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Angel Buddha Christopher on God and Creation
2005 09 28

By C. Moors |

Even as I reach out Now, I am connected to God. For those who react as if it is preposterous, I respond that it is more unbelievable that you are not. How dare anyone proclaim as off-limits the missing link! Things have changed and they will continue to change.

Those afraid of even the slightest provocation towards conflict tend to freak out over any little thing. Nobody benefits from such a weak position. Scared to make a peep on their own behalf, they wonder why nobody understands them.

There are layers upon layers of experience to uncover. Every dream and vision happens always. Luckily God is hipper than most realize. He says in my ear, “Oooooo, I am sooo scary,” as He giggles and makes ooga booga hands. C’mon and finish this. It isn’t so hard. Once you see, you will know why the message had to be transmitted this way.

Christ just stepped forward through the Father to remind us all that we are equal Sons and Daughters of God. The Holy Spirit is the Mother and the Soul of the Earth. Each of us is 1/3 of the Trinity. Although there are many individuals, the process only unfolds in the One and each time it is the expression of the Whole. Celebration vibrates to the Far Corners while our minds absorb the raining starlight.

God is aware of W., Chirac, Blair, Sharon, Condi, Rummy, and Cheney etc… Actually He says, “You have to admit there is a kind of beauty in Cheney; so perfectly he plays the scoundrel. I wish I could help the Anger which keeps arresting his Heart. Deep inside he wants to die and take everybody with him. This will not be allowed.” Some of the others are like character actors in an old play. The new world comes when those of you who are self-conscious organize in a different way. Do this by recognizing each other and following higher ideals.

Buddha is not actively involved here. He simply waits for the dust to settle. Like a lighthouse he still shines through the fog to those who wish to travel to him. The 'Babaji to Yogananda' line of Masters continues to gently but firmly guide evolution of emerging souls. Osho will pop right in if you let your guard down. Watch out, he may be looking for you. Barry Long is gone, but has left behind tremendously beneficial maps for the journey.

Angels are working closely with those called to transmit the message of awakening over the internet. Some of the fairy folk emerge in the darkest part of the night to do what they can around the fringes of human society. They look after plants and encourage lightness of mood. Over a long period of time, their contribution adds up, making a big difference to the default state of mind.

Of course entities such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Pteradactyls exist in the astral realm. Occasionally, their world and ours blend together, and we share space. It is no harm at all and certainly nothing to be concerned about. It is a beauty like Giraffes, Elephants, Hippos and Rhinos.

Within every cell of every creature lives the unifying presence. In that place, there is no distinction of form. Primordial goo beats the rhythm of Creation.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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