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Witchcraft and nail clippings: the weird world of Cherie Blair?
2005 09 21

Ed Comment: This is no condemnation. One wonders how far they stretch it though. Into black magik or occult rituals? These days not so much would surprise. It's when they try to hide it that one becomes suspicious. How deep do the Blair's rabbit hole go?

By Cahal Milmo |

Cherie Blair with G W Bush
Even by the standards of the alternative therapies said to be used by Cherie Blair, submitting her husband's toenail clippings to a health guru's pendulum is taking her alleged New Age obsession to a higher level.

Mrs Blair, a human rights lawyer, has long been the subject of claims about her fondness for weird and wonderful treatments, ranging from a Mayan rebirthing ceremony to eating strawberry leaves to cure swollen ankles.

But a book published yesterday about the Blairs has taken tales of odd practices inside the prime ministerial household to new extremes.

Such was the eyebrow-raising nature of the claims made in Tony And Cherie, A Special Relationship that Downing Street issued a forthright denial.

Cherie Blair with Bill
The book, written by Paul Scott, a journalist, uses alleged conversations with members of the couple's entourage to paint a picture of Mrs Blair as ambitious and intelligent but in the thrall of a series of bizarre practices. Among the techniques said to be employed by Mrs Blair was to take jars containing hair and nail clippings belonging to herself and her husband to Jack Temple, a retired market gardener turned health guru.

Temple, who died in 2004, is claimed to have "dowsed" the jars by waving a pendulum over them to detect "poisons and blockages" that could affect the Blairs.

Quoting a number of unnamed "Blair court insiders", the book claims: "Temple told Cherie that his pendulum could tell her when it was a good time or bad time to make major decisions."

The author, who also makes lurid claims about the Blairs' sex life, said he had written the book because of the way the couple had sought to portray themselves in the public eye.

Cherie Blair with Hillary Clinton
Scott, who has written for the Daily Mail, said: "The Blairs have sold themselves as a ... sort of celebrity couple. It is important that in the face of this carefully-constructed image we know what goes on behind the scenes."

The couple's relationship with Carole Caplin, the former glamour model turned lifestyle adviser, is also revisited in the book, which claims that Ms Caplin personally bathed Mrs Blair as part of her service.

Scott also claims that Mrs Blair has been locked in a feud with the Princess Royal since they first met in the wake of Labour's election victory in 1997.

The Prime Minister's wife is alleged to have said: "Do call me Cherie", to which the Princess is said to have replied: "Actually, let's not go that way; let's stick to Mrs Blair."

When they met again a few years later, the Princess is claimed to have turned her back on Mrs Blair, prompting her to remark: "That bitch completely blanked me."

Downing Street has reversed its usual policy of silence on the Blairs' private life to rubbish the claims. A spokeswoman said: "This is a mixture of recycled gossip and pure fantasy; in particular the remarks about Mrs Blair and the Royal Family, which are totally untrue."

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Blair revelations reiterate elite occult obsession

Remember the Aztec Re-birthing rituals and "channeling the light"?

Steve Watson |

This week's revelations in the London Independent about the obsessive "new age" activities of the Blairs reveal nothing new but serve to reiterate how our leaders are fascinated by "bizarre practices", odd ceremonies and rituals that any right minded person would find eerily occultist, certainly beyond the level an elected so called "Christian" leader should be engaging in.

Such was the eyebrow-raising nature of the claims made in Tony And Cherie, A Special Relationship that Downing Street issued a forthright denial. Writes the Independent.

So the Blairs are contending that all these claims are simply false, which is surprising given that in the past many mainstream media outlets have reported on their engagement in strange practices, were those all made up too?

Among the milder activities Cherie Blair is said to have taken jars of her own and her husband's hair and nail clippings to health guru who "dowsed" the jars by waving a pendulum over them to detect "poisons and blockages" that could affect the Blairs.

Supposedly the guru told Cherie Blair that "his pendulum could tell her when it was a good time or bad time to make major decisions."

According to encyclopedia site, the pendulum "...has been used for centuries in fortune-telling and as an occult device for communicating with spirits and ghosts. The seemingly spontaneous swings or rotations of the pendulum are seen as coded signals from the World Beyond."

Of course, this is not the first time we have heard of the Blairs' penchant for making major decisions via bizarre practices. In 2004 the London Times reported on the fact that Tony Blair had made political decisions based on new age readings of a hidden force called 'The Light'.

Whether the term "The Light" does or does not represent Lucifer, as it is commonly known, is an afterthought. The fact that The Prime Minister of Britain, who has made the call to partake in multiple armed conflicts around the world since 1997, makes political decisions by channeling anything is beyond the pale.

The new Book also reveals how Cherie Blair has borrowed a practice from white witchcraft and on a regular basis casts a circle, a deeply symbolic act in magic, to create ‘sacred space’.

Another revelation details how Blair himself always keeps a gray velvet pouch in his breast pocket. It contains a small piece of red ribbon and a piece of rolled up paper. Even his closest advisors do not know its significance, but he cannot operate without it.

In 2001 The London Observer (5th Paragraph), the London Times (2nd story) and the Edmonton Journal among others reported on the Blair family holiday on the Mexican Riviera, during which the Prime Minister and his wife went through a hybrid New Age/Mayan "rebirthing ritual."

The Blairs stood outside a brick pyramid on the hotel's grounds and bowed toward each point of the compass while chanting to each of the four winds. The Pyramid and the compass are of course both ancient elite symbols that have been adopted by secret societies such as the Freemasons in more recent times.

They then moved around the outside of the pyramid, one façade at a time, praying first to the Mayan symbols of the sun and baby lizards, signifying spring and childhood. They then prayed to another wall, on which a bird was painted, representing adolescence, summer and freedom. One a third was a crab for maturity and autumn, and finally a serpent for winter and transformation.

Before emerging from the pyramid, the Blairs were instructed to give voice to their hopes and fears and then undergo a "rebirth." This involved smearing each other with Mayan fruits and mud and exiting a "womb" in the pyramid whilst violently screaming.

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Is there more than one Cherie Blair?

Catherine Bennett |

Some of those who saw a recent documentary, Being Pamela, have proposed that the most plausible explanation for her conduct is that she, too, [Cherie Blair] is a sufferer from MPD (multiple personality disorder), or DID (dissociative identity disorder) as it has recently been re-classified. A diagnosis of DID means, I understand, that a patient will appear to have a number of different personas, or "alters", each with his or her own speech or behaviour patterns, and whose actions may, when another persona takes over, be entirely forgotten. Like Pamela's, Cherie's curious, seemingly inconsistent conduct could be interpreted as a collection of quite discrete, widely differing behaviours on the part of powerfully imagined alters whose actions seem to have absolutely no bearing on one another.

One day, she might appear in the character of a devout young mother, peeping shyly from a giant mantilla as she explains the importance of the Virgin Mary. "I passionately believe there is no more important role in life than motherhood. I admire her self-sacrifice, her ability to accept God's will and her trust in Him." In an instant, she might switch to a different persona, a bleating new age devotee of homeopathy, crystals and mud-covered rebirthing, then again into a highly toxic property developer, determined that nothing will stand between her and a brace of luxury flats, until, in another shift of personae, she forgets both flats and financial adviser, and morphs into an eBay-addicted shopoholic with a fondness for brazen sexual innuendo, whose favourite programme, Supermarket Sweep, would be anathema to Mrs Blair in the most rational of her guises - as the brilliant human rights lawyer and undeviating hammer of sexist discrimination (whatever its cultural context), Cherie Booth QC.

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