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London Bus Bombing - A Satanic Ritual 'Coincidence'
What Are The Odds?
2005 07 18

From Danny |

Let's talk some odds for a moment. Bring all this back into context.

Can any of you tell me what are the odds of a so-called "suicide-bomber" ending up blowing himself and a bus up - when the bus had been diverted from its normal route and ended up "lost" in Tavistock Square...right outside Fortress GB in Tavistock House, and that the "blood of the sacrificed" would end up spattered right on the lintels of the entrance to the original Tavistock Clinic from where the Tavistock Institute emanated, like a Satanic "passover" ritual?

Give it some thought.
Or, in other words, explain that one if you can.


P.S. - If a voice inside you tells you that was just a coincidence and you believe it, I suggest you go back and read the question properly until the truth sinks in.

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Impatient - Fortress GB, in partnership with ICTS

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The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous Zionist NWO False Flag Op mass-murderers Plan & The Way home.

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