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Heavenly Data Transmission V
2005 07 19

Posted By C. Moors |

Reality has no objective existence. Interference patterns that cross to form an impression in the mind of the individual are as varied as the circumstances in which they arise. This is not to say there is no unified force underlying it. It is to say that you cannot catch this force with your mind and assume that another is experiencing the same thing. You can live in the ever-changing moment only through a receptive heart.

Humanity stands at the threshold of transcendence, but can not say farewell to deep rooted head-beliefs. This is not surprising as the head has been the majority of human experience and understanding thus far. Heart language is often processed in the head. Then a closed hearted person thwarts their own advancement by thinking to themselves, “Yes, I understand.” Well, “No you don’t.” For, if immersed in Love, the resonance of the transformation will be self-evident and the fruits will flower in abundance.

No doubt, many MIND ORIENTED folks will say to themselves, “This fool is saying operate from the heart and not the head. That is ridiculous! We use the mind to do this and that…. There is no way to operate solely from the heart.” What they don’t understand is that when the Mind rests in the Heart, a whole new level of cognitive operation is facilitated. While the 3D’ers think and try to remember, the 4D’ers absorb and access.

Trust and friendship with the mind-computer can be developed which allows any universal truth to come roaring through the language codes. Jazz musicians have become poets of the heart in this same manner. Opening up to the flow, they encode astral colors with humor and free association. Limiting your mind with the mind is not what the mind wants. Your mind wants to be free.

Blessings are the sharing of one with an awakened heart. It is not that they give you something. It is more that they enable you to give yourself something in the disguise of a gift because most can not believe that they have the power they truly do. Sometimes a higher being is invoked, but in the end that being is you.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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