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US government officials further RFID "Mark of the Beast" agenda
2005 09 27

By PH Craftlove | Craftlove NWO Education Project

If one views the connection to RFID and hyper-surveillance technology and former and present officials it would seem coincidental if viewed one-by-one in isolation.

This rose-colored glasses approach crumbles when viewed in sheer numbers and totality. This project will attempt to inform the reader of a number of individuals that are involved in this and that the sheer volume cannot be seen as innocent, benign or above all ... coincidental. The list will be in numerical format and not exhaustive.

1. Present FDA chief and United Nations advisor approves the use of Verichip/Applied digital solutions RFID microchip implant in humans. Former HHS Secretary and Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson has become the front man and even implanted one allegedly in his own body. The company is now tagging corpses of Katrina victims in New Orleans.

2. Bill Clinton was a member of freemason youth group De Molay. Title: Masonic led Congress Acquits DeMolay Clinton.

3. Freemasons in Indiana push Verichip for children.

4. Bill Clinton's "wife" (not named Monica) Senator Hillary Clinton introduces a bill, along with co-sponsor Senator Frist to have widespread RFID utilization for "healthcare records".
"The New Healthcare System".

5. Tom Ridge , our nation's first-ever Secretary of Department of Homeland Security joins a RFID for shipping firm.

6. The firm has ties to questionable interests linked to the People's Republic of China. Said interests paid 50 million to the parent of Savi, Infolink systems, Inc. just after he joined the firm. (Hutchinson Port Holdings)

7. Another firm GlobalSecNine, connected to #1 China Lobbyist Brent Scowcroft then paid another 2 million to the parent firm all in the same time frame.

8. China is the future of RFID yet human rights are not a concern.
Rights Group looks at China and Techs. and - China RFID sales double in second quarter. National RFID ID coming there by 2008.

9. Asa Hutchinson (no relation known to HPH above) the #2 man at the illustrious Department of Homeland Security, that did such a 'damned fine job" at New Orleans with the Katrina matter is also an RFID "chip"munk. He has joined the law firm of Venable LLP which is an expert on RFID. and the head of this area of practice is a regional leader in the implementation of the technology. GBTC names Fowler as Chairman. RFID: 5 things small business should know about it.

10. Walmart is the 900 pound king kong of RFID. Wal-Mart RFID Mandate

11. Walmart has hired Eugene Scalia, esq. as one of its attorneys. He is the son of Supreme Court Justice Scalia that likes to go duck hunting with Vice President Dick Cheney and essentially put George W. Bush in the White House in 2000.

12. Asa Hutchinson did not go alone to Venable LLP, he was joined by Janet Rehnquist, esq. the daughter of recently deceased Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist.

13. Venable is not the only RFID link for Mr. Asa Hutchinson, he is also on the board of Saflink.
an RFID related company in its entirety.

14. Colin Powell, who gave the great speech on nonexistent WMD in Iraq to the corrupt United Nations is also on the RFID train. He joined the venture capital firm of Kleiner Perkins.

15. Kleiner Perkins has connections to the RFID Cabell group and through it to the sinister Carlyle Group comprised of former CIA and military types. or .

16. Michael Powell, the son of Colin and former FCC chairman seemed to like RFID while he was head of the commission. FCC Certifies UWB Positioning Tags.
UWB is a form of RFID on steroids that is very intrusive to privacy and can allow an employer to track his workers inside the building. Even to the point of having phone calls always ring the phone nearest the employee being sought.
See: Ubisense Releases Smart Space Platform, Only Scalable, Real-Time Location-Based Technology.

17. Michael Powell has moved into the surveillance arena himself.
Former FCC Chairman Powell Joins ObjectVideo Board of Directors. A video Surveillance firm involved in the new LockheedMartin Program to secure the NYC subway system in response to the false-flag "terrorist" attacks in the London tube system.

18. LockheedMartin won the bid for the NYC subway security contract from the Department of Homeland Security. The lobbyist for LockHeedMartin was the law firm of Latham & Watkins which is the former firm for the hero of New Orleans Secretary Michael Chertoff and also the firm of recent DHS hire "President Nominates Cheney Son-In-Law".

19. Yale, the home of the skull and bones Krewe would not be left behind in this of course or of curse...

20. Judge Roberts, the US Supreme Court nominee with the poker face masks a significant NWO agenda. His primary stockholding is Texas Instruments.

21. Texas Instruments has RFID ties to the Vatican.

22. Texas Instruments tracks inmate movements inside Arizona jail.

The previously provided information is not exhaustive nor meant to be. It is unfortunately merely an illustration of what direction the shadow government is taking us. The NWO must be stopped and the primary way to do this is to EXPOSE THEM. Please provide this infomation to whomever may help in the great task that lays ahead for those who still believe this country and world can be saved.

PH Craftlove, Director, Craftlove NWO Education Project.

Article received via email from: PH Craftlove

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