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World Wide Web of International Cities
2005 06 18

Posted By creativecosmos | Creative Cosmos Planetary Forum

The nation-state will disappear, and the autonomous city-state will return as the bearer of culture reflecting the character of the societal collective. Freed from restriction, the people will flourish, putting their own spin on the realization that we are one planet that is part of a greater cosmos.

A running log of all resources on the planet must be kept in each city and a structure set up to immediately shift these to where they are needed, when they are needed. The flow of goods will follow the path of a ‘world wide web’ with each city continuously monitoring themselves and each other. Any glitch in the system will instantly be recognized and addressed. The ‘Monitor’ will be a position of admiration run by elders of the community. This will be a system of checks and balances in the truest sense. With everything available to all, there will be nothing left to fight over. The have and have not dichotomy falls into the books as one more criminal footnote of history.

The first cities to make the leap onto the grid can be the areas that here-to-fore seemed to be unsolvable problem spots. Jerusalem, Kashmir, and Taiwan are prime candidates for such a proposal. They can leap from holding the world back from prosperity to leading the way to a fabulous future. In a single stroke, the control mechanisms battling for supremacy will fall as a dream meeting a bucket of water.

When we leave our entrenched brain pathways, take a deep breath, and look around with a fresh perspective, we can see that the city is the only existential reality.

C. Moors, Transcendence World Movement

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