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Archangel Christopher: Uphold the Golden Rule
2005 07 11

By C. Moors |

As the world leaps off the precipice, hold on to internal truth. Walking in a way that harms not others is a sure way to harm not self. There will be many strong influences trying to entice you to transgress upon the Golden Rule. Those who have accepted the spiritual life by recognizing the Source within know this well.

One discovers the Golden Rule not by imposition from without, but by realization from within. Rigid definitions can cripple the experience of what actually IS and may even unfortunately provide the sincere seeker with a poor substitute for heavenly understanding. No filters are necessary. Reflecting the moment every moment keeps brain synapses from reducing the experience into a known. Wonder returns and the luster of life beneath the surface opens up its many mysteries.

It is hardly unusual to scream, jump, or freak out once in awhile. To be pitied are those who do not afford themselves such a luxury. Deep inside the scared child must be afraid of being called bad. Rules are a real bitch when they are jammed down your throat. Many people never recover from such trauma inflicted at an early age. This causes them to forever doubt themselves and renders them unable to muster the courage of personal conviction that following the Golden Rule in a corrupt world requires.

There will be an intensification of the pastís flame before it finally burns out. We who know this must stay the course and allow the world to crash around our Will. Society is collectively being sent into the subconscious. The fruits we each reap henceforth are based solely on the quality of the seeds we have sewn. The Golden Rule is analogous to the Law of Karma, Cornerstone of the Tao. Until these discrepancies which we have been avoiding are faced, we will continue to draw an equivalent misery.

Intrinsically, the Golden Rule recognizes that life is the same in each manifestation and the borders which we mistakenly perceive disappear to one who awakens to this truth. If we were to heal and maintain a vision of an abundant Earth, this is exactly what we would create. That which we have gained at the expense of others can not be sustained. All must go to its rightful place. Only then will harmony abide.

C. Moors, Pearly Gates Press

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