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Angels and ET’s in the 1000 Colored Rainbow
2005 09 17

By C. Moors |

No matter how fancy the words, they can but depict only one small subset of perception variables at any given time. Universal circumstance is infinite and the characters in play interact with all the variety of a 1000 colored rainbow. In the search for life we must not expect to find creatures as dense as we. The onus is on us to rise higher.

Not every physical representation of a star/planet idea is going to have entities hanging around. Some do, not on the planet, but in the atmosphere at a higher level of vibration. The cosmic display of our Universe is where everybody pertinent to our situation lives, but much of what we see is an echo. All of our worldly devices only record the surface happenings. It is our strength as humans to reach beyond.

Science becomes metaphysical with the equation. More than simple cause and effect relation, it predicts in principle what we can not nail down otherwise. It is a form of sorcery; a way to bring the invisible into the visible (often with horrific consequences). Also dabbling in the occult, those who regularly flash symbols or repeat mantras are attempting to channel forces in an effort to persuade others to their cause.

There is a whole other language that Mr. and Mrs. TV never comes to use. Casual observers to life do not even notice this higher level of communication that goes on all around them. Even some of the car companies etc. have adopted symbols that actually mean something ancient and powerful. The Mitsubishi tripartite logo in particular is an example. This is not necessarily evil, but should be understood.

I am happy to notice others building upon the work of revealing the fact that first contact occurred long ago. The only one who is going to come and shake our human hand with a human hand is another human. We are not set in this form forever. It is a transition. 70 years out of millions is like waiting at the bus stop to go across town. Have a chat or two, and you’re out of there.

An examination of concrete examples of alien/spirit unity starts with the Pleiadians, and the Draconians. The Pleiadian realm is where many angels live. They are in light bodies and hang in the space around the star cluster. Through stars they can send messages across light years. If you tune in your third eye and use our Sun as a conduit, you can communicate with them any time you’d like. The Draconians on the other hand are looking for you.

Using the emotional blocks/pain that many on Earth continue to carry, they feed parasitically off of the life energy the body/mind/soul combination radiates. This can become a passageway for them to enter into the body and push the true house keeper out of place. Many passive-aggressive people have this problem. They try to build a good life, but as soon as something triggers them, the pain comes forward, and the entity takes over. The goal of the evil in this moment is to stir up as much trouble as possible for the human. In this manner, they can remain with the body and continue to reap the energy harvest of chaos/fear.

When we see trailers for the latest incarnation of the movie ‘THE EXORCIST’, or something along those lines, most consider that phenomenon to be farfetched, rare, and something happening to someone else. In fact, a majority of the people are possessed to some extent. Through the modern media, the demons have worked with hosts already completely compromised to manifest fertile ground for their ever-increasing habitation in the body/mind of others. Since this evil is the opposite of what we as humans intrinsically seek to create, these perpetrators of division are the greatest enemies we have ever faced.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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