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2.45GHz Radiofrequency Fields Alter Gene Expression in Cultured Human Cells
The Danger of Cell Phone Radiation
2005 09 12

From Micheal Mandeville | Earthchange-Bulletins

Take a look at the article below. Sorry Boomers, but you need to buy into a different generation of cell phones. What this means is that you need NOT to have a transmitter next to your body in the form of a cell phone or a wireless home phone receiver. I wouldn't say this on the strength of this one study, but the evidence is piling up among the results of many studies that long term long winded exposure to cellular phone activity IS LIKE JUMPING OVER A CLIFF BLINDLY. MAYBE THE LANDING IS SHORT AND SOFT FOR MOST FOLKS. MAYBE NOT. WANNA FIND OUT? THINK ABOUT HOW SAFE THE ARMY SAYS DU IS. IT TOOK US 20 YEARS TO FIND OUT FOR CERTAIN THAT THEY WERE LIARS. And they are still lying about it even though only Army recruits from the stoned-out viideo game generation still believe them. Amazing.

In my opionion, the only people who should use cell phones are those who need to respond to emergencies, or old people and handicapped who may need to call for help. Otherwise, think strongly about sparing your brainlobes.

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National Center for Biotechnology Information

Lee S, Johnson D, Dunbar K, Dong H, Ge X, Kim YC, Wing C, Jayathilaka N, Emmanuel N, Zhou CQ, Gerber HL, Tseng CC, Wang SM.

Department of Medicine, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637, USA.

The biological effect of radiofrequency (RF) fields remains controversial. We address this issue by examining whether RF fields can cause changes in gene expression. We used the pulsed RF fields at a frequency of 2.45GHz that is commonly used in telecommunication to expose cultured human HL-60 cells. We used the serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) method to measure the RF effect on gene expression at the genome level. We observed that 221 genes altered their expression after a 2-h exposure. The number of affected genes increased to 759 after a 6-h exposure. Functional classification of the affected genes reveals that apoptosis-related genes were among the upregulated ones and the cell cycle genes among the downregulated ones. We observed no significant increase in the expression of heat shock genes. These results indicate that the RF fields at 2.45GHz can alter gene expression in cultured human cells through non-thermal mechanism.

PMID: 16107253 [PubMed - in process]

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