huge leap, and it is up to the light beings to help facilitate the process. That is why we are here.

Even recently I’ve gotten letters from more and more people who have begun the process of awakening. They often talk about the past as if they were in some kind of a coma or something. Every morning when the sun rises, the flowers open up in greeting. Some pop open immediately and some just a little later. In the end, there is no difference. The grace and glory is bountiful and offered to all equally.

When your life is going well, believe that it can! It is hard after dwelling in habits to truly believe the open spaces are for you. It is much like the example of a bird who has spent their whole life in a cage. You can open the door, but the bird will still not escape. Now, imagine that another friendly bird, truly sincere in his purpose, flew up and whispered, “It is okay, I believe in you and know you can do it. I used to be in the same position, and although afraid, I made the leap and the air out here is tremendous!” Maybe, just maybe, that would be enough to coax the first bird to fly.

It is with a happy heart that I say, “The cages are open.” Some will cry again and again, “No, helpless birds, it is scary out there. You need someone to protect you.” Please don’t listen. It is like an old gramophone record that has been on loop because somebody forgot to lift the needle. It is an echo of the past and it is good to remember so it can not sneak up and influence us again. Love has finally come to stay.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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