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St. Germain 06.09.05
2005 06 12

Thru Mike Quinsey

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By now those of you who have an understanding of the nature of changes that are taking place, should be able to feel the difference from a comparatively short while ago. As you are being lifted up in your vibrations so are you able to disassociate your energies from those that are negative. You are drawing away from them and become more focused in your Light. You also become a beacon of Light that will attract others to you, because they sense that you have a calm and peace about you. Sometimes they want to know your secret, and you can often help another soul to also find that path into the Light of Understanding.

The balance upon Earth is held in check by Beings within the higher realms who reside over you. Up to quite recently they carefully ensured that the progress of the dark was held in check, so that they did not hold total control over you. Now, the Light has grown to the point where it is the stronger force upon Earth and it is continuing to grow exponentially. There is no limitation or balancing of the energies any longer, as the Light is the predominant force and is gradually transmuting the dark energies. Soon there will be a quantum leap and the dark will succumb to the more powerful force. The actions of the dark are also bringing about their own downfall, and their empire is collapsing. The Truth is once again becoming valued amongst you, and you are speaking up for your rights, your freedom and justice.

As fast as the dark try to regain the initiative so their plans fall apart. They know that theirs is a lost cause, but stubbornly refuse to accept what is in front of their eyes. They imagine that they can make one last attempt to control you, and contemplate actions that would cause chaos. Dear Ones, do not allow them to fill you with fear or apprehension, stand aside and be aware but do not allow them to pull you down into their schemes. Be positive in your response, and remember that any negativity on your part will only aid them. Pour the calming waters of Love upon all that you see that is not of the Light. It is your only weapon, but the most powerful one in the Universe.

You upon Earth are the focal point for everything that is happening, it is your Ascension and you will soon tread upon a new path and into a new direction that will fulfil your vision. Nothing can take away that opportunity except that you deny it to yourselves, and that is your freedom of choice. Most of you made the decision to follow that path many lives ago, and it has been planned that you have the experiences and opportunities that would bring all to a satisfactory conclusion. This applies all around, as all souls regardless of their own plan have been aware that this is the final period of the old cycle. It has been a time of outworking those plans so as to lay down the next steps in your evolution. All move on, and all is progress even for the dark. Many lessons are being learnt, and not least of all that you are All One.

Those of you who are enlightened carry others with you, and all of the time there is progress being made towards the Light, Truth and Understanding. In your lifetime, the truth of your being has been released as it is necessary that you realize your own power and magnificence. This is not in any way meant to inflate your ego, and it needs to be noted that it is to enable you to release and understand your own potential. Go within and find your true self, speak with your Higher Self or that which you call your intuition. Take notice in those quiet moments of the prompting of your soul and have the confidence to believe and go forward. Others can help, but only you can find your appointed path.

When you are doing that which you came to do, you will find a great peace descends into your life. It is your fulfilment of the promises that you made to yourself and your Guides. Do not envy another as you all came to contribute to the whole, and every contribution however small is essential to the result. Humanity as a whole moves forward in a collective way inasmuch that the strongest carry the weakest along with them. You are none the less loved for being amongst the weakest, and it is only a measure of the different stages that everyone is at. This is how the Universe operates, and whatever level you rise to there is always a hand offered to lift you up further. There is a true Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light that brings souls together in great Love, Peace and Harmony.

You have yet to experience such closeness and caring, but it will come to you through the process of Ascension. It is your true and natural way of being, not the continual fight you have upon Earth confronting the negative energies. These are for your testing and help you evolve quicker than in any other circumstances. Strange as it may seem to you, there are other Beings in the Universe who have not had such experiences with emotions and have not felt the pain or ecstasy that they can cause. They will learn through you, and in this alone you will have carried out a great service.

I am St. Germain, very much with you at this important and critical time. I direct your energies and activities so that you may soon see the developments upon Earth that will tell you that the changes have really begun. In reality that is already the situation, except that you wait to see those positive indications that the final acts are taking place. Your release from the hold of the dark is near, and you are to play a major part in achieving it. The plan proceeds and it is about to come to fruition. Realize that all told there are millions of Beings involved in this transition and it cannot fail. We do not use physical force, but one more powerful, the all conquering Love that is continually being showered upon you. I offer my Love to you, and you may call upon me at any time.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey

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