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2005 10 06

By C. Moors |

So many prove themselves correct and see not that they are only operating on one level of Existence at a time. Totally sure, they lose everything that was possible.

There are so many ways to feel and function. The mind can be convinced of the truth of its argument, but does it have the ability to simultaneously realize the effect its resolution has on the one it is proving itself to?

While slaughter occurs from corporate run killing machines, a worker plods away, numb to his surroundings. Got to pay the bills and feed the kids. There is no other solution in this ‘reality’. TV is the ultimate distraction. An imitation world easier than the imitation world he lives in. You better believe he is a Christian. His family was and his friends are... What else is there? Other naive fools are unforgiven Sinners and going to Hell.

This speculative narrative was demonstrative not about crazy fanatics on the edge of an otherwise reliable belief system; it portrays one of the basic tenants to the thinking of any who claim the religion. ‘Christ is the savior and there is no way to Heaven but through Him.’ Well, he was indeed a savior. Not from some magic God formula, but because he had the guts to tell the truth in an oppressive environment. Otherwise the sweet nectar of universal reality might not have even been possible today.

When one transcends from the 3rd dimension, through the 4th, to the 5th, and then takes a look around, the landscape is similar to before, but like the edges and extensions of fractals, what you see keeps becoming subtler and subtler. First the body, then the aura, then the type of entity is seen. Sometimes you will be shocked to find that a friend was really a fiend. Sometimes you will find that the one who pressed you the most did you the most favors.

Shaken free from focus on form, the alien presence reveals itself as not someday going to occur, but to have happened long ago. No longer are we in the days of hoping for some movie like first contact. There is a lot more going on than that children’s tale. There are all kinds of beings here. There are races of aliens from many star systems, some of whom are aware of each other, and some of whom seek to help or hurt humans. There are Demons organizing against the Good everyday. There are hundreds of self-conscious Angel Warriors holding these wicked hordes at bay. There are thousands of animal souls who have only recently made the leap to human form and are still very innocent, or very indulgent etc., depending upon that which they have descended from.

People, remove the guilt you feel for entertaining these possibilities. This is the very root of evolution’s stunting. Screw it! Who cares what people think? But you might lose your job? Oh you mean and then have the opportunity to figure out what you were REALLY put on this planet for? To find out what your own soul planned to do? To find out the next lesson that might one day set you completely free from the bonds of godless pain? It is economic slavery to do something against your soul for peanuts and excuses.

Every word uttered from now on will be a rallying cry for Awakening, or the helpless caterwauling of a dying past spiraling into the Black Hole of Non-Existence.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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