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Transcendence Now
2005 09 13

From C. Moors |

Silent bystanders allow injustice to compound upon injustice. They only think they are not involved. Every time someone fails to act or speak up for what they know inside to be the truth, they let themselves down, and turn away from the face of God. Evil has power over those who have no power of their own. Either the Lion will roar or the body will make so much trouble that your whole incarnation will be spent chasing after darkness of your own instigation.

Gently the wind touches the cheek on a lazy afternoon… To perceive the moment with such depth would not have been possible if the Hell of the past was not owned up to and given safe passage into the dustbin of history. Now relaxation replaces anxiety, and trust fosters love. One day fruits will arrive. Share these without reservation as many more will grow.

Intently primal forces whip up a frenzy that must be tamed and given order. A flailing hose of destruction can be transformed into a bamboo flute used to create heavenly harmony. With this kind of focused resonance, attention can discover the answer to anything. Ask and ye shall receive. Opening the third eye is such a basic step. Resistance to easy ideas is a problem of the confused.

Behind all surface ripples is one vibration. In this essence exists the personality of your best friend, the rhetoric that spawns revolutions, and the wisdom of the sages. There is no end to what can be drawn from the love speckled River of Life. Light up your Chakras my friend. There is no obstacle in the way of Transcendence NOW. Do the work! Read the books, meditate, and seek counsel from wise people. There is no excuse worthwhile.

Sometimes things get thrust into one’s face because it is the right time for them to finally face something they have been avoiding. This is one thing psychedelic drugs do for those who ingest them. They thrust the individual right into the madness and force them to deal with it. Often people will see truths that make their daily doldrums seem even more imprisoning. What we can all begin to realize is that life itself is a sort of psychedelic experience. We must set ourselves free to live the beautiful reality that is only sometimes allowed in ‘special’ moments.

630 tranquil reflecting pools calm chaos while 1,999,997 statues of Buddha gaze at the setting sun. When the sun finally disappears below the horizon sleep sets in. In the morning when the sun arises, for the first time something deep inside stirs and you understand why people worship the sun - our great life giver. It is an insult to look elsewhere when God shines His light in our face everyday. One inescapable fact about Zen Masters; they always tell you the literal truth. When metaphors evaporate and Basho’s Frog Plops into your lap, you will laugh a tremendously cleansing laugh.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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