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Archangel Christopher on Katrina
2005 09 02

By C. Moors |

There is so much suffering for the people of the North American Continent that it sounds like an endlessly ringing bell in the heavens. Many who are not sinking in the physical world abyss of New Orleans and related areas are drowning in a psychological storm of even greater proportions. Our psychic field creates our physical reality. Those who recognize that the storm came through from the 4th dimension are only partially correct. In fact it comes directly from our own collective subconscious.

The suppression of reality has created a split within humanity. The part that has been denied gathers energy until it becomes a living force on its own. Then this comes crashing out in some form in an attempt to get our attention. It has to take a bigger and bigger scale because humanity is harder and harder to reach. For some reason (prescription drugs, childish education levels, TV sound bite thinking, etc…) people would rather die than accept responsibility for their role in world affairs.

Inaction to abuse on any scale is called enabling. All the silent masses who put their head deep beneath the sands are supporters of atrocity which inevitably causes a karmic kickback. This is a law of the universe which there is no way to avoid. The day of reckoning will surely come sooner or later. If the message of Katrina, “WAKE UP!” was heeded, it could be a new beginning. Unfortunately people will likely respond by trying to reestablish the status quo even stronger. This will precipitate an even greater occurrence in attempt to get the attention of the sleeping consumers.

There is no pleasure in delivering this message through my faithful conduit. It is amazing the threshold of retribution that has to be overcome to offer even the most simple of spiritual truths. This Universe is much more flexible and prone to suggestion than most would imagine. In fact you can literally wish for something and if you believe, there is no doubt that it will come true in time. You are the great manifestors you have been waiting for, only the power has lain dormant for centuries.

When you wonder why such cataclysmic events happen, just consider the feelings being provoked by your various news channels. Even as they talk of the horrific possibilities you can feel an almost orgasmic ecstasy at the impending destruction. It is fuel for the fires of hell. For those that muse silently to themselves that it would take the devil himself to rule over this chaos, you are not far from the truth. Satan can manifest in the body, but only as a fragment. He partners with souls willing to sacrifice others for their own gain. Through the darker side of occult rituals, the fusing becomes semi-permanent and the original host soul takes a backseat to the desires of animal instinct.

I am so sorry for those who are dying both physically and spiritually. Those of you who understand the awakening experience and the glories of the other side, must rescue anyone who can receive the transmission with the urgency of the rescuers pulling one after another person from the rooftops of New Orleans. The crisis is just as grievous if not more so. Not just bodies are dying, but souls are too. This death is not just for one life, but becomes a permanent condition from which there is no escape.

Archangel Christopher on Katrina 2

God has suggested that the best solution to the situation in New Orleans would be to build a new city ‘Orleans’ in the U. S. African territory of Liberia. Displaced citizens could move there and create a new African capital that becomes a source of healing for the whole continent. Realizing the fleeting nature of life and the necessity of sharing with each other, the lightworkers amongst the survivors could devote themselves to the goal of restoring the Ancient Jewel.

Rarely does humanity realize the ideal of the divine plan. People have been given the power and opportunity to make things work, but they often fail largely because of self-interest being put over the interest of the community. This is mostly due to the current financial system. This criminal conspiracy could be disposed of and a new American based currency the ‘Amero’ could be introduced. Call it a new era. Why would you seek to do otherwise? The individual is never helpless unless they render themselves so.

How bizarre it is for the US military to occupy the US to keep US citizens from harming US citizens. Unfortunately the disaster is revealing the situation which was already in place. The community is divided and the less fortunate are offered little assistance. The politicians argue that socialism brings everybody down to poverty and disregards the possibility of everybody being brought higher than ever before through a redefined system based on universal law. If the mission is not seized by the few who do understand very soon, the possibility of this happening will disappear completely and the Earth Life Experiment will be considered a C+. There were some good moments in history, although success was disregarded in favor of failure.

Evolution continues. Humans do not grow another set of arms or antennae, because they do not need them. They are perfect as they are and would continue to glow if people did not poison themselves and each other in a myriad of ways. Life progression is instead to a higher dimension. From the head to the heart; from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, an expansive opening allows the unpreconceivable happening to take place. Connection shows that all the trappings of the outside are on the surface while the ocean was always profoundly quiet deep underneath.

New Orleans has become a portal to hell. It is best to leave and never go back. Protect yourself from the expansion of violence. Begin anew every day. If you lose everything, take the time to reevaluate your life before you fill it again with all the old habits. We are here to find ourselves. The harder you are hit, the more you have to look inwards. Heavenly blessings go out to those who turn tragedy into triumph.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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